Sunday, December 30, 2012

Product Feature: Skinfood Hair Magic Pad

Hi ladies!!!

Do you usually clip your hair with a clumsy clamp or tie it in lousy elastics?  Do you pin your bangs with hair clips or simply keep them away from your face with a hairband? Typical scenes of a working mom or woman on a rush lol.  However, have you noticed that these habits of tying up the hair; may it be wet, damp, towel-dried, air-dried, or naturally dried, keeps a permanent mark or curve especially when you had it re-bonded or treated?  Awkwardly and guiltily, you can catch me with either one of the messy hair do's at home or at the office almost everyday or mostly when I'm washing, cleaning or doing my face. 

Tonight,  I'll be sharing something cute I found's the Skinfood Hair Magic Pad!!!
Product Description
Hair Magic Pads are cutely shaped, ingeniously colored Velcro that acts as adhesive to hold the hair lightly.

Content: 2pcs magic hair pad per pack
Price: PhP50.00 per pack
Availability:  I am not so sure if this is officially retailed per pack or it was created as freebies on store or branch purchases.  I found mine though on Ebay. =)
Honestly, these were not my first Hair Magic Pads.  I had a pretty ribbon-shaped Liole once given by Charm of Kkochipida / Korean Cosmetics for Less but I lost it during one of my seminars out of town.  
I adore Hair Magic Pads since they hold my bangs away from my face especially when I'm at home without leaving the stubborn wave and since it doesn't grip hair strands tightly, I don't fear of gettin' additional falling hair.
To use:  simply place it over the part of hair you want to be held hehehe and it sticks there gently.  If you want to get rid of it, simply remove it.  No fear of peeling all your hair off from the scalp like some kind of a heavy-duty packaging tape.  It's so feather-like, you won't even notice something is up there hehehe.
 Taekyung come and collect this star lol!!!
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
What a creative way to think that velcro can actually hold the hair safely and gently right?  Whoever thought of this first indeed got A's for the creativity and resourcefulness.
I definitely adore these hair magic pads and I'll definitely buy them over and over again. =)

Nyt nyt!!! =)

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  1. They're definitely a much cuter alternative to bobby pins which I use, haha!