Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Panda Zero Water Proof Eyebrow 02 Brown

Happy Sunday ladies!!!

I know it's been a while since I dropped somethin' here.  Life had been quite exciting lately hahaha.  Me and my office mates would chill out every after office hours and I am pretty much enjoyin' such new routine.  I had been living laid back for 2 years now and I just love the new breath of freshness we do everyday, talking about laughing our hearts out every after long tiring day.  So basically, when I reach home I only have the strength to wash myself and pass out hehehe.

So, on this blessed day, lemme just squeeze in a favorite for quite a while, something from Nature Republic again, the Panda Zero Water Proof Eyebrow in number 2.
Product Description
Nature Republic Panda Zero Water Proof Eyebrow in number 2, Brown is an eyebrow pen formulated to tint, style and define  the eyebrows in an oil and sweat resistant formula for a tattoo-like yet natural finish for atleast 12 hours straight.

Content: 1g
Price:  PhP195.00 - I got it from Korean Cosmetics for less
Availability:  available at all Nature Republic branches and counters 

#1 Dark Brown
#2 Brown
 As I have shared a million times, one of my dilemma is havin' a super fine almost not there eyebrows, therefore one of my hoardings would include tints, powders and pencils for the purpose of drawing that one thing missing on may face hahaha.  I chose the lighter shade which is #2 brown since I mostly dye my hair brown and I am quite fair.  

The unopened packaging would include a sticker where you'll find the shade and some important details as shown on my picture below.
 Aside from the sticker, shade can also be checked at the bottom end of the eyebrow pen.  The color would tell you what shade to expect when opening the product.
I have been using the powder or the pencil type ever since and a pen type eye brow tint is something really fresh to me.  It comes in a pen-type brush that gets soaked with enough liquid / ink type eyebrow color.  It glides well on brows leaving it with a subtle tint of brown.  It is so easy to use and it doesn't give the super heavy and dark shade we get from eyebrow pencils.
My swatches below show how light it can be which makes it lesser to have an erroneous  or uneven shade.  I haven't perfected doing my eyebrow yet despite the fact that I have been shading it since high school.  I still get trouble gettin' the natural look  I want to attain especially when I use the powder or pencil type.  Maybe, I can't control the density of my application which usually resulted to very unnatural and "Bakekang-ish" looking eyebrows hahaha.  
The thickness and color can be built up according to your shade preference.  Well, I would want it to be more pigmented though since building it up would mean using more of the ink.
As seen on my picture below, my eyebrow is really sparse.  You may be able to see them up close but then you won't from a far. I'm really oily and I love going out lately.  This product suits my skin type and lifestyle very well.  I love that it is waterproof;  I don't worry too much about my eyebrow fading when I'm in the midst of having fun  =) to miss some of the tales if I do escape to retouch or should I say redraw it hahaha.  The best part is that despite all the laughing and sweating it stays there really good. 
 As seen on my picture,  the Panda Zero made my eyebrow look filled up and visible.  This is how it looks on a single coating.  It hugs the skin pretty well right?  And then I usually brush the hair with my browcara to make them look denser.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I do go out a lot lately, eat or hang out, laugh my heart out in open places and kubo-kubo type restos (no AC) and the humidity makes me sweat-y and oily like there is no tomorrow... thankfully I discovered Panda Zero to minimize fixing up my eyebrows.  I have already consumed my first and got myself another one.  This one is great for ladies who are just so lazy to fix up since the staying power is indeed impressive.  If you ask me if I would repurchase,  I just did since it performs well and it is really inexpensive but then take note that the content is only 1g for Php195.00 (on sale) plus it is not that pigmented so to attain the brow shade you want would mean more coats of application.  I guess I'll just finish my 2nd pen and try one more tinted in the market.

So that's it ladies.... have a blessed Sunday!!!