Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Peripera Peri's Water Tint #2 Pink Juice

Hello ladies!!!

What's cookin?  Nothin' new on me  except that today is another lazy day coz it's my most looked-forward-to restday!!!  Just to rant  a bit of what happened, I basically over slept again and finally had my chippin' nails done.  Hahaha no significance at all, well,  I woke up breathing, so that's a lot to thank about this day (wink).

Speaking of sluggish moments,  i'd like to share this water lip tint I got few months back from Peripera which makes any ordinary moment instantly lively... the Peri's Water Tint in number 2, Pink Juice.
Peripera is a Korean drugstore brand and a sub-brand of Clio Cosmetics established last 2005 to cater to youngsters.  The brand have been popular for their lip balms and lip tints but they have expanded their make up lines.  Last year,  Peripera have collaborated with a known graphic artist in the Kpop industry, Mari Kim to prettily overhaul their lip make up line.

Product Description
Peripera Peri's Water Tint is a lip stain or tint formulated in natural fruit extract complex to promote vitality of the lips and to give an easy touch of attractively vivid colors for a perfectly elegant look in a wink.

#1 Cherry Juice
#2 Pink Juice
#3 Orange Juice

Content:  6.5 ml
Price: PhP250.00
Availability: all Clio and Peripera counters (I got this from Korean Cosmetics for Less though)
To start with, the packaging is an explosion of colorful and very edgy illustrations from the artist herself, Mari Kim.  Her animated big eyed-muses are indeed very adorable and I'm very much hooked with anything pretty ever since this blog of mine came to life.
The product description on the box says it all hehehe.  Peripera's tints are like juice that spread upon lips with oh-so bright colors =).  We'll find about that soon =).
I always include pictures of the packaging in all pertinent sides.  I find this somewhat helpful especially now that counterfeits are very rampant.  At least, we get a peek of the product details for reference especially when we window-shop items over the world wide web.  
The box's illustration that says that this tint has a life of 12 months from the time you initially opened it also caught my attention.  I have been indulging in make ups lately and I haven't noticed this warning from other brands (pardon me if I missed the signs previously).
As for the applicator,  the wand is quite shorty but still performs its task  very well.  The tip applicator is also loved.  It is the size of the q-tip and feels like a firm sponge that gets soaked with the right amount of tint enough to cover each lip surface.  Apart from the creative mind of Mari Kim, the tint's size is also super handy and is very convenient to slip in your purse for easy touch ups, however just be mindful of the glass bottle ok?
Among the three fruity colors,  I opted to get the #2 Pink Juice.  Well, you all knew I am a sucker for anything pink and I find the color so youthful hahaha.  I may be teen no more but I still have the spirit for anything pretty and young =).
This color reminds me of Benetint, to those who are budget conscious like me, this is a great dupe actually.  Honestly,  I am not much of a lip tint buff since my lips aren't the best.  I am afraid my lips' dark tone will show but as I explore this lip make up genre, I am beginning to get the feel of it.   Peripera's water tint felt as if I just splashed a drink on my lips.  It is so light since it gets absorbed easily by the lips.  
It also filled in the lines making it look less chappy.  But then honestly, if skin is not prepped or not topped with a lip balm, it may dry out the lips though. 
In addition to this, touch up is highly needed after meals as the tint will usually wear off after. 
As for the color,  I love how it kept my dark toned lips lookin' naturally stained in darker pink.  FYI, the outcome of the shade will still depend on the lip tone and color.  
In my case, I am pleased by how it perked up my super dull and dark lips, making it look livelier on lazy no make-up days (sorry for the grainy photo - i'll update soon with a clearer one).

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Lip tints are great for lazy days to instantly brighten a sullen look, they stay longer since they are absorbed by the lip's skin and they felt ultra light since they are water-based.  Aside from those, lip tints are good for touch ups and layers since they don't smudge or smear or they won't make the lips flaky or cake-y when too much is applied.  Great reasons why I am beginning to adore them =).

So that's it for today... enjoy the rest of the week!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SM Accessories: Real Jewelry Sale (50% off)

Hi ladies!!!

Any gift ideas this coming love month?  Good news to all for SM Accessories is having another grand sale!!!

