Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: It's Skin Babyface Finish Beam 02 Gold Beam

Hi ladies!!!

Are you done with your Christmas list?  Have you decided which one to wear or how you'll look on the night of the 24th?  Well, before the most awaited day, lemme share one fine suggestion on how to fake a glow lol.
Product Description
It's Skin Babyface Finish Beam is another highlighter from the Babyface line endorsed by one of my favorites, the Thai Prince and 2PM leader, Nichkhun Horvejkul.  It is formulated in a bright and pearly texture to give the face and body with a gorgeous yet natural brilliance.  It can also be used on the clavicle and shoulders for a 3d look.

Available Variants
01 Pink Beamr
02 Gold Beam

Content: 5 g
Price: PhP225.00
Availability: I got it on sale-- Korean Cosmetics for Less

How to use:
1. Foundie Routine
2. Apply on areas that need highlighting:  cheekbones, nose bridge, chin, forehead and brobone.
3. Blend it well and you may build it depending on the glow you desire. 

The signature packaging of the Babyface line comes in peachy baby-ish pink containers with angel wing accents.  Honestly, I never grow tired of the cuteness.  I adore every inch of their style.  It's like almost impossible to use it.  
The finish beam is tucked in a very handy and sturdy plastic compact type which makes it very convenient to bring around.
The back part contains all the basic details like barcodes, shade, website and most especially the manufacture date.
The finish beam may look powdery and cake-y inside the compact but in all honesty, it's not, especially when properly applied and blended on areas that need highlighting.  It does have a powdery yet velvety feel  and it sets pretty well on well buffed skin.   This does not cake the liquid foundie or bb cream as well.  It does not also emphasize the fine lines on the face.  
My swatches below show how pearly and glaze-y it really looks especially when the light hits the surface with the beam on.  It gives the skin a incandescent glow in the most natural way even when I oil up.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I definitely adore this thing and I have been using it since I got it first.  The picture  above shows how worn out it is for the babyface angel engraved on the powder itself was already erased.  Since my skin is pretty oily,  I surely prefer a powdery beam rather than the liquid one for oil control is way way better.  My skin is not perfect and I have been honest all through this blog but somehow these products keep me glowy and presentable.

Till here... gotta go on my last round of Christmas shopping.  Be safe ladies!!!


  1. cute packing ^^

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  2. gaaawd, the packaging!!! it's super duper baby-ish and cute <3

  3. really cute packing ❤

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    1. Thanks for droppin by Ruby and Rosa!!!
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  4. where did you buy your korean cosmetics?

    1. I buy them from trusted online resellers like Korean cosmetics for less, korean cosmetics ph (facebook).