Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Holika Holika Jewel light Blusher 01 Sweet Pink

Good morning wet and misty Ilocos!!!

The year 2012 will be over in 48 hours and I have still piles of logs to carry out.  Well,  to live is to have fun right?  We only walk this furrow once, so it is always harmless to set aside the small things that can be done one step at a time.  Anyways, it is the holidays!!! 
Nevertheless,  before I go get some stuff for the New Year's eve...lemme share my darling blusher at the moment,  Holika Holika Jewel Light Blusher in 01 Sweet Pink.
Product Description
Holika Holika Jewel Light Blusher is an ultra light, very dainty with super subtle glitters blush on to give the face an exquisite and natural color.

Available Colors (These are the newest shades on the jewel light line): 
01 Sweet Pink
02 Bitter Peach

Content:  5 g
Price: PhP295.00
Availability:  Unfortunately Holika Holika is not yet sold locally but then you can get this from online shops that sell Korean cosmetics and skincare.  I got this from Korean Cosmetics for Less at a sale price.
Packaging wise,  I like that it is designed in a handy compact type mainly for convenience and practicality.  Design wise,  the plastic material used is quite frail and will break off once dropped.  It is something minimalist in contrast to the usual Holika Holika magical-inspired packaging trademark.  It reminds me of the equally popular drugstore brand, Canmake from Japan.

Picture below is the back part of the compact which contains the expiration date and other details.
As for the blush on itself, everything about it is much much loved.  Honestly, it is my everyday and on-the-move touch up to give my blunt face some life.  It is so light in the sweetest touch of pink and I don't fear the "I-got-slapped-by-the-baddie" look when I flush or oil up.  The powder particles are really milled well which makes it velvety and blend-able on skin.
My swatches (taken under natural lighting) below show the pretty-not-yet blended color.  I say true to my words that the shade is soft so it might be troublesome to those who wants more. It also has the subtle glitters that give instant luminosity (I find it hard to capture though).   
It's best to use a blush brush or a complexion brush with a soft animal natural hair to attain the gentlest blush you want but then if you prefer a heavier shade I suggest you use a bronzer brush with synthetic hair to gather an added volume of the powder for a denser color. Blending and more blending will solve any  uncertainty though hehehe.
Aside from those mentioned earlier,  this does not scrape off the foundation or bb cream that has already been applied.  It does not cake as well as you go through the day when oil is starting to have its way.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I am a sucker for the prettiest and softest shade of blush ons ever that is why this Jewel light collection is box office hit to me.  This will be loved by ladies who wants to have the no-make-up laid-back look and I think it will best fit ladies with medium to fair skin complexion.

So that's it today... time for a power nap!!! Anneong!!!


  1. thanks for the review~
    im sure that it wont be noticiable on my skin -_-

  2. the color is so pretty. i usually dont wear blushon but i want to try this. nice review :D

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Thanks much Inge Lakawa Happy New Year!!! Sure :)

  3. The shade is just lovely. Reminds me of the Nyx Blush in Peach, but I think that one is a bit lighter. I love the packaging. It's simple and it has a good color payoff as well. Thanks for the review. :)

    xoxo Yette

    1. Hi Yette!!! Thanks for visiting!!! Happy new year!!!
      Color is indeed pretty :)