Visit SM Department Store now and witness a nationwide luxury sale of real jewelry running from February 1 to 28, 2013! Don’t miss this chance to indulge and to own the finest real jewelry... at super discounted prices! 
Enjoy up to 50% discount on diamonds, golds, silvers and precious gems from brands F&C, the Jeweller, and Hearts & Arrows. Get additional 10% discount when you use your SM Advantage, SM Prestige or BDO Rewards cards. Plus, get exclusive freebies with a minimum purchase of P10,000.   
The SM Department Store Jewelry Sale is happening now until Feb. 28 at all Branded Accessories Department of all SM Department Store branches nationwide.  See posters and print ads for details. Per DTI Permit No. 0794, series of 2013.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Panda Zero Water Proof Eyebrow 02 Brown

Happy Sunday ladies!!!

I know it's been a while since I dropped somethin' here.  Life had been quite exciting lately hahaha.  Me and my office mates would chill out every after office hours and I am pretty much enjoyin' such new routine.  I had been living laid back for 2 years now and I just love the new breath of freshness we do everyday, talking about laughing our hearts out every after long tiring day.  So basically, when I reach home I only have the strength to wash myself and pass out hehehe.

So, on this blessed day, lemme just squeeze in a favorite for quite a while, something from Nature Republic again, the Panda Zero Water Proof Eyebrow in number 2.
Product Description
Nature Republic Panda Zero Water Proof Eyebrow in number 2, Brown is an eyebrow pen formulated to tint, style and define  the eyebrows in an oil and sweat resistant formula for a tattoo-like yet natural finish for atleast 12 hours straight.

Content: 1g
Price:  PhP195.00 - I got it from Korean Cosmetics for less
Availability:  available at all Nature Republic branches and counters 

#1 Dark Brown
#2 Brown
 As I have shared a million times, one of my dilemma is havin' a super fine almost not there eyebrows, therefore one of my hoardings would include tints, powders and pencils for the purpose of drawing that one thing missing on may face hahaha.  I chose the lighter shade which is #2 brown since I mostly dye my hair brown and I am quite fair.  

The unopened packaging would include a sticker where you'll find the shade and some important details as shown on my picture below.
 Aside from the sticker, shade can also be checked at the bottom end of the eyebrow pen.  The color would tell you what shade to expect when opening the product.
I have been using the powder or the pencil type ever since and a pen type eye brow tint is something really fresh to me.  It comes in a pen-type brush that gets soaked with enough liquid / ink type eyebrow color.  It glides well on brows leaving it with a subtle tint of brown.  It is so easy to use and it doesn't give the super heavy and dark shade we get from eyebrow pencils.
My swatches below show how light it can be which makes it lesser to have an erroneous  or uneven shade.  I haven't perfected doing my eyebrow yet despite the fact that I have been shading it since high school.  I still get trouble gettin' the natural look  I want to attain especially when I use the powder or pencil type.  Maybe, I can't control the density of my application which usually resulted to very unnatural and "Bakekang-ish" looking eyebrows hahaha.  
The thickness and color can be built up according to your shade preference.  Well, I would want it to be more pigmented though since building it up would mean using more of the ink.
As seen on my picture below, my eyebrow is really sparse.  You may be able to see them up close but then you won't from a far. I'm really oily and I love going out lately.  This product suits my skin type and lifestyle very well.  I love that it is waterproof;  I don't worry too much about my eyebrow fading when I'm in the midst of having fun  =) to miss some of the tales if I do escape to retouch or should I say redraw it hahaha.  The best part is that despite all the laughing and sweating it stays there really good. 
 As seen on my picture,  the Panda Zero made my eyebrow look filled up and visible.  This is how it looks on a single coating.  It hugs the skin pretty well right?  And then I usually brush the hair with my browcara to make them look denser.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I do go out a lot lately, eat or hang out, laugh my heart out in open places and kubo-kubo type restos (no AC) and the humidity makes me sweat-y and oily like there is no tomorrow... thankfully I discovered Panda Zero to minimize fixing up my eyebrows.  I have already consumed my first and got myself another one.  This one is great for ladies who are just so lazy to fix up since the staying power is indeed impressive.  If you ask me if I would repurchase,  I just did since it performs well and it is really inexpensive but then take note that the content is only 1g for Php195.00 (on sale) plus it is not that pigmented so to attain the brow shade you want would mean more coats of application.  I guess I'll just finish my 2nd pen and try one more tinted in the market.

So that's it ladies.... have a blessed Sunday!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Petit Pact #23

Hi ladies!!!

