Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: 3W Clinic Professional (Dodo Palgantong) Natural Make-Up Powder 23

Hello my windy restday!!!

Thank you lord for this serene and breezy day, I had great time sleeping and getting all the rest my body deserves.  I hope that Ilocos temperature remains this way all year round.  After the long hours of takin' a break, I finally got the mood to post something on this nostalgic day.  I dunno, perhaps my hormones are acting up again coz I'm feeling emu with all the heartbreakin' background music (A Love to Kill OST) while I'm doin' this review.

So to start with,  i'll be musing on the famous star powder all over Japan and Korea,  3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder.  It used to be the Dodo Palgantong, but it was re-branded and re-named last 2009, so don't freak out if you see a different packaging.
Dodo Palgantong kicked off in Korea in 1999.  It was initially introduced to make up artists who worked for the stars of broadcast stations like SBS and KBS.  Actors loved it due to the wonders it do on photoshoots.  From then on, The Palgantong  loose powder became very famous not only among entertainers but among consumers spreading like a  wildfire among neighboring countries like Japan and Hongkong.  In 2009, Dodo Company, the manufacturer of Palgantong changed its name to 3W Clinic.  So, all products from Dodo now bear the name 3W Clinic.  The company sold 600 million products from 2002 to 2008 alone and was selected as Japan's number one and bestselling loose powder.
Product Description
3W Clinic Professional (Dodo Palgantong) Natural Make-Up Powder is an ultrafine and super lightweight loose powder formulated from the finest and most geniune ingredients to provide a sheer finish yet naturally glowy coverage.  

  • Works perfectly with or without full make up without clogging the pores.
  • Provides comfortable and almost air light feeling.
  • Absorbs oil effectively without clogging the pores.
  • suits all skin types
  • Slimming Effect - provides 3d effect when light hits the surface with the powder on
  • Long Lasting Effect - excellently extends make up 
  • Blooming effect - the subtle shimmers provide a gentle radiance to the face
  • Super Hydrating Effect - it locks skin moisture 
  • Non Comedogenic 
  • Great oil control
  • 21 - Light Beige
  • 23 - Natural Beige
  • 10 - Transparent Pearl
Content  (comes in two sizes)
30g - PhP295.00
50g - PhP495.00

Availability - can be ordered online,  I got mine from Korean Cosmetics PH.
It comes in a plastic big tub in bright red and yellow as seen on the pictures.  With the price,  it justifies the kind of tub used.  Well,  it is sturdy though, plus the twist it type lid secures everything inside.  There is nothing posh about the packaging, the design is more on conventionality and sensibleness.  From the usual, cuty stuff I got on my stash,  i find this very PRO and grown up looking hehehe.
The back part of the tub got a sticker which is mainly in Korean Hangeul but atleast it has one of the important info to people who hoard on cosmetics, the expiration date. 
Like any other loose powder in the market,  3W Clinic Professional also comes with a big fluffy puff.  The puff is also washable and really really soft and cottony.  It actually feels luxurious on skin.  
BTW,  it is very important to use anything smooth on face especially to people suffering from different stages of acne like me.  Anything rough and coarse that gets in contact with the skin can cause further irritation which may lead to infection.
The sifter is also sealed with a sticker upon purchase.  So be sure to check it out and to return if you purchased something without the seal on.
As seen below,  the sifter dispenses quite well with just a few tap.  I suggest, you don't peel the seal away like what I did.  Just peel half of it to avoid the powder from spilling and soaking the pretty puff especially when you bring it around.  It's okay to remove everything if you just leave it at home and nicely sitting on top of your dresser.
The talc is definitely well-milled at the finest.  It's super fine, it fills in all the tiniest spaces I missed during my foundie or bb cream routine. I love how it veils the make up with almost airbrushed effect. It sets everything lightly and, as promised, it makes your look photoshoot ready.  I love to use it on top of bb cream since it diffuses the white cast you get on flash photography.  Since it is ultralight, despite the tons of bb cream and concealers I put on my face lol, it doesn't make the skin feel heavy and suffocated.  It even makes the feeling refreshed since it instantly sets the bb cream.  Apart from those, the well-milled powder does a great job even-ing out the make up providing a seamless look without making it look overly done. I admit it is not that translucent, it has a very slight tint of natural beige that tones down a fair shade of bb cream.  But then, the tint does not make the look thick or overly made up.  Just make sure to swirl lightly though.  Too much of the powder will make you look patchy and caky.
As for the oil control,  it also does the job well done.  I blot the grease at lunch time and I don't even re- apply that much plus the powder does not come off when you use a tissue or face paper to remove the excess oil.
As for the coverage,  it may be tinted but won't work out if used alone especially when skin is flawed.  Well, for lucky ladies who have clear skin, this will look great on top of a nice primer.  It performs best as a setting or veiling powder.
As for the finish,  it provides the skin with a matte end.  I mean not the old-school obvious mattified make up, it is a healthy matte with a hint of natural and subtle radiance.
Lastly,  despite how it mattifed the make up, It never made the skin a bit dry.  It absorbs oil and locks moisture keeping the skin hydrated and looking healthy all through the day and most especially it does fit my very sensitive skin.  It didn't break my skin out yeeeey!!!
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
All through out this blog,  I have always been honest about my blemished and oily skin.  And it has always been a quest for me to discover products that will make me look atleast presentable.  I'm just glad I added this on my cart the time I shopped online. I have already mentioned everything I love about it and the things I don't in this post.
I'll definitely repurchase and I highly recommend it.  
me in different hours and under different lighting.


  1. Where'd you get it online? I want now too! :)

    1. Hi Arian, I got it from Korean Cosmetics Ph (fb)... Thanks for droppin by. :)

  2. Oh Sweetie really cute review I´m waiting for this product! It´s so exciting see one review i´t really great your blog a I´m your new follower~~


  3. Well, I have oily skin too. This one seems promising.
    I want to try it one day when my loose powder runs out.
    thank u for reviewing^^

  4. Hello, may i know what bb cream arr u using with this powder? We have the same skin type and have tried numerous bb cream, but lagi ako nagbbreakout. Please help. :( thanks!

    1. Hi Belle, thanks for visiting!!! Well, you can use any bb cream under this powder. I suggest you try bb cream that says non-comedogenic or anything for troubled skin. Skip the variants that are designed for brightening effects since they can make the skin oilier (and when the skin is oily it tends to break out easily).

  5. HI sis! have u ever try using skin 79 bb cream yung hot pink? hehehe.. BTW, ano shade kaya ng 3w available sakin? base on your blog, mukang maganda and effective nga to. hehehe. gusto ko itry eee :)

    1. Hello Joanne, thanks for droppin' by. The only bb cream i've tried from Skin 79 is their Prestige BB - you might want to check my review here...

      I say the safest shade is Natural Beige sis. =)

  6. Thanks for the reply. :) finally found my BB cream...... Skin 79!:) yay!

  7. i used this too and its pretty good than any others, but still i want to try the innisfree no sebum powder, all the review its the perfect powder for oily skin~

    1. Hi Sofiyah, thanks for droppin by. Yeah I wanna try the Innisfree no sebum powder too once I run out of my stuff. Have a great day. =)

  8. Hello dear, i love using this powder too, i think it's more like finish powder, mostly korean bb cream have glowing effect, so i use 3w powder to make "matte effect" **

    1. Hi Triana, thanks for visiting. I agree, this powder provides the matte effect =).