Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear

Hello ladies!!!

Life had been pretty rough lately...been through a lot of stress and sleepless nights which caused my skin to break out big time.  Instances like these are indeed very depressing!!!  It should be the happiest time since only few days more to go and it will be Christmas, however, sometimes situations go out of hand.  Well, good thing though I am lucky to have my ever loving family and friends around to help me endure and persevere.

Today,  I'll be sharing one thing that keeps my raging skin calm... Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear.
Product Description
Etude House Wonder Pore Clay Clear is formulated with pure glacial water and oxygen-delivering "carbonated" ingredient to effectively and deeply cleanses dirt, oil and other skin impurities for healthy and clean pores.
7 in Total Pore Solution (from the box)

  • Balances the skin's ideal ph (acidity) level
  • Refines the skin tone
  • Keeps the elasticity of pores
  • Deep cleanses pores
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Controls a large amount of the sebum
  • Moisturizes inside and outside of skin
Net Wt. 100g (3.52 oz.)
Price: PhP678.00
Availability:  Available at all Etude House branches and counters and online sellers
Please find the list of ingredients below for your reference.  You may click the picture to for a larger view.
How to use:  It is prescribed to be used 1-2 times a week.
1.  Clean face with your favorite facial soap/ wash.
2.  Towel dry it.
3.  Apply layer evenly all over the face avoiding hairline, lips, eye area and brows.
4.  Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes  or until clay mask has completely dried out.
5.  Rinse it off with lukewarm water to help pores open a bit.
6.  Wash or brush face with Pore Cleansing Face Brush for deep cleansing.  Since, I don't have the Wonder Pore brush that is sold separately, I use my old Smashbox blush brush with overly dense and stiff brushes (that's why I don't use it for applying my blush on) in the absence of a pore brush.
7.  Thoroughly wash until no residue is visible unto face.
8.  Towel dry.
9.  Tone the face.  I use the Wonder Pore Freshner Toner.
10.  Moisturize skin.

Packaging - It comes in a conventional blue sturdy plastic tub.  I think it is most appropriate to use a tub for clay masks in order to efficiently scoop out the product up to its last speck.
It has also a plastic top apart from the tub's cover to keep the clay from leaking or getting exposed to air.  I think it is very useful since clay masks tend to harden when not properly stored.
It also comes with a free spatula upon purchase which efficiently scoops out the mask.  Though some may find inconvenience on a separate applicator that needs to be cleaned every after use, that doesn't bother me that much.  In fact, I like that it comes with this thing to keep my fingers from dipping in the tub to gather the mask.  The spatula makes it really hygienic.
I suggest to wash it after every use.  The clay residue can't be removed by a tissue paper once ti hardened.  The picture below shows the white tinges after I used it (needs to be cleaned asap).
The clay mask looks certainly odd and muddy.  It is gray in color to be exact and it feels like thick foam or frost.
My picture below shows how it looks like once applied all over the face.  Please excuse my out-of-this-world funny look.  Once the product touches the skin,  it does have a very slight tingly sensation which is not much of a bother.  As the mask hardens you can also feel the skin yielding and tightening lol.  And right after you wash it off,  you feel the skin instantly refreshed but a tad dry.  That is why I put serum after it.
alien invasion lol
Frozen Blossoms' Thoughts:
I have bought this few months ago after it was launched officially because of my contentment with the Wonder Pore Freshner Toner.   I use make up almost everyday that is why I wanted something to deeply cleanse my pores once a week plus as I have mentioned earlier my skin have been in a very bad shape since November.

After sometime of using this mask I find my cheek area refined and some of the old traces of acne and blemishes have lightened plus present reddish acne are  moderated.  It helps calm down my troubled skin. It may not instantly heal all imperfections but atleast it helps my skin to recover gradually.

My picture below shows right after I have washed the clay mask off my face lol.  Again, please do excuse my no-make-up-unedited-alien look hahaha.
I over all love the radiance I get and the suppleness and plump-iness of my skin gets especially at mornings when I wake up.  I hope that my skin will continue to improve as I continue to use this.

This clay mask is highly recommended to ladies who want a better skin tone, healthier pores and to those who are battling mild skin imperfections like me.  FYI though, it is formulated to thoroughly cleanse or unclog pores preventing future blemishes caused by impurities that settled inside the pores (primer, foundation, etc.).  It is not an alternate solution to heal acne.

For extreme cases and highly sensitive skin types though, it is always best and safe to consult the dermatologist prior using it.

Till here and have a safe and blessed weekend everyone!!!


  1. don't know if it's an error, but your post was somehow cut in half, of incomplete. was this supposed to be a draft?

  2. Thanks Ada for the feedback. I have already checked my post. Thanks again. =)

  3. i love d cute is my fav color :)

    do check out my blog too <3

  4. Thank you... =) visited you blog too! =)

  5. No prob. awesome review btw. hoping to purchase the entire set. this seems like it would do, excuse the pun, "wonders" on my skin haha.


  6. Me too i want to get the set :) and hoping for a miracle lol. Thanks ada. :)

  7. Great review! It's good to know that it works on your skin. I've used the toner and it gave me breakouts so I'll probably skip in trying this one.

  8. Hi Dawn thanks! :) too bad it broke your skin out . :(

  9. ohhh,.... i have acne prone skin, ok kaya to? kasi i am planning to get din ung sa ac line nila... which is better kaya? hehe. hope you can help. ^_^ thanks!

  10. ohhh,....nice post! hm. i have acne prone skin, ok kaya to? kasi i am planning to get din ung sa ac line nila... which is better kaya? hehe. hope you can help. ^_^ thanks!

  11. Ac line is formulated to treat acne while this line is formulated to cleanse the pores / unclog the pores thoroughly. I use this to remove make up residues that will clog my pores thus preventing future possible break outs.

  12. very helpful~thanks!^^ i think i need to try it one day..

  13. Hello, there
    Nice review u have^^
    Sounds good to me. My skin is acne prone and this product seems promising. Maybe I'll try it too when my mask runs out.
    Thank u for the info, have a nice day

  14. thanks for sharing, the product looks pretty interesting and I definitely need it for me blemishes! ^_~

  15. Nakaka-fresh nga siya! Parang your skin is 'shining' in a good way ha! :) Radiant! Love it!


  16. Maybe I should buy this mask soon, because I have a very very big pores (T..T), is it can be used for acne & oily skin??

    1. Thanks Iqbal for droppin' by my site. yes this is good for oily skin... =)

  17. How do you wash it ?
    it was really hard to wash it . :(
    do you rub it or just wash it using running water ?