Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: Nature Republic Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in 03 Pink Rose

Hello ladies!!!

I am here again to drop another quick review of my second stuff from Nature Republic,  the Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in 03 Pink Rose.  
Brief Overview
Nature Republic's products are formulated from the purest and natural ingredients of mother nature.  The brand offers a wide range of skin care, hair care, body care and baby care <source: Nature Republic> .  It is currently endorsed by one of my top most beautiful Korean actor, Jang Geun Suk.  Remember the sophisticated Taekyung of "He's Beautiful" or the heartbreaker Kang Mu Gyol of "Mary Stayed Out All night"?  Yes, he is the brand's muse =).
Credits: Nature Republic Website
Previous face also includes another favorite of mine, the super sexy Rain, whom I have adored after seeing Full House.  
Credits: Nature Republic Website
Product Overview
Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher gives your cheeks a romantic flush of rose colors and scent for a more feminine feel.

Available Shades / Variants
01 Baby Rose
02 Coral Rose
03 Pink Rose
04 Lovely Rose

Content: 6.5g
Price: PhP295.00
Availability: available at all Nature Republic branches and counters (I got mine from Korean Cosmetics for Less)
Please find picture below for the list of ingredients (click picture for a bigger view)
As shown,  I got myself the number 03 shade which is the Pink Rose.  My cheeks flush naturally so my choices for blushers are always the light and subtle shades.  It has been a battle about which shade I should purchase since all the variants are just too adorable.  If only I have a limitless budget lol.
Proceeding... Pink Rose is just the right shade of pink I want.  I find the color very subtle and feminine.  If you love colors it might disappoint you since it is not so pigmented (get the 04 instead).  A single swipe won't give you the pink color but still that depends on your preference.
I swatch-ed it on my bare arm below (outdoor in natural lighting), so you can see how light it is.  As I have said earlier,  ladies who love strong blush color might not like this but then you can apply in double to triple coats to give you a heavier shade of pink.  I think this shade will go well with fair-skinned ladies rather than those who have warmer and darker skin tones.
As for the finish,  it looks powdery matte (inside the tub) but it feels velvety and not cake-y on skin.  It actually sets and blends well giving the cheeks a soft tinge of natural flush.
As for the staying power,  I usually re-apply on lunch break after I blot my face and retouch my make up. 
As for the scent, it is lightly perfumed in some old rose whiff which is the only thing I would say I don't like =).  It is flimsy though and goes off in a few seconds it is applied.
Packaging wise, it is no doubt an uberly adorable one.  I love the tin bronze-y  tub adorned with flowery paper decal.  
The tub can also be used in many ways once blusher is consumed. It can be refilled with your loose powder,  paper clip holders, or a tub where you can store your jewelries when travelling and etc. Aside from that, the box is also made of eco-friendly paper box and all the designs are printed with soy ink plus the side, where ingredients are listed, has a braille for the blind.

It has also a plastic separator which keeps the puff from touching the powder blush.  
It also comes with a cute washable puff with pretty lavender and pink bow to gather the blush.  
It is so soft and feels so luxurious on skin.  I just love to press them lightly especially when I'm just retouching.
The puff is so fluffy and looks very delicate that at first I honestly don't wanna use it lol.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I am a fan of laid back, conservative and dainty make up style therefore subtle blusher is always a hit for me.  I am an over all fan of this thing and I recommend it to ladies who go to conservative schools and offices.  The color is just so light it will be mistaken as if your skin is naturally flushed.  Again,  you'll be hearing more of other Nature Republic products  from me.

Till here!!! =)


  1. i love the packaging as well... you bought this for how much? i think i wanted to purchase one. do they have an orangery/coral colored shade? because they compliment my skin tone. :D nice review! :))

    1. Hi Rizza, i got it for only PhP295.00. I think the 01 and 02 are more on the peachy shade. Thank you. :)

  2. Hi sis! I bought the pink rise #03 and lovely rose #04 shades at Nature Republic and I use. them everyday. Normally I do my make-up at home then retouch n alang pag dating sa office. Eversince I use NR blush, di na ako nag re-retouch. Parang habang tumatagal nag be-blend sya. Kahit after office ok parin ang make up. Mas mura online yung blush kasi I bought mine around 300++. I bought them by impulse... Cute yung packaging! Pero worth it naman. Like the faint rose sent.

    1. Nice buy sis no? Super sulit talaga. How's the 04? Mas pink ba sya?

  3. uberly cute and very pretty color!

  4. I bought it for only php295.00 sis. I think the 01 and 02 have the peachy shade.. Thanks :)

  5. I like it! The packaging is so cute, the color pigments are not intense and it's made from natural ingredients. Plus it's not expensive. :)


  6. I have to raped the refresh button just to let this comment box out haha anyway i like the package and the container! SUper girly <3

  7. Hi Patricia, I agree, the packaging is so young and pretty =)

  8. Hi Barbra, Thanks for visiting. I prefer light blushers though. Imagine if the color is too strong no? =) very sulit for the price =)

  9. By the way, can I tag you on a beauty blog tag I was tagged in? I sent you an email. :) I wanted to ask you first before tagging you.. :)

  10. Sure sis, i have replied to your email yesterday. :)

  11. lovely packaging!

    on a somewhat related note, what has rain been up to lately? i don't follow korean entertainment, but he's made the international scene before, but now it's like he disappeared.

  12. He enlisted with the army and that's for two years...sad

  13. I bough pink rose 03 and lovely rose 04 at Nature Republic. I think mga 300++ sya. I have a lot of blushers na pero I bought this due to impulse... cute ang packaging eh! I like the faint rose scent. I applied cheek tint before putting blush para tumagal and no re touch na...

  14. Hi katie, how's the 04? Darker right? Sulit nman sis diba? :)

  15. Hi Christine! Thanks for allowing me to tag you. Looking forward to reading your post on this :) http://mylittlebeautystash.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/my-first-beauty-tag-this-or-that/