Sunday, November 18, 2012

SM Accessories: Supreme Four Revealed

Finally, the brightest among the stars: Georgina Wilson, Xian Lim, Richard Guttierez,  and Anne Curtis for SM ACCESSORIES were revealed!!!

Keep your eyes on for I'll be sharing what happened at the launching. 
Have a nice day and visit SM Accessories now and get the chance to win 100K!!!

SM Accessories


  1. hey I know this isn't relevant to the post. But I've read your blog and I was wondering what did you do to have such a shiny skin. Could you tell me how? I'm using innisfree cover bb cream and it's matte so I want to have a dewy skin but I have oily skin. Any recommendation??

  2. I moisturize before make up application sis...

  3. thanks.^^ looking forward to your next review.