Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist

Have you ever noticed that aging is usually revealed first on the eye part?  At young ages, some  have already those visible crow's feet from which they get from smiling brightly, the wrinkly eye lids from the frequent pulling they get during make up routines, the puffy eye bags from late night instances or drama queen moments.  Well,  I share these dilemma too. So, I decided to include an eye cream into my skin care regimen.
I have browsed a lot and I found that eye creams are very very costly indeed.  Well,  a working mom like me who have other priorities needs an affordable but great options to choose from.  And since, I am a Korean cosmetics aficionado,  I initially checked the brands I am familiar and in love with. FYI, Korean brands offer very affordable make ups and skin care lines.  Hence, to cut the chase I settled for Etude House Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist.
Product Description
Eye cream stick with moisturizing, brightening, and anti-wrinkle formula to promote youthful skin around the eyes (source: box).  This stick is also formulated with whitening properties and cooling effects to keep the eyes looking awake and energized.

See list of ingredients and instructions below for your reference:
Available variants
  1. Vanilla Moist Eyes
  2. Mint Cooling Eyes
Net Weight 6.5 g (0.22 oz.)
Price: PhP428.00
Availability:  all Etude House branches and counters

Instructions on how to use (I use this at night time only.  So, here's my before-bedtime routine):
  1. remove make up with cleansing oil
  2. clean face with favorite wash / scrub
  3. tone with favorite toner of course (let skin absorb it)
  4. emulsify or moisturize (let skin absorb it)
  5. apply eye cream
See diagram below on how to apply / stroke the eye's cream stick.  Please just concentrate on the illustration coz the written instruction is in Hangeul.
Etude House certainly has one of the most interesting product names...Eye's Cream Stick hihihi in Vanilla...oh ha?   Sounds more like a dessert to me =).
Packaging wise,  again its cuteness loaded.  It comes in a twist-it-up type sturdy plastic  that is very very handy. Apart from the cover, it also has a separate cap to protect the balm inside.  Unfortunately, I dropped and lost it.  It might have rolled under my cabinet. 
As for the consistency, texture and scent; it comes in a transparent balm...like a lip balm actually.  It feels light on the lids and doesn't make them oily.  It delivers a not too heavy moisturizing effect I needed considering our country's temperature.  It also provides a cooling sensation, which I find very refreshing, after few seconds of application .  As for the scent,  I can't really smell vanilla.  It does have a ripe papaya-ish scent hahaha which wears off instantly after it was applied.  So it is not much of a bother  though.
Another picture of the box in Korean =).
Frozen Blossoms' experience:

Pictures below will show the gradual improvement of the premature wrinkles or fine lines on my eyes.  The first picture was taken when I reviewed the Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner and it showed how tired and aged my eyes are.  I had been watching non-stop and sleeping really late during those times and the fatigue really showed on my lower eyes.  My eye bags were significantly puffy, obviously wrinkly and  layered despite full coverage make up.  
The next picture below was taken around late September after a few weeks of using the Etude House Eye's Cream.  As seen below, my upper eye lids, without make up, has visible premature wrinkles due to wrong eyeliner application.  I still have the habit of stretching the lids when applying eyeliners which caused these fine lines to appear.  The lower lid showed significant improvement from what I have observed.  I still have the eye bag but not as puffy as before plus the harsh and deep lines have somewhat softened.
Lastly, this picture was taken during the last days of October, after around two months of using the Etude House Eye's Cream.  The fine lines on my upper lid had somewhat diminished right?  The lower lid seemed to have been puffy again but I find it normal lookin'... just the normal fats I guess.  The line may have not totally disappeared but it did fade a bit.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

Though results were gradual and not drastic, I can say that this is no ordinary eye cream for it has improved my eye skin condition plus the relaxing feeling from the cooling sensation is a bonus.  This eye cream is recommended to ladies and women with mild traces of aging only. 

That's it ladies. Good morning!!!


  1. Even though I can lie about my age but signs of aging definitely shows near my eyes T___T aaargh, I think its about time to face reality and get one of this! lolz. thanks for sharing =)

  2. Etude House has the cutest packaging, but I'm afraid I need something "more" for my eyebags. Hahaha! Great post :)

  3. wow.. i would like to have one. garnier's eye roll on wasn't really effective with me... thanks for giving me an idea as to what to substitute it.. my eyebags are really a bother. :)

  4. sounds like a great product!!


  5. This looks like a promising product. Love the packaging too. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ gelleesh.com

  6. Wow! This just proves that Etude House products work great!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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