Saturday, January 12, 2013

Product Feature / Mini Review: MAC Illustrated Face Canvas Brush Kit By Julie Verhoeven

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Tonight, I'll be sharing the first wave of my first ever make up brush set from MAC Cosmetics.  Well, this is one of the early Christmas gifts I got last year.  I'd like to thank Tita Cora (husby's generous aunt from L.A.) for getting me three sets from MAC Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven limited collection as soon as it was launched.
Those who had been following my posts knew that I don't own that much brushes.  I am a make up buff,  but they had been the last thing on my hoard list hehehe. Perhaps, I find decent brushes very unfriendly to the pocket.  Honestly,  I only have my super old travel Ecotools  and some ELF brushes I got during one of my trips to the Metro.  So receiving such a generous gift was really thrilling.
MAC Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven is a limited collection exclusively made for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Fall 2012.

The collection inlcudes:
  • MAC Illustrated Red x 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Peach x 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Pink x 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Nude 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated All Over Brush Kit by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Face Canvas Brush Kit by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Smokey Eye Plum Kit by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Smokey Eye Black Kit by Julie Verhoeven
Availability:  Nordstrom Exclusives
Price: USD 49.50 each set except for the Lip bags which were sold at USD 39.50.

So to start with,  I'll be sharing my raves on my MAC Illustrated Face Canvas Brush Kit.

Product Description
The Face Canvas Brush Kit comes with four (4) professional travel brushes by MAC Cosmetics plus a limited-edition colorful canvas roll bag illustrated by renowned artist, Julie Verhoeven.

The kit includes:
  • 187 Duo Fibre Brush
  • 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush
  • 282 Duo Fibre Tapered Brush
  • 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush
  • Limited Edition Canvas Roll Bag Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven
The bag is made of washable and 100% cotton canvas with cool blue ribbon strap.  The illustration is quite catchy especially if you have the eye for art, glamour and creativity.  
The inside is made of cloth (usually used on board shorts) with five pockets to keep the brushes in place.  It also has a pastic flap  neatly sewn to protect the brushes' fiber.
I find the bag just the right size to have it around with me.  I love anything that I can slip into my handbag especially when I'm travelling.  The size is just perfect for personal use.
The 187 Duo Fibre brush is made from really soft goat and synthetic hair. It is great for lightweight application and blending of face powder and foundation.  It may not be that dense but I love how it evens out and builds the foundation smoothly without giving me the heavy and streak-y coverage.
The 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush is short, round and flat-topped best for application and blending of foundations, creams, emulsions, and some powder products.
Prolly' the only thing disapointing about this kit would be the error on the product labels.  Well,  this is a limited edition collection and everything should have been properly checked before they started printing and releasing =).  It may not be troublesome to ladies who are expert in the make up brushes indutry,  but to novices (like me), this mistake might be quite confusing. 
The 282 Duo Fibre Tapered Brush is great for blending and contouring eye shadows.
The 286 Blending Brush is made of a soft dome, two-toned, duo fibre (combination of goat and synthetic hair) hair especially designed to give a sheer and controlled application.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts'
For the brushes in general,  I love that they were made of ultra soft combination of goat and synthetic hair that provide the finish I'm looking for may it be on my foundation, concealers, or eye shadows.  If you noticed,  I just added a very brief description of each brush through the help of MAC's official website hehehe because I am really a beginner. Be that as it may, I'm very much willing to learn more now that I have tried the difference  between using my fingers and good brushes in make up application.

To sum it up, I love this brush collection because...
  • the hair doesn't fall of when I apply make up
  • they don't leave streak marks on my face especially when I'm applying and blending my bb cream
  • they build the bb cream softly and they don't give me the obvious heavy coverage
  • they smell new =)
  • posh canvas roll bag
  • the handles were made of sturdy and classy material
  • the kit is super handy and really travel friendly
  • the materials used were very soft and natural, they don't irritate my troubled skin
Till next time... good night!!! =)


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