Sunday, October 21, 2012

Swatches / Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint PK002

Hello Sunday!!!

Simple presents from husby warms my heart each time.  Beyond doubt, he knows what tickles my fancy when it comes to make ups and cosmetics, talking about appeasement lol.    He got me this adorable Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 when he went to Baguio for the Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon Regional Conference.  I like that he never felt any discomfort going to make up shops and counters to get me anything =).
Product Description
The new Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint aims to promote lusciously smooth, moist-full and glossy cherry lips.  

Available in new colors:
OR201 - Cherry Peach
PK001 - Cherry Pink
PK002 - Cherry Hot Pink

Net Weight: 9 g. (0.31 oz.)
Price: PhP348.00 (around USD8.00)
Availability:  All Etude House shops and counters (Mine was purchased at Etude House SM Baguio City Branch)
This collection has been revamped with a more up-to-date dainty and very feminine packaging.  I have already shared my rants on the older Fresh Cherry Tints which I have posted here.  
Packaging wise,  I have always adored anything pink.  It's a fancy I will never grow tired off no matter how much I will age lol.  The reason maybe is that, I grew up with all the Barbie stuff and Cinderella dresses my granny and mom bestowed me. 
The opaque bottle is very lady-like and and oh-so-pretty despite that it may be mistaken as a nail polish bottle.   
Husby chose the shade Cherry Hot Pink (PK002) for me.  This shade is the less pink-ier I think which goes well if your fair-skinned, so I am pretty impressed and satisfied with his taste. Good job babe!!!
The applicator is soft and picks up the tint well.  It is just the right size and the wand has the right length to make application effortless and effective.
It is made of a high-quality and very soft material which can be washed or cleansed for hygienic purposes.
I always save the best for let's get started with the tint itself.  The package's color may look striking and loud pink but the tint itself is in baby-ish pink.  The color is strongly loved for I am a fan of natural-almost-not-there-look. It is just the right shade of pink that can be worn anytime on casual days.  Be mindful though that color may vary once applied depending on your innate lip tone.

The texture is really creamy and smooth.  It glides well unto lips filling in the lines making it look less chappy. Since this is  a milk tint, it moisturizes the lips more compared to those watery tints plus if you dislike wearing lipsticks, this can be a great alternative. Tint-type lippy doesn't give you the thick, sticky or balmy feeling.  When it dries down,  it gives the lips a feeling that nothing has been applied on them.  Nevertheless, you get the splash of color you want though it may not be as vivid as that of lipsticks.
Since this is not waterproof, you need to re-apply after sometime especially after snacks or meals but that doesn't bother me =).
For a more moisturized lips, you may opt to base your lips with any lip balm before application.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I love the simplicity of this product.  In a lazy day where you want a subtle color on your face, just stain your lips with this Fresh Cherry Tint and you are all set.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!


  1. I adore this tint from etude but it doesn't come with the color red. Pink and orange doesn't quite fit me. :\
    Nice review! :)


  2. The packaging is so cute! I expected a darker shade of pink based from the packaging though. I'm a new follower. I hope you could join my first thank you giveaway! :)

  3. Hi Iya, thanks for visiting! The Pk001 is darker based on the trial sachet that I've tried.
    Sure...followed you back and joined the giveaway. Hope to see you here again. =)

  4. Hi Elle thanks for droppin by... I guess a different line from Etude offers red tints. =)

  5. the shade is so cute!! loving it~ thanks for sharing ^_~

  6. This looks like an amazing color!!


  7. really want to see the swatch on your lips T.T