Thursday, October 9, 2014

Random Thoughts: Pitchblack

It has been a while since I dropped somethin here. Well, I got no decent net here at my place, my laptop was busted and life for the past two years had been overwhelmingly chaotic.  (Thank God though, I have my mobile phone for some new posts... This time though it won't be about my pasion on make ups instead on my journey to self-healing).
Today at 5am, barely slept, I woke up with an agonizing pain and I have no other choice but to cry it out again. The pain is sooo real that I can't even pinpoint which part hurts the most.  Yes, my heart is badly shuttered... Into millions of tiny pieces, some parts have been blown away making them impossible to be picked and be patched together.  I am now strugglin... Strugglin to live and to survive. It is a battle that not too many can understand but everyday I am really dying inside.  
I can't take it... I can't anymore....

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