Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!!

Yesterday, I had been browsing my posts and I can't help but feel proud of myself.  2012 has been really tough, full of ups and downs, and never easy.  Gratefully,  I have surrounded myself with great people who were with me no matter what the circumstances that made the trek challenging yet fulfilling.  

Looking back... let me just site once more the highlights of my 2012 that fulfilled my bucket list and which helped me become a better ME :
Moving on,  I know it will be another bumpy ride and I am most anxious yet excited to play against and outweigh 2013's challenges, lessons and offerings.

Starting with stuff I have in mind which I think will be helpful for my quest to continuously improve my weaknesses and brace my strengths:
  • start a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy
  • try to burn the fats and sweets I have stuffed and I am stuffing myself with
  • lessen my shopping habit
  • SAVE and SAVE and SAVE
  • travel with my boys
  • work HARD
  • shore up Korean wave with my small ways  =) 
  • join events, meet bloggers (Erika of Erika JJiang, Genzel of Genzel Kisses, and other fellow bloggers I actively exchange comments and ideas. =) and make friends
  • focus more on the blessings and positive vibes rather than burning out and upsetting myself with the lesser important ones.
Happy new year and cheers to the future!!!
From: Rex, Remus and Tin 


  1. Happy New year!, goal ko din this year ang save save save! Hope I can make it! :)