Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: It's Skin Babyface BB Cream Silky

Good morning ladies!!!  

It has always been anybody's desire to look our best all the time.  I, for example, always dream of a clear and pimple-free skin.  Sadly though, skin troubles don't go away instantly.  Healing takes months (for severe cases of course) while scars are almost forever to erase. Hence, it has always been my obsession to look at least pleasing.  So, for this morning's review,  I'll be sharing my musings on my first ever It's Skin BB cream, the Babyface B.B Cream Silky.
Product Description
This BB cream is part of the It's Skin Babyface line endorsed by the super hottie 2PM leader, Nichkhun.  It is a BB cream which is formulated to cover skin flaws naturally while keeping it smooth always. And it has SPF36 PA++ to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB.

Key Ingredients and their brief skin benefits:
Peach Extract - enriches, moisturizes, lightly tones and hydrates stressed out dull skin 
Safflower Extract - rich in Vitamin E antioxidants
                          - traps or locks moisture in the skin 
Apple Extract - delays skin aging,promotes vitality of skin and protects the skin from harmful radicals like pollution and stress
Lemon Balm Leaf Extract - gives calming effects 
                                     - it has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties
                                     - rich in antioxidant
Variants available:
  1. Moisture
  2. Silky
Volume: 35 ml
Price: PhP295.00
Availability:  Korean Cosmetics for Less (Kkochipida)

Back part picture:   Some important details are in Hangul (Korean) .  Gladly, manufacture date is in the usual numeric form hehehe which is very important in determining its shelf life.
Packaging wise, it comes in a cute squeeze-able soft opaque tube that maintains shape despite squeezing.  This packaging, however, won't allow you to check the level of content (if it's already consumed) during regular use due to its opaqueness (its not that much of a bother though).
Upon purchase, this is also well-sealed.  So be sure to check or return if purchased if it has been opened or if foil seal is missing.  This is very important because opening the product, i.e., removing the seal, determines its expiration period  (3 years shelf-life if sealed from manufacturing date and 12 months after opening date).
As for the consistency and texture of this cream, I love the not-so-thick but not-so-runny formula. It is sorta feels like jelly bb but quite loose-ier hehehe.  
It is super easy to blend over the skin with either the use of brushes or your fingers.  It feels luxuriously velvety and refreshingly lightweight.  
As for the shade,  I think each variant comes in one color/shade only. It fits ladies with medium to fair skin.  It is quite light or fair upon initial application but this thing is easily absorbed by the skin plus it does not oxidize too.  I am super acidic and I usually get a gray cast when I oil up with some foundie but thankfully this one doesn't give me that effect.  
As for the oil control and staying power,  I am also impressed by how less I GREASE up with this bb on.  The moisturizing and hydrating properties and its ability to lock the moisture are superb.  I only have to blot my face 3 times the whole day in a well air-conditioned office vicinity.
Picture below, shows how natural it looked on my hands, as if nothing is there.
Pore concealing is quite awesome especially when based with my favorite, It's Skin Hello Friends Pore Concealer.  I love the porcelain effect on my cheek area hehehe.  
Coverage wise,  I find it sheer but you can build it depending on your skin condition.  I have fairly dark acne spots on my jawline area and I have to use a separate concealer to hide them.  It also gives a semi-dewy and semi-matte coverage.  I like how it gives the skin a natural healthy radiance rather than a super matte foundie finish which looks thick and overly done hehehe.
Finally, for a better finish and better staying power,  I set it up with my favorite It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder.  

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I am in love with It's Skin lately (Babyface Pore Powder,  Babyface BB Cream, and Hello Friends Pore Concealer).  I have been using them for months now and gladly my sensitive acne prone skin loves them.  
Thankfully this BB cream does not break me out.  I have a few existing zits due to my uncontrollable hormones but other than that I can't see additional ones popping out lol.  
Overall...I love this one the way I'm loving cute Nichkhun. =)

Have a safe Sunday everyone!!!


  1. wow! nice review! I haven't tried any It's skin product but this seems pretty interesting~ Thanks for sharing =)

  2. I still have three BB cream products to use up, but I already want to buy this! Haha

  3. Hi Ari, I myself hoard varieties of bb cream, pact and powder (below p400.00) hihihi. When you opt to buy this i hope your skin will love it too. Thanks for visiting pretty. :)

  4. Hi Janet, thanks for visiting, I am goin gaga over it's skin and I can't wait for kkochipida's new arrival announcement. You try one time. Stay pretty always. :)

  5. Bibili na talaga ako nito Ate Tin! Hehe. But I can't contact Kkochipida. She still hasn't replied to my message. :(

  6. I hoard too, even if I know it's not exactly a good thing. Haha!

  7. nice!! i've been waiting for this review!!

  8. Thank you so much for visting sis. I hope to see you here again. :)

  9. Maybe it's out of stock... I'll send you one c/o nikko. I hope your skin will love it :)

  10. I finally reserved one BB Cream from Kkochipida! I got the Moisture variant. Yaaaaay :3

    1. Hi Nikki!!! I hope your skin will love it. Oh I haven't tried the moisture (super oily ksi) =)

  11. Nice review ^^
    I never tried 'it's skin' before. But ur review seems promising, guess I need to try it too. I think we have same skin type except that I'm not as fair as u. My skin is oily-combination too.
    Thank u for sharing.