Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Tony Moly Floria Bloom Ball Blusher 01 White Glow

Hey ladies!!!

How's your day?  I hope it went well.   Honestly, Mondays are always distressing.  I find it kinda difficult to shift my mood into working my a$$ off especially when I had a terrific weekend hehehe.  To rant a bit, my Sunday was something I'll never get tired of reminiscin' over and over again.  Things happen and all of a sudden we are no longer the same hahaha.  Aigoo, enough of my EMO self and let's get going with what's cookin' on Frozen Blossoms.
Product Description
Tony Moly Floria Bloom Ball Blusher is made of oven baked powder in pretty and tiny ball form which makes the skin shimmery and pearly.

01 White Glow
02 Pink Glow

Net Content:  12g
Price: PhP490.00 - sale price at Korean Cosmetics for Less
Availability:  all Tony Moly outlet and counters
I choose the 01 in White Glow since I have stashed a considerable amount of pink blush ons.  The baked balls look like yummy marshmallows ayt? 
Below is an upclose pic of how dainty the colors are...pastels for an instant radiant skin.  It's best to swipe just a tad amount using a highlighter brush on areas that need emphasis (I love to use this on parts that get hit by the light first)  to avoid caking.  Sadly, if you put  too much, this thing can cake up the foundation.  
Packaging wise, it is made of a sturdy plastic tub with the brush attached to its cap.  The design is not quite handy. It will occupy most of the space in your pouch hehehe.
The cap / cover looks a little odd but mind you this is really innovative since the blush brush is incorporated inside.
The upper part of the cover is the retractable blush brush.
It feels a bit rubbery on skin because it is densely packed with synthetic hair.  I find it hard to use though.
A closer look of the short-y brush. =)
  • love the subtle shimmers it provides without makin' you look like a disco ball
  • it does not highlight pores (just put a little though)
  • it's translucent, so you can mix it up with you favorite blush on
  • it does not make you look greasy 
  • if you're a matte-make up dan then this thing won't work for you
  • it looks good on bare / clear skin
  • the tub is not very handy
  • it can cake up the foundation when too much is applied
  • brush =(
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I have been battling acne for like 3 months now, but in instances where I wanna conceal the culprits, I swirl a bit of this on top of the foundation to keep my dull skin lookin' healthy and awake.

It's almost morning... bye ladies!!!

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