Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish for Combination / Oily Skin

Hey ladies!!!

How did your weekend go?  Well, today is really muggy here in Ilocos so my boy and I decided to eat our breakfast out and grabbed ourselves some fruity flavored floats.  Hahaha these drinks are keepin' me frenzied these past weeks!!!  Seriously, nights were not complete without dosing up with either Lychee or Strawberry (Now, blame the fast food for the serious weight chalk up. Yikes!!!).  

But before I can finally call it a night (ohhhh which means I have to drag myself tomorrow to work again) lemme just drop somethin' pretty and cute... check it out!!!
Product Description
Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish is an all in one cream that functions as a base and sunscreen with its SPF25, and whitens or brightens the bare skin.
1. For Normal / Dry Skin (Peach Tub)
2. For Combination / Oily Skin (Lavender Tub)

Content: 50 g
Availability:  all Holika Holika outlets and counters (not yet available here at P.I. though)
Price:  PhP475.00  (from Korean Cosmetics for Less / KKochipida)

For ingredients check out the pic below:
Packaging wise, this cream is popularly known as the "butterfly cream" in Korea because of  its presentation.  Honestly, I am wowed by the box alone hahaha. I so love anything pretty and cute.  It is something I'll never get tired of no matter how I age hahaha.
 Below are the details on the sides of the box where all instructions are in Hangeul.
 Again, the tub is purely LOVE.  It comes in a pretty purple jar that is very very sturdy and a bit handy for travelling (it's not that big).  

Also, at the bottom of the tub is the expiration date and mine says it's good until November 7, 2015.  
Apart from the exquisite and princess-y twist-it-type cover it also has a a separate lid to protect the precious cream inside.  The only thing they missed though is the spatula.  I find it unhygienic to frequently dip in the fingers every time I apply it.  Well,  it can be solved by a tiny spoon though.
The cream's scent is quite strong in baby-powder-ish-like which might be troublesome to others.  I find it good though because it fades after the cream sets.
As for the cream, it is lusciously thick and white but has a kinda pinkish tint if you look closely.
It may also look scary white especially when used by a typical "morena" Filipina.  I am already quite fair but still it looks really odd on my skin on initial application.  This is supposed to be used just to revamp the bare skin a bit but I prefer using it as a primer instead.
But when it finally sets, it actually doesn't look like you have something on your face.  (pic below is my bare hand)
bare hands
This picture is taken under natural lighting and it's quite fair on me.  It did make my skin look healthier and bright (I think so). 
Honestly, its sheerness can't provide coverage but this cream is great as always on fortunate ladies with flawless skin.  It adds up radiance and somewhat evens out the tone of the skin.  Since, I am not as lucky as the other girls, I like using this underneath my usual bb cream, liquid foundie or powder.

As for the oil control,  which I expected this to provide better control which got me a bit dismayed since it greased up my skin faster than expected.  Maybe the brightening effect makes me oil up. 
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
This cream is perfect to ladies with healthy pores and unblemished skin.  It provides instant dewiness that makes the skin lookin' radiant.  Plus if you hate makin' your face with a lot of powders and foundies, this can make be an easy step to plump up the dull skin.  On the other side, although this variant is meant for ladies with combination to oily skin, still oil control is a minus.

So that's it for tonight!!! Have a happy heart and by the way just a thought it is always rewarding to be nice to everyone!!!  


  1. Aww, too bad it made you oilier! Maybe if I get it I'll just apply it only to my cheeks where it's dry.

    1. Hi Ari thanks for droppin by... sadly it did =(

  2. From the box pa lang it'll tempt me to purchase it na. So cute! Would love to give this a try soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


    1. Hi Gellie thanks for visiting... panalo sa packaging =)

  3. wow, the packaging is really fancy! ^_~

  4. I also wanted to try this but I change my mind :) Now I try to find a face cream with more skin care benefits; could you recommend me something good to try?

  5. i want to buy holika miracle real skin finish (for normal/dry skin)

  6. i want to purchase the holika product, please teach me how.