Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Petit Pact #23

Hi ladies!!!

The icy wind continuously embraces Ilocos and I'm tremendously loving it.  First,  my skin gets to rest from the usual burning weather; second, moments with friends are extraordinarily comfortable and sweat-free; and lastly, a time to somewhat play around with the clothes I cannot wear on Ilocos' normal condition. So much to love!!!
You might have noticed, I always open my post with my tittle-tattles hehehe, well,  years years from today, I'll be re-reading everything I've written here and by that time I will be reminded how good and crazy life had been for me, so please bear with my usual diary-style intros =).

Tonight, I just want to share something I love on lazy days, it's from Nature Republic, the Petit Pact in #23.
Product Description
Nature Republic Petit Pact in #23 is a pressed powder specially formulated to give a silky coverage, to retain moisture and to keep the skin nourished and protected all through out the day.

21 Petit Natural
23 Petit Beige

Availability:  Nature Republic Outlets Price: PhP295.00 - I got this on an online sale
Content: 5g

At the moment, my skin is uncontrollably raging again.  Annoying zits continuously invade my jaw area which are quite depressing.  I had been breaking out in the past due to "Aunt Flow" visits which would normally subside in few days.  It has always been normal so I was never threatened until recently when the number is quite alarming awwww.  So, while I let my skin rest, I'll just blab a bit about this favorite mild pressed powder I am using when I go to work or when I go out.  I know, make ups are a no-no in instances like these but what can I do, the sight of bare troubled skin is dreary right?

So to begin with,  packaging is astoundingly cute and really handy.  I can slip it in my pocket or in my purse.  It is a conventional compact type with a mirror and a washable puff.  
It has also a separate compartment to keep the puff so the design is really really hygienic. Again, when battling skin troubles, keeping everything neat and sanitary is always safe and healthy.
As for the puff, it is good that it is soft on the skin and it gathers decent or enough amount of the powder while performing its duty well on application and blending all over the face.  I find the material used in between cottony and rubbery like a fluffy chiffon cake.  But  the thing is, frequent usage and washing will easily wear it.
As for the powder, the shade I got is 23 which is Petit  Beige.  It is the darker variant but still too fair on a typical Filipina skin.  This shade is suitable for ladies with medium to fair complexion.  Again, the picture below shows the back part with all some of the details.
As for the coverage, it is sheer yet beige-tinted that is really matte on skin.  It is good on setting a liquid foundie or a bb cream giving the conservative matte look you want to attain.  This is great alone on lucky ladies with unflaw-ed skin but then if you have imperfections to hide, a foundation or a bb cream is highly needed underneath.  Since, I want my skin to breathe lately (no concealers and bb creams),  I am sacrificing the painful stern look I get on the blemished side of my face.  I just want something light and something to absorb the grease while I'm outside.  Yes, you read it correctly,  oil control is very decent and impressive.  I usually apply make up on my face before 8:30 in the morning and a product with good oil control for me is when I only retouch on my lunch breaks at 12 noon to 12:30 in the afternoon.  Personally, my gauge for a good oil control is atleast 4 hours.
As for the  longevity, since this is a pressed powder, don't expect it to last till the last hour of your shift hehehe.  You need to reapply any moment you feel like you have to.  As for me, it was a habit already to retouch after lunch breaks and when I'm off to go home (after office hehehe).  Just make sure to pat any excess sebum on skin to avoid caking and getting patchy.  Yep, sadly when applied too much you get a caky, thick looking matte coverage.  I often, find myself guilty of that hahaha... just whisp a bit of atomizer to make the coverage naturally matte.
The swatch below is not blended... so you can see the powder particle upclose.  It is also well-milled, it may seem powdery but it hugs the well moisturized skin nicely. 
Frozen Blossom's thoughts:
Although this pact can't give me the coverage my skin needs, which is obviously accepted since this is a pressed powder,  I love how good the oil control is and how light it felt on skin.  Perhaps,  the only thing which will keep me from repurchasing this is the price.  I find it expensive considering the content.  But still, if you want something safe and easy-breezy feel everyday this is highly recommended.

So that's it for tonight ladies!!! Enjoy the weekend!!!


  1. Nice review hun!

  2. I haven't tried anything from Nature Republic yet. I'd like to try the blush you reviewed a while ago. :D

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    1. Thanks janine nature republic's product are very affordable also. You should try the blush :)