Thursday, November 1, 2012

SM Accessories: Only Chic Treats

Trick or treat?!!! Hey ladies, how did your Halloween celebration go?  Did you have fun?  Well,  we at the office usually organize a simple event to celebrate it.  In the previous years, we would dress up crazily.  Some would go for pretty fairies and princesses, prince charming, very Jack Sparrow-y outfits and so on. But the later years have been always hectic so we would just dress up casually in black. Thankfully,  I have some elegant pieces from SM Accessories which made my black tops and jeans exciting and really urbane.  Happy halloween!!!
Necklace from SM Accessories, blouse: bazaar , hat: SMART, watch: Aldo
two options: first one which is more on gold while the second is more on bronze
design wise: a very sturdy magnet lock
necklace from SM Accessories, blouse: Mark and Spencers
very Cleopatra-ish, gold will always go with any color
it is lightweight and very NOW
Blast from the past!!! (Halloween 2007)
SM Accessories


  1. wow! the accessories look good on you sissy!

  2. waaah... i love those accessories! so chic. :))

  3. Thanks Riza, they are available at sm dept stores :)