The icy wind continuously embraces Ilocos and I'm tremendously loving it.  First,  my skin gets to rest from the usual burning weather; second, moments with friends are extraordinarily comfortable and sweat-free; and lastly, a time to somewhat play around with the clothes I cannot wear on Ilocos' normal condition. So much to love!!!
You might have noticed, I always open my post with my tittle-tattles hehehe, well,  years years from today, I'll be re-reading everything I've written here and by that time I will be reminded how good and crazy life had been for me, so please bear with my usual diary-style intros =).

Tonight, I just want to share something I love on lazy days, it's from Nature Republic, the Petit Pact in #23.
Product Description
Nature Republic Petit Pact in #23 is a pressed powder specially formulated to give a silky coverage, to retain moisture and to keep the skin nourished and protected all through out the day.

21 Petit Natural
23 Petit Beige

Availability:  Nature Republic Outlets Price: PhP295.00 - I got this on an online sale
Content: 5g

At the moment, my skin is uncontrollably raging again.  Annoying zits continuously invade my jaw area which are quite depressing.  I had been breaking out in the past due to "Aunt Flow" visits which would normally subside in few days.  It has always been normal so I was never threatened until recently when the number is quite alarming awwww.  So, while I let my skin rest, I'll just blab a bit about this favorite mild pressed powder I am using when I go to work or when I go out.  I know, make ups are a no-no in instances like these but what can I do, the sight of bare troubled skin is dreary right?

So to begin with,  packaging is astoundingly cute and really handy.  I can slip it in my pocket or in my purse.  It is a conventional compact type with a mirror and a washable puff.  
It has also a separate compartment to keep the puff so the design is really really hygienic. Again, when battling skin troubles, keeping everything neat and sanitary is always safe and healthy.
As for the puff, it is good that it is soft on the skin and it gathers decent or enough amount of the powder while performing its duty well on application and blending all over the face.  I find the material used in between cottony and rubbery like a fluffy chiffon cake.  But  the thing is, frequent usage and washing will easily wear it.
As for the powder, the shade I got is 23 which is Petit  Beige.  It is the darker variant but still too fair on a typical Filipina skin.  This shade is suitable for ladies with medium to fair complexion.  Again, the picture below shows the back part with all some of the details.
As for the coverage, it is sheer yet beige-tinted that is really matte on skin.  It is good on setting a liquid foundie or a bb cream giving the conservative matte look you want to attain.  This is great alone on lucky ladies with unflaw-ed skin but then if you have imperfections to hide, a foundation or a bb cream is highly needed underneath.  Since, I want my skin to breathe lately (no concealers and bb creams),  I am sacrificing the painful stern look I get on the blemished side of my face.  I just want something light and something to absorb the grease while I'm outside.  Yes, you read it correctly,  oil control is very decent and impressive.  I usually apply make up on my face before 8:30 in the morning and a product with good oil control for me is when I only retouch on my lunch breaks at 12 noon to 12:30 in the afternoon.  Personally, my gauge for a good oil control is atleast 4 hours.
As for the  longevity, since this is a pressed powder, don't expect it to last till the last hour of your shift hehehe.  You need to reapply any moment you feel like you have to.  As for me, it was a habit already to retouch after lunch breaks and when I'm off to go home (after office hehehe).  Just make sure to pat any excess sebum on skin to avoid caking and getting patchy.  Yep, sadly when applied too much you get a caky, thick looking matte coverage.  I often, find myself guilty of that hahaha... just whisp a bit of atomizer to make the coverage naturally matte.
The swatch below is not blended... so you can see the powder particle upclose.  It is also well-milled, it may seem powdery but it hugs the well moisturized skin nicely. 
Frozen Blossom's thoughts:
Although this pact can't give me the coverage my skin needs, which is obviously accepted since this is a pressed powder,  I love how good the oil control is and how light it felt on skin.  Perhaps,  the only thing which will keep me from repurchasing this is the price.  I find it expensive considering the content.  But still, if you want something safe and easy-breezy feel everyday this is highly recommended.

So that's it for tonight ladies!!! Enjoy the weekend!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: A'Pieu Color Coating Liquid Rouge in Soft Pink

Have a blessed Sunday to all!!!

The smell of misty Ilocos morning reminds me of my carefree younger years, the good old days when I can go out with just my lip sheeners.  Back then, my raves for make up define simplicity lol but as I explore the world I came to bash into a variety of really tempting products and so, with all my courage, this blog was born.

