Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector

The weather here in the north has always been muggy all through out.  Thankfully though, the afternoons start to become breezy and chilly.  I love the melancholy it brings about...moments of warm coffee and hot chocolate with family are purely beyond price.  Apart from the wistfulness, it is also the time when everything becomes almost arid.  The skin is no exemption. It gets flaky and prickly as the season change.  So, it is always pleasant to deliberately change a part of your skincare routine.  This afternoon's review will be about It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector.
The It's Skin Power 10 line is formulated to specifically address the different needs and concerns of the skin.  Below are the now 11 variants and their brief descriptions (source:  It's Skin English Website).

Power 10 Formula WH Effector - contains Arbutin for skin whitening
Power 10 Formula WR Effector - contains Caviar and Mitletoe extract for skin resilience
Power 10 Formula VE Effector - contains Vitamin E for nutrients and moisture
Power 10 Formula PO Effector - contains highly concentrated Houttuynia cordata extract                       
                                              for pore management 
Power 10 Formula LI Effector - contains Licorice extract for skin brightening
Power 10 Formula GF Effector - contains GF-Biopolymer for oversensitive skin
Power 10 Formula VC Effector - contains Vitamin C for 
Power 10 Formula YE Effector - contains Yeast extracts for skin clarity
Power 10 Formula CO Effector - contains vegetable Collagen extract for a youthful skin
Power 10 Formula Q10 Effector - contains Coenzyme Q10 for skin vitality
Power 10 Formula VB Effector - contains Vitamin B6 for oily skin

This line is endorsed by the very youthful charming Thai Prince and 2PM leader, Nichkhun Horvejkul.  The line is as fresh and as adorable as the star himself.
Photo Credits: It's Skin
Among the array of colorful options I chose to try the VC Effector,  I bumped on this line when I got a sample from one of my online purchases. 
my used up sample sachet
My skin was really unpredictable at that time (last week of November).  The office turmoil kept me awake almost every night, plus my eating habits worsened its state.  I guess, the situation got my cells confused lol and began to excrete the hateful sebum while part of it lacked the moisture.  So, it is a total mayhem of partly oily and partly parched face!!!  That's why, when I saw the sample on my stash I decided to give it a try.  My skin adored that one sachet that lasted only for about a week.  It made me search the net and get myself the retail size. 
Product Description
It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector is dermatologist tested and specially formulated with high-potency Vitamin C derivatives, Green Tea extracts and PGA to re-texturize skin's surface by keeping it radiant, to even out skin tone, to tighten pores and to refresh skin for a healthier, softer and livelier.

Key ingredients:
Vitamin C
  • revitalizes premature aging caused by excessive exposure to UV rays and stress
  • promotes collagen formation for a youthful and firm skin
  • antioxidant
  • whitening effects
Green Tea Extracts
  • gentle exfoliant
  • high antioxidant content
  • reduces acne because of the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects
PGA (Poly Glutamic Acid) 
  • diminishes fine lines
  • skin exfoliation
  • brightens skin
  • moisturizes
  • retains and locks in skin moisture
  • hypoallergenic
Content: 30 ml
Price: PhP500.00
Availability:  it is not yet retailed locally but then you can get it from online shops that resell Korean cosmetics and skincare.
manufacture date - stamped at the bottom of the bottle
Packaging wise, it comes in a handy mango-yellow-tinted not-so-thick glass bottle which I think will break when you drop it.  It also looks like a baby's daily vitamin with all the round shape plastic cover and dropper.
The dropper has this rubberized cap that securely seals the serum and keeps it from spilling.  Aside from that, I find it new but convenient way to gather or suck up the serum.  As a mom, I got so familiar with droppers while my baby boy is growing up hehehe.  I never realized just now that they are also convenient tools used in skin care =).  Lastly, it also has a separate cover made of breakable plastic that protects the white rubber cover pump.
The essence's or serum's consistency is quite the right mix of richness and runny-ness.  I find it very suitable for both oily and dry skin plus putting our temperature into consideration.  With its lightweight formula, everything is easily absorbed by the skin once applied, just a few seconds to tap it and voila the skin is left with nutrients and no trace of grease or stickiness at all.
I have started using this last week of November while it's all muggy here and it felt so light and not sticky on skin.  So, this is also very good to moisturize the skin even on humid days.  I have continued using it till this windy December and I'm pretty much satisfied by how it kept the skin hydrated all through the day.  
essence on my hand
As I have said earlier,  on dry seasons, my skin tends to oil up and some part tend to dry up.  It feels tight and coarse when you touch it though it looks shiny all over when you look at it. Apart from that, the sebum outbreak makes my skin crazy too. Pimps go mad and excited to join me this holidays as well lol. So, while I treat the pimps, this essence retains the moisture on healthy areas and moisturizes the surroundings of the drying zits without aggravating them.  
few seconds after it was absorbed by the skin
I regularly apply a tad amount at night only after my usual skincare regimen.  I like how it makes my dull and lifeless skin bright especially on mornings.  It's like feeding it with enough nutrients that were lost while I enjoyed neglecting myself with my poor lifestyle =).
As for the claims that it can lighten freckles which I don't have,  I am optimistic though that it can contribute to the fading and even-ing of the dark marks I got from acne especially on my jaw line.  As for the current and raw zits which are usually red.  I find them quite tamed and the redness receded while I regularly use this essence.

Frozen Blossom's thoughts:
I honestly love the way my skin is loving it.  Like any other skin care thing,  results don't appear in a zap.  It usually starts from deep within, gradually heals, and helps the skin.  I particularly love the Vitamin C infused for it does give wonders.  Once I'm done consuming this, I'll have to try the Power 10 VB Formula.

This serum or essence is highly recommended to ladies with combination and uneven skin tone and can be used during both humid, wet and dry season.

That's it ladies.  I'm  off to our Community Christmas Party. Goodnight!!!


  1. interesting product! wish to get it..

    1. Hi Shu. Thanks for droppin by!!! =) Indeed a good product =)

  2. I haven't tried anything from It's Skin just yet and this seems like a nice product! Thanks for sharing and great review ^_~

    1. I've been into It's Skin lately ever since I have tried some of the Babyface line products. Thanks Janet. =)

  3. first time reading about this product.. thanks for the review~

  4. i'm a long time user of it's skin. i have tried this product before but i like the VB effector more.

    1. I'd love to try the VB once I'm done with this hopefully just in time for the summer =). Thanks for droppin' by =)

  5. Hi

    I am interested in this product, and would be obliged if you could let us know the full list of ingredients. I have sensitive skin, so I need to know the ingredients before I buy.

    Thank you.

  6. nice post
    and Nichkhun is not a leader of 2PM, they don't have one

  7. I got mine from @suckerincare in instagram. The shop sells affordable korean products, I got mine when it was on sale.

  8. This is already selling at Watsons. For 30ml it costs around 135Php.

  9. I saw this while in Japantown this evening. But, vitamin c breaks down under continued exposure to light..and this product is in a clear bottle. I wanted to try it but didn't purchase for this reason alone. Thank you for your review!

  10. I have bought this one :D
    Now waiting for it to be shipped to my house~
    Thank you for the good review