Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: A'Pieu Color Coating Liquid Rouge in Soft Pink

Have a blessed Sunday to all!!!

The smell of misty Ilocos morning reminds me of my carefree younger years, the good old days when I can go out with just my lip sheeners.  Back then, my raves for make up define simplicity lol but as I explore the world I came to bash into a variety of really tempting products and so, with all my courage, this blog was born.

Today's post will be about a gift from Korean Cosmetics PH,  my very first product from A'Pieu... the Color Coating Liquid Rouge in PK01.
A'Pieu is a Korean drugstore brand that offers a wide range of very affordable cosmetics and make ups.  As the brand name implies "basic" in french,  the company provides the essential and straightforward solution to your skin.  It is currently endorsed by Cityhunter's loveydoves, Kimnana, popularized by Park Min Young and the also cute KPOP idols, BEAST.
Photo Credits: B2st for A'pieu
Product Description
A'Pieu Color Coating Liquid Rouge is formulated to give your lips the optimum moisture, real color complex in five delicious color choices, and extra gloss for a more plump lips that lasts the whole day while keeping it protected from the harmful UV rays with its SPF of 10.

  • PK01 Soft Pink
  • PK02 Vivid Pink
  • OR01 Passion Orange
  • BE01 Chic Beige
  • RD01 Rich Red
Content: 6ml
Price: PhP195.00 (sale price)
Availability: unfortunately this brand is not yet retailed here in P.I. officially but you can buy it or pre-order it online,  Korean Cosmetics PH
Packaging...I love the basic / minimalist concept.  The lip gloss container is actually made of  posh glass and a glazy white cover.  I find it clean, very lady-like, convenient to use and most of all very handy.

Pictures below show the different sides of the packaging where important details could be found.  Again, like most of the Korean brands, everything is written in Hangeul except for the brandname, SPF, expiration date, bar code, website and material code.
The wand's length is just right to effectively control the gloss application all over one's  lips.  The applicator is like the size of a q-tip which also efficiently gathers enough amount of gloss and perfectly smooths out evenly unto the lips' surface.
As promised by the product, the color is really pigmented.  I have indulged into different glosses previously and I have to say this can work well on its own without my usual lipstick or lip concealer.  My lip tone is quite dark especially on its edges and thankfully this liquid rouge does a good job tinting it in pretty subtle pink.
The thick and creamy texture fills in every line my lips have lol.  I'd say my lips get chappy that fast that's why I always stash a lipstick, a lip balm, and a lip gloss on my pouch.  It's a good thing that I got this one that cuts off the stuff inside my bag and just bring this one instead. 
My picture below shows how it concealed all the dark pigments yeyyyy; no hint of my man-toned lips at all.  I'm super impressed by how good the color gets!!! This was taken just after I woke up (brushed my teeth and had coffee of course lol), no prepping done, no lip balm and concealer underneath.  
The moisturizing property is also superb, the thickness might be a bit distracting to some who doesn't like lip make up that much.  Well,  it does feel tad heavy and sticky at initial application but since I am a lip make up junkie,  I'm very much used to this feeling =).  The subtle gloss plumps the thinning lips as well, but for fuller and youthful lips it doesn't make them exaggerated.  As for the lasting power,  it pretty stays there without giving you the white goey thing you get from other lip products hehehe,  you'll have to re-apply though after full meals as to this is not waterproof.
As for the scent, I find it adorable. It may be strong to some coz it is somewhat perfume-y but I like the fresh scent it gives. 
Lastly,  this liquid rouge has an SPF of 10, great enough to protect the lips and best to prevent further darkening of the lip surface.

My swatch below shows how pretty the color is at a closer look when it is blended and set properly.  It is so luxurious and really satiny on the lips.  It gives the natural gloss you can sport on a daily basis.  
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Highly pigmented lippies, super moisturizing ones and an SPF are my criteria when splurging on lip products.  I'm ecstatic that I found them in this super affordable brand.  Thanks to Ms. Josephine for introducing me to A'Pieu.  The first product I tried left an enormous impression and I'll definitely repurchase this Liquid Rouge.  I'd like to try the Chic Beige shade soon.

That's it for today ladies!!! Anneong!!!


  1. This looks almost like a lighter more wearable and moisturizing version than the nyx creme lipsticks. *_* I'll definitely check this out! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Ada, yep it's wearable and not so creamy

  2. Replies
    1. Ii'm a fan of pale lips and pale skin hihihi :) i think it will look so dainty on you. Thanks for visiting sis. :)

  3. wee, so creamy! A'pieu is my current brand-crush <3

    1. Hi Lina, thanks for droppin by. The products are very affordable, i'm eyeing on the bb creams once Im done with the stuff i have. Stay pretty:)

  4. Wow really beautiful lipstick! Really pigmented!


  5. Your review are so detail, great jobs! I do own the RD01 and PK02, love 'em so much! You can also try mix it with each order or with other lipstick, they gave great effect like you have new lipstick :)

    1. Thanks for visiting, I wanna try the red one... =)