Sunday, November 11, 2012

Event: Plains & Prints Holiday 2012 Collection Preview

Yesterday,  I had the chance to attend a fabulous Plains & Prints' patron event.  It was the preview of their holiday 2012 collection and a chance to meet and greet Mr. Rhett Eala, one of our country's top fashion designer.  

I decided to take a late lunch break from work so I can take a peak on the event.
I only got an hour and I can't focus on anything but to look for something.  Below is the only picture I took because I was more busy looking for a fabulous piece for myself lol.  I am in the search for a dress which I want to wear in another event this 15th and I just came to the right place.  The collection is just fabulous and sophisticated.  I had a hard time deciding which one to get. Sadly, budget is not "sky-ceiling" so I'm down to just one item to treat myself.
While busy checkin' out everything,  I had the liberty to have a pic time with one of Ilocos' premiere photographer, Ms. Marianne Pasion of Marianne Gaces Pasion Fotografi   This picture was taken by one of Ilocos' most influential personalities Ms. Tina Tan of BlauEarth
Photo Credits:  Ms. Tina Tan of BlauEarth
And of course,  a picture with Mr. Rhett Eala himself,  along with my office mate and friend, Ria Pasion. I find this picture painful for It shows how shy and timid I am.  Waaaaa, I am a very unsociable individual and I need to practice going out of my shell more.  Hi Sir Rhett! If by chance you'll ever read this post.  It's me the timid chubby girl in black who wanted badly to ask what you think would fit me that day (never had the courage though).  
Photo Credits: Ms. Maryanee of Maryanee Photography
Finally,  here were my top choices from their holiday 2012 collection.

First, the eye-catching, very lady Okinawa dress from their Japan collection.  I love Sakura (Cherry blossoms)! What a lovely dress indeed!
Photo Credits: Plains & Prints
My second pick, is the very sophisticated Ayala maxi dress from their City Series-Manila by Rhett Eala Collection.  
Photo Credits: Plains & Prints
Last but of course, my favorite, the stunningly sequined Fuji dress from their Japan Collection.
Photo Credits: Plains & Prints
I had only an hour to shop and only one dress to pick.  Whoaaaa,  I had a hard time deciding really.  You know, shopping is like my religion. Super sacred hahaha.  You'll see me lost in one corner uberly thinking which would fit me best.  It has been a habit for me to over stay at the fitting room driving everybody crazy coz of my eccentric and fickle mind lol.  But yesterday was history for I made a choice within 15 to 20 minutes only hahaha.

Tada!!!! My very own Fuji dress.  I hope I can pull it off.  Mind sharing what shoes should I wear with this? Your comments will be appreciated ladies =).
Lastly, the freebies from TRESemme, POND's Age Miracle, Dove Whitening and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone and visit Plains & Prints at Red Dot now!!! =)

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