Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gifts: Lee Lee's Beauty Secrets and other Benefit Must Have

Hi ladies!!!

Life has been fairly demanding and I can't even have the luxury time to check my emails anymore.  Well,  I have been hanging out a lot and as always laughing my heart out hoping that the instance will just last the way I want to remember it (I know I am pretty melodramatic tonight - reality sucks though which makes me feel more snarled).  
Well that explains why this month I only dropped one post (to be exact eerrghhhh).  And so before I bid this month good bye, lemme share a gift I got from a friend who works for Benefit overseas.  Again, thanks sis for the love.

I am thrilled to share that she gave me Lee Lee's Beauty Secrets package.  Despite, the bad day and heart aches, at least I have something to make me smile. 
 Tadaahhhh... this set is love with all the all time favorite from Benefit.
It is a great gift to ladies who love to flaunt a bright and flawless skin,  a touch of glamorous eyes and a wisp of an elegant scent.
So here are the diamonds inside... Laugh with me Lee Lee by Benefit Eau de toilette (10ml)
The most talked about, Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara (full size).
 A favorite of mine,  Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer (full size).
Say bye to big pores with The POREfessional (7.5ml) which I have already reviewed previously.
The Following Benefit products were not part of Lee lee Beauty Secrets set and I'm very fortunate to have them as well.

Something that I have been lookin' forward, Benefit Fine One One for Cheeks and Lips (full size).
Feel teen-y and pretty with Benefit Throbb (full size).  This one was for my boss but she gave it to me since the blush shade does not match her skin tone.
Then lastly,  I got two lip gloss from the Ticket to Glossylover.  Actually, we decided to split this one so we can all try it hehehe.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Make ups make me smile even when I'm badly aching inside.  Thanks sis for this handful of Benefit products!!!  I love you much!!!

So guys, I hope you start visiting my site again coz I promise to drop here more often starting this July.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Stick

Hello Sunday!!!

How's it goin' ladies?  Well, I am hoping for the rainy days to embrace Ilocos however the mugginess makes me think I am living in the desert.  The climate here has always been crazy like me lol.  Life is supposed to be fun and exciting but sometimes disappointments spoil our day from the unmet expectations (just sayin' though we all encounter bad days).  So before I call it a night and drown this melancholy to sleep lemme drop a shorty review of Frozen Blossom's sweetheart  this month ofJune.
Product Description
The Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever is a stick-type pore primer formulated to control the secretion of sebum while improving and extending make up coverage.

Volume: 4.5g (0.15oz.)
Price: PhP395.00
Availability: all Etude House Branches and counters (I got mine from Korean Cosmetics for Less / Kkochipida)
How to use: (apply after usual skincare routine)
1. Twist to dispense stick-type balm.
2. Apply to areas with visible pores and areas that oils up the most(t-zone usually)
3. Apply liquid foundie, bb cream or cc cream.

For ingredients, please refer to picture of box below.
Packaging wise - this comes in a super handy stick-twist-it-type like a lippy which can be easily carried around.  It is made of sturdy plastic with cover that locks well which protects the balm from getting messed up.
The primer is made of balm like almost silicone-y substance that glides well unto skin prepping it ready for a smooth make up application.
As seen on pictures below, the stick may look peachy but once applied on skin, it does not have a bit of tint.  It's colorless so it won't alter the color of the foundation or it won't make it look overly done.  
From my experience, what it does is that it tries to cover the large pores so it won't be that obvious.  For ladies with almost semi-deep scars from acne, this primer fills in those craters making it look flat so when you apply the foundie the skin will look flawless too.
Since, this balm fills in the spaces of the skin like pores and scars,  I think getting rid of it thoroughly by the end of the day is necessary to avoid clogging the skin which may lid to acne.

As for the longevity,  this primer helps the skin oil up lesser than the usual.  My skin is innately super oily and from what I observe it helps my bb cream or cc cream stay longer. I am satisfied though, a few touch ups can easily solve the grease dilemma.
Frozen Blossoms thoughts:
I have been using this everyday on my t-zone area and I'm most glad how it kept that area looking less greasy and smooth hehehe.  This one will be best for ladies with oily skin and whose pores are slightly visible.

So that's it for today, I hope to drop here more frequently...anneong!!!