Today's post will be about a gift from Korean Cosmetics PH,  my very first product from A'Pieu... the Color Coating Liquid Rouge in PK01.
A'Pieu is a Korean drugstore brand that offers a wide range of very affordable cosmetics and make ups.  As the brand name implies "basic" in french,  the company provides the essential and straightforward solution to your skin.  It is currently endorsed by Cityhunter's loveydoves, Kimnana, popularized by Park Min Young and the also cute KPOP idols, BEAST.
Photo Credits: B2st for A'pieu
Product Description
A'Pieu Color Coating Liquid Rouge is formulated to give your lips the optimum moisture, real color complex in five delicious color choices, and extra gloss for a more plump lips that lasts the whole day while keeping it protected from the harmful UV rays with its SPF of 10.

  • PK01 Soft Pink
  • PK02 Vivid Pink
  • OR01 Passion Orange
  • BE01 Chic Beige
  • RD01 Rich Red
Content: 6ml
Price: PhP195.00 (sale price)
Availability: unfortunately this brand is not yet retailed here in P.I. officially but you can buy it or pre-order it online,  Korean Cosmetics PH
Packaging...I love the basic / minimalist concept.  The lip gloss container is actually made of  posh glass and a glazy white cover.  I find it clean, very lady-like, convenient to use and most of all very handy.

Pictures below show the different sides of the packaging where important details could be found.  Again, like most of the Korean brands, everything is written in Hangeul except for the brandname, SPF, expiration date, bar code, website and material code.
The wand's length is just right to effectively control the gloss application all over one's  lips.  The applicator is like the size of a q-tip which also efficiently gathers enough amount of gloss and perfectly smooths out evenly unto the lips' surface.
As promised by the product, the color is really pigmented.  I have indulged into different glosses previously and I have to say this can work well on its own without my usual lipstick or lip concealer.  My lip tone is quite dark especially on its edges and thankfully this liquid rouge does a good job tinting it in pretty subtle pink.
The thick and creamy texture fills in every line my lips have lol.  I'd say my lips get chappy that fast that's why I always stash a lipstick, a lip balm, and a lip gloss on my pouch.  It's a good thing that I got this one that cuts off the stuff inside my bag and just bring this one instead. 
My picture below shows how it concealed all the dark pigments yeyyyy; no hint of my man-toned lips at all.  I'm super impressed by how good the color gets!!! This was taken just after I woke up (brushed my teeth and had coffee of course lol), no prepping done, no lip balm and concealer underneath.  
The moisturizing property is also superb, the thickness might be a bit distracting to some who doesn't like lip make up that much.  Well,  it does feel tad heavy and sticky at initial application but since I am a lip make up junkie,  I'm very much used to this feeling =).  The subtle gloss plumps the thinning lips as well, but for fuller and youthful lips it doesn't make them exaggerated.  As for the lasting power,  it pretty stays there without giving you the white goey thing you get from other lip products hehehe,  you'll have to re-apply though after full meals as to this is not waterproof.
As for the scent, I find it adorable. It may be strong to some coz it is somewhat perfume-y but I like the fresh scent it gives. 
Lastly,  this liquid rouge has an SPF of 10, great enough to protect the lips and best to prevent further darkening of the lip surface.

My swatch below shows how pretty the color is at a closer look when it is blended and set properly.  It is so luxurious and really satiny on the lips.  It gives the natural gloss you can sport on a daily basis.  
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Highly pigmented lippies, super moisturizing ones and an SPF are my criteria when splurging on lip products.  I'm ecstatic that I found them in this super affordable brand.  Thanks to Ms. Josephine for introducing me to A'Pieu.  The first product I tried left an enormous impression and I'll definitely repurchase this Liquid Rouge.  I'd like to try the Chic Beige shade soon.

That's it for today ladies!!! Anneong!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Product Feature / Mini Review: MAC Illustrated Face Canvas Brush Kit By Julie Verhoeven

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Tonight, I'll be sharing the first wave of my first ever make up brush set from MAC Cosmetics.  Well, this is one of the early Christmas gifts I got last year.  I'd like to thank Tita Cora (husby's generous aunt from L.A.) for getting me three sets from MAC Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven limited collection as soon as it was launched.
Those who had been following my posts knew that I don't own that much brushes.  I am a make up buff,  but they had been the last thing on my hoard list hehehe. Perhaps, I find decent brushes very unfriendly to the pocket.  Honestly,  I only have my super old travel Ecotools  and some ELF brushes I got during one of my trips to the Metro.  So receiving such a generous gift was really thrilling.
MAC Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven is a limited collection exclusively made for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Fall 2012.

