Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Peripera Peri's Water Tint #2 Pink Juice

Hello ladies!!!

What's cookin?  Nothin' new on me  except that today is another lazy day coz it's my most looked-forward-to restday!!!  Just to rant  a bit of what happened, I basically over slept again and finally had my chippin' nails done.  Hahaha no significance at all, well,  I woke up breathing, so that's a lot to thank about this day (wink).

Speaking of sluggish moments,  i'd like to share this water lip tint I got few months back from Peripera which makes any ordinary moment instantly lively... the Peri's Water Tint in number 2, Pink Juice.
Peripera is a Korean drugstore brand and a sub-brand of Clio Cosmetics established last 2005 to cater to youngsters.  The brand have been popular for their lip balms and lip tints but they have expanded their make up lines.  Last year,  Peripera have collaborated with a known graphic artist in the Kpop industry, Mari Kim to prettily overhaul their lip make up line.

Product Description
Peripera Peri's Water Tint is a lip stain or tint formulated in natural fruit extract complex to promote vitality of the lips and to give an easy touch of attractively vivid colors for a perfectly elegant look in a wink.

#1 Cherry Juice
#2 Pink Juice
#3 Orange Juice

Content:  6.5 ml
Price: PhP250.00
Availability: all Clio and Peripera counters (I got this from Korean Cosmetics for Less though)
To start with, the packaging is an explosion of colorful and very edgy illustrations from the artist herself, Mari Kim.  Her animated big eyed-muses are indeed very adorable and I'm very much hooked with anything pretty ever since this blog of mine came to life.
The product description on the box says it all hehehe.  Peripera's tints are like juice that spread upon lips with oh-so bright colors =).  We'll find about that soon =).
I always include pictures of the packaging in all pertinent sides.  I find this somewhat helpful especially now that counterfeits are very rampant.  At least, we get a peek of the product details for reference especially when we window-shop items over the world wide web.  
The box's illustration that says that this tint has a life of 12 months from the time you initially opened it also caught my attention.  I have been indulging in make ups lately and I haven't noticed this warning from other brands (pardon me if I missed the signs previously).
As for the applicator,  the wand is quite shorty but still performs its task  very well.  The tip applicator is also loved.  It is the size of the q-tip and feels like a firm sponge that gets soaked with the right amount of tint enough to cover each lip surface.  Apart from the creative mind of Mari Kim, the tint's size is also super handy and is very convenient to slip in your purse for easy touch ups, however just be mindful of the glass bottle ok?
Among the three fruity colors,  I opted to get the #2 Pink Juice.  Well, you all knew I am a sucker for anything pink and I find the color so youthful hahaha.  I may be teen no more but I still have the spirit for anything pretty and young =).
This color reminds me of Benetint, to those who are budget conscious like me, this is a great dupe actually.  Honestly,  I am not much of a lip tint buff since my lips aren't the best.  I am afraid my lips' dark tone will show but as I explore this lip make up genre, I am beginning to get the feel of it.   Peripera's water tint felt as if I just splashed a drink on my lips.  It is so light since it gets absorbed easily by the lips.  
It also filled in the lines making it look less chappy.  But then honestly, if skin is not prepped or not topped with a lip balm, it may dry out the lips though. 
In addition to this, touch up is highly needed after meals as the tint will usually wear off after. 
As for the color,  I love how it kept my dark toned lips lookin' naturally stained in darker pink.  FYI, the outcome of the shade will still depend on the lip tone and color.  
In my case, I am pleased by how it perked up my super dull and dark lips, making it look livelier on lazy no make-up days (sorry for the grainy photo - i'll update soon with a clearer one).

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Lip tints are great for lazy days to instantly brighten a sullen look, they stay longer since they are absorbed by the lip's skin and they felt ultra light since they are water-based.  Aside from those, lip tints are good for touch ups and layers since they don't smudge or smear or they won't make the lips flaky or cake-y when too much is applied.  Great reasons why I am beginning to adore them =).

So that's it for today... enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  1. I prefer lip tint for school than lip stick ;))

  2. Oh sweetie this Lip Tint looks really interesting~~ The package is really lovely... Maybe try with this but happens usually the lips tint dry my lips and that annoy me!
    Many thanks for your full detailled review!


    1. lip balms are a must =) Thanks for visiting =)

  3. the packaging definitely caught my eye :) very nice illustration.

  4. Wow
    Super affordable pala! I want to try this haha next time I go shopping I'll definetly drop by peripera's counter haha! Thanks for sharing! :)