Monday, November 19, 2012

Event: Fangirl Moment with Benchsetter Lee Min Ho Fun Meet


It was four years ago when I started my hallyu madness.  It was actually the Boys Over Flowers series that sparked this ardent fondness for the Korean wave.  My friends and my readers knew that apart from Kim Hyun Joong,  I am also a die hard and hopeless Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) fanatic.  It's with this role that I have adored him really really big time!!!  So, it has always been a dream for me to at least see them in person before I jump to the unforgiven years lol (plus his eyes, nose and smile reminds me of someone hahaha perfect).
Photo credits: Boys Over Flowers
Hence, when a blind item came out the previous month that Lee Min Ho will be the next Bench endorser after SIHAE,  I had high hopes that he will be visiting our country.  A respected journalist who happened to take a blurred and pixelized photo with LMH sensationalized the possible project and right after that,  teaser t-shirts came out which I hurriedly hunted here in Ilocos and luckily grabbed myself one before branches ran out lol.  
My own LMH teaser tshirt
To cut the story short,   I was in heaven and instantly shared Bench Clothing's official announcement to my friends that indeed Lee Min Ho will be meeting his fans here in the Philippines.  In just few days, patron invites were sold like hot potatoes all over the country.  Honestly,  the hunt for it was desperate since most of the participating stores within the northern region were already sold out.  Me and Maan (a friend of mine) tried to contact branches in Baguio, SM Pampanga, and Clark but we ended empty handed. Even stores in Manila announced that tickets were already zeroed.  Luckily, through the joint effort of Malyn and Maan (both office mates), we were able to get the invites from Davao branch.
the official patron invites
And so, last November 16, 2012, my dream was finally realized...I traveled an exhausting 12 hour trip via bus (Laoag City to Manila) just to take a glimpse of his charming smile.  
Maan, ME, Lheila (Malyn came late)
Sisters ready to do some serious FANGIRLING
Thankfully, we arrived just on the right time though a lot of fellow fan girls were already within the event vicinity.  It was easy for us to exchange the Benchsetter Meet Invites with the tickets.
Smart Araneta ticket staffs showed us the sit plan and options if we want to take the standing part just below the stage since the sitting area for patron holders were already filled.  
Hurray,  the four of us were certainly hopeful to get a good spot where we can gaze at his beauty!!!  The tickets were like the keys to heaven lol!!!
Since the Smart Araneta gate will open at 5pm that day, we decided to grab some lunch first.  When we returned around 2pm, goodness,  the line already stretched like eternity waaaa.  The crowd already piled up...thousands were waiting under the sun showing Lee Min Ho the love always it felt forever...
Finally, when the time came and gates were opened, we were overwhelmed by the dome packed with crazy and wild fans like us. =)
It may sound funny but seeing his name all over the stage is enough to give everybody the  chills.  With this tight and rowdy crowd, it takes just one person to trip and send the whole crowd into an unruly stampede. 
Teaser photos were flashed from the screen.  I can't contain my anticipation at the moment.  My body felt all the pushing and my mind sensed the danger but my heart raved at how he will look in person.
The event was started with few talks from the host (sorry I forgot his name) and some grand production numbers that showcased some hits from Wonder Girls, Super Junior, 2NE1 and PSY which made the waiting soooo unbearable hahaha.  I guess every fan at that moment were agitated and very eager to see LEE MIN HO live!!!  
And then finally, when it was already time for him to come out... the temperature rose to a level...and the fans just went frenzy lol.  I know I owe you all better pics and I apologize for that for I only have my Iphone 4s with me and a Canon 12.1 HD digicam, which I borrowed from my sis.  Honestly, we were kinda close from the stage but the pushing made it so hard for me to capture some decent still shots.  Waaaaa a good lens could have been perfect for a fan girl moment like this!!!
Honestly, I can't even describe how handsome he is in person... very very charming and his smile is so refreshing.  He owned the night and everybody adored him and were definitely STAR STRUCKED.
The event was hosted by the very quirky Sam Oh, who made the night really fun because of her spontaneity.  Lee Min Ho answered all the questions in very entertaining ways. 
The interview was hilarious and I enjoyed every bit of it.  He was so game and yet so nice.  Some lucky fans got the chance to play parlor games with him. Oh-boy- they were indeed very very lucky.  He is so interactive and indeed very loving to his fans.  Everybody got a BIG HUG from him plus the staring game almost gave each one a heart attack!!! Ommo, a girl just won the JACKPOT!!! Hahaha I am one jealous noona fan at that instance.  But I am definitely happy for the winners. FYI...I cried when he chose the 16 years old girl as the winner for the KIM NANA re-enactment.  I was overwhelmed by his warmth.  I love him for that!!!

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
Me and my office mates endured the 12 hours travel just to have a glimpse of him and honestly the effort was worth it.  Thanks to Bench for bringing him here and I hope that this will not be the last.  

I know a lot of you will ask about who has the better looks, Kim Hyun Joong or Lee Min ho.  My friend, Maan asked me this when the fun meet came to an end.  In fairness, both have different charisma and appeal.  I love them both no questions on that ok? =) 

So till here ladies... I wish for more fan girling and a good camera in the future.



  1. Glad you had fun! I went to the event in Glorietta yesterday :)

  2. wow!!! i would love to extend my stay in Manila but unfortunately work won't allow me =(. How was the mall tour? =)

  3. Great! Even if you couldn't get actual seats, since the mall area where it was held wasn't that big, you could still have a good view from one of the balconies or on the side.

  4. Wow! I envy you sis, you finally see him in person! I hope he comes back here. Or maybe someday I'll fly to see him LOL! :D

  5. i can just imagine =) (me - can't get enough of lee min ho lol)

  6. I have too before my age will embarrass me to do fan girling lol. =) Hope to meet someday sis mwah!!! stay young and pretty =)

  7. grabe ate...ang tatag mo. travelling for 12 hours?! ikaw na... :) congrats... !

  8. hahaha oo mga moments na indi ko papalampasin kasi baka indi na maulit lol =)

  9. You're just sweet as always. We're planning to visit my bf's relatives in Laoag. If it pursues, I'll do my best to meet you! :)

  10. tama.. haha. grabe, i'm so jealous! dito lang ako cavite, but hindi ako nakapunta. >.<

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