The collection inlcudes:
  • MAC Illustrated Red x 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Peach x 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Pink x 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Nude 3 Lip Color & Bag by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated All Over Brush Kit by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Face Canvas Brush Kit by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Smokey Eye Plum Kit by Julie Verhoeven
  • MAC Illustrated Smokey Eye Black Kit by Julie Verhoeven
Availability:  Nordstrom Exclusives
Price: USD 49.50 each set except for the Lip bags which were sold at USD 39.50.

So to start with,  I'll be sharing my raves on my MAC Illustrated Face Canvas Brush Kit.

Product Description
The Face Canvas Brush Kit comes with four (4) professional travel brushes by MAC Cosmetics plus a limited-edition colorful canvas roll bag illustrated by renowned artist, Julie Verhoeven.

The kit includes:
  • 187 Duo Fibre Brush
  • 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush
  • 282 Duo Fibre Tapered Brush
  • 286 Duo Fibre Blending Brush
  • Limited Edition Canvas Roll Bag Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven
The bag is made of washable and 100% cotton canvas with cool blue ribbon strap.  The illustration is quite catchy especially if you have the eye for art, glamour and creativity.  
The inside is made of cloth (usually used on board shorts) with five pockets to keep the brushes in place.  It also has a pastic flap  neatly sewn to protect the brushes' fiber.
I find the bag just the right size to have it around with me.  I love anything that I can slip into my handbag especially when I'm travelling.  The size is just perfect for personal use.
The 187 Duo Fibre brush is made from really soft goat and synthetic hair. It is great for lightweight application and blending of face powder and foundation.  It may not be that dense but I love how it evens out and builds the foundation smoothly without giving me the heavy and streak-y coverage.
The 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush is short, round and flat-topped best for application and blending of foundations, creams, emulsions, and some powder products.
Prolly' the only thing disapointing about this kit would be the error on the product labels.  Well,  this is a limited edition collection and everything should have been properly checked before they started printing and releasing =).  It may not be troublesome to ladies who are expert in the make up brushes indutry,  but to novices (like me), this mistake might be quite confusing. 
The 282 Duo Fibre Tapered Brush is great for blending and contouring eye shadows.
The 286 Blending Brush is made of a soft dome, two-toned, duo fibre (combination of goat and synthetic hair) hair especially designed to give a sheer and controlled application.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts'
For the brushes in general,  I love that they were made of ultra soft combination of goat and synthetic hair that provide the finish I'm looking for may it be on my foundation, concealers, or eye shadows.  If you noticed,  I just added a very brief description of each brush through the help of MAC's official website hehehe because I am really a beginner. Be that as it may, I'm very much willing to learn more now that I have tried the difference  between using my fingers and good brushes in make up application.

To sum it up, I love this brush collection because...
  • the hair doesn't fall of when I apply make up
  • they don't leave streak marks on my face especially when I'm applying and blending my bb cream
  • they build the bb cream softly and they don't give me the obvious heavy coverage
  • they smell new =)
  • posh canvas roll bag
  • the handles were made of sturdy and classy material
  • the kit is super handy and really travel friendly
  • the materials used were very soft and natural, they don't irritate my troubled skin
Till next time... good night!!! =)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: 3W Clinic Professional (Dodo Palgantong) Natural Make-Up Powder 23

Hello my windy restday!!!

Thank you lord for this serene and breezy day, I had great time sleeping and getting all the rest my body deserves.  I hope that Ilocos temperature remains this way all year round.  After the long hours of takin' a break, I finally got the mood to post something on this nostalgic day.  I dunno, perhaps my hormones are acting up again coz I'm feeling emu with all the heartbreakin' background music (A Love to Kill OST) while I'm doin' this review.

So to start with,  i'll be musing on the famous star powder all over Japan and Korea,  3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder.  It used to be the Dodo Palgantong, but it was re-branded and re-named last 2009, so don't freak out if you see a different packaging.
Dodo Palgantong kicked off in Korea in 1999.  It was initially introduced to make up artists who worked for the stars of broadcast stations like SBS and KBS.  Actors loved it due to the wonders it do on photoshoots.  From then on, The Palgantong  loose powder became very famous not only among entertainers but among consumers spreading like a  wildfire among neighboring countries like Japan and Hongkong.  In 2009, Dodo Company, the manufacturer of Palgantong changed its name to 3W Clinic.  So, all products from Dodo now bear the name 3W Clinic.  The company sold 600 million products from 2002 to 2008 alone and was selected as Japan's number one and bestselling loose powder.
Product Description
3W Clinic Professional (Dodo Palgantong) Natural Make-Up Powder is an ultrafine and super lightweight loose powder formulated from the finest and most geniune ingredients to provide a sheer finish yet naturally glowy coverage.  

