Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random Thoughts: My April Love

April is the heart of summer when the pretty Sakura starts to blossom majestically, a month I am most grateful for.  I had been journeying in this furrow for 33 years now, still oblivious, anxious and famished for bliss and passion.  
My trek was never remorseless,  I have encountered countless misery, have met people who made an exceptional impression while some just came to teach me lessons, still I feel fortunate.  For every laugh I share, smile I flash and tears I shed;  I was molded and I gleamed more than anybody could imagine.  
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This year is indeed overwhelming... (just sayin')
"Sarang" comes unexpectedly...and when it does,  the person you were is no longer the same and that change is inevitable.  

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