  • Works perfectly with or without full make up without clogging the pores.
  • Provides comfortable and almost air light feeling.
  • Absorbs oil effectively without clogging the pores.
  • suits all skin types
  • Slimming Effect - provides 3d effect when light hits the surface with the powder on
  • Long Lasting Effect - excellently extends make up 
  • Blooming effect - the subtle shimmers provide a gentle radiance to the face
  • Super Hydrating Effect - it locks skin moisture 
  • Non Comedogenic 
  • Great oil control
  • 21 - Light Beige
  • 23 - Natural Beige
  • 10 - Transparent Pearl
Content  (comes in two sizes)
30g - PhP295.00
50g - PhP495.00

Availability - can be ordered online,  I got mine from Korean Cosmetics PH.
It comes in a plastic big tub in bright red and yellow as seen on the pictures.  With the price,  it justifies the kind of tub used.  Well,  it is sturdy though, plus the twist it type lid secures everything inside.  There is nothing posh about the packaging, the design is more on conventionality and sensibleness.  From the usual, cuty stuff I got on my stash,  i find this very PRO and grown up looking hehehe.
The back part of the tub got a sticker which is mainly in Korean Hangeul but atleast it has one of the important info to people who hoard on cosmetics, the expiration date. 
Like any other loose powder in the market,  3W Clinic Professional also comes with a big fluffy puff.  The puff is also washable and really really soft and cottony.  It actually feels luxurious on skin.  
BTW,  it is very important to use anything smooth on face especially to people suffering from different stages of acne like me.  Anything rough and coarse that gets in contact with the skin can cause further irritation which may lead to infection.
The sifter is also sealed with a sticker upon purchase.  So be sure to check it out and to return if you purchased something without the seal on.
As seen below,  the sifter dispenses quite well with just a few tap.  I suggest, you don't peel the seal away like what I did.  Just peel half of it to avoid the powder from spilling and soaking the pretty puff especially when you bring it around.  It's okay to remove everything if you just leave it at home and nicely sitting on top of your dresser.
The talc is definitely well-milled at the finest.  It's super fine, it fills in all the tiniest spaces I missed during my foundie or bb cream routine. I love how it veils the make up with almost airbrushed effect. It sets everything lightly and, as promised, it makes your look photoshoot ready.  I love to use it on top of bb cream since it diffuses the white cast you get on flash photography.  Since it is ultralight, despite the tons of bb cream and concealers I put on my face lol, it doesn't make the skin feel heavy and suffocated.  It even makes the feeling refreshed since it instantly sets the bb cream.  Apart from those, the well-milled powder does a great job even-ing out the make up providing a seamless look without making it look overly done. I admit it is not that translucent, it has a very slight tint of natural beige that tones down a fair shade of bb cream.  But then, the tint does not make the look thick or overly made up.  Just make sure to swirl lightly though.  Too much of the powder will make you look patchy and caky.
As for the oil control,  it also does the job well done.  I blot the grease at lunch time and I don't even re- apply that much plus the powder does not come off when you use a tissue or face paper to remove the excess oil.
As for the coverage,  it may be tinted but won't work out if used alone especially when skin is flawed.  Well, for lucky ladies who have clear skin, this will look great on top of a nice primer.  It performs best as a setting or veiling powder.
As for the finish,  it provides the skin with a matte end.  I mean not the old-school obvious mattified make up, it is a healthy matte with a hint of natural and subtle radiance.
Lastly,  despite how it mattifed the make up, It never made the skin a bit dry.  It absorbs oil and locks moisture keeping the skin hydrated and looking healthy all through the day and most especially it does fit my very sensitive skin.  It didn't break my skin out yeeeey!!!
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
All through out this blog,  I have always been honest about my blemished and oily skin.  And it has always been a quest for me to discover products that will make me look atleast presentable.  I'm just glad I added this on my cart the time I shopped online. I have already mentioned everything I love about it and the things I don't in this post.
I'll definitely repurchase and I highly recommend it.  
me in different hours and under different lighting.