Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swatches / Review: The Body Shop Eye Colour #33 and Eye Colour Matte #01

Good evening ladies!!!

Thinking of going out tonight?  Well, a good music and a chilled cocktail is a well-deserved blow out after a long tiring week, isn't it?  But before all the partying, lemme first share some good find from The Body Shop that will keep your eyes noticed.  

I have been blunt about not being an eye shadow girl, even my friends perceived that.  I can work well with art pastels but I lack that blending skills when it comes to the eyes lol; the eyes are very delicate canvass that needs intricate techniques.  Maybe someday, when schedule permits and budget allows, I can as well join workshops.  So for the mean time,  I might as well share my musings, swatches and nippy review on these cool eye shadows.
BTW, I snicked these babies from my sister's purse (lol) along with other The Body Shop items which I'll be posting too soon.  But first let us talk about these two...Eye Colour #33 (light blue) and Eye Colour Matte #01 (light green).

The packaging is quite handy and sleek in a lift-top tiny round tub.  These two definitely have all the space inside a vanity kit.  They are adorably tiny with a content of 1.4g (0.04 oz).
First, The Body Shop Eye Colour in # 33.  (I took the photo outside to get a better lighting but again I'm sorry for the lack of photography skills, I just captured unecessary backgrounds lol).
The back part with the necessary basic information: codes, color and it's made in UK...  something unusual from my made in Korea stuff. =)
As for the color, with or without eye primers,  the light blue (#33) can be very vivid in just a single stroke.  You have to apply it lightly to avoid putting too much color on your eyelids and blend it well to get the pretty shimmery color.
The texture of this variant is velvety and smooth-y which makes it easy to play with using fingers, applicators or brushes.  
The swatches below, show the un-blended eye shadows.
two coats - so you can see the colors well
Swatches of blended eye shadows.  The blue one has pretty shimmers. =)
single coat - blended well
Second, The Body Shop Eye Colour Matte #01.  
Same important dets can be found at the back of the cute lift-top-round tub.
The eye colour #01 is somewhat light moldy green, super great for the hazy to smokey look.
The texture and feel is somewhat chalky or powdery which is expected of matte eye shadows. Nevertheless, particles don't fall off on your lashes when being applied.  It blends well with skin which I strongly love.
The color of #01 is not as vivid or as pigmented as the #33 but staying power is as great as the other color.  Both eye shadows do not cake or crease on my oily lids and I don't have to retouch the colors as well.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I occasionally wore eye shadows that's why I love the light and restrained colors.  I may be the type of woman who is loud around friends but my taste for colors have been very laid back.  I love both eye shadows but I'm favoring the #01 more over the blue one.  Well,  the #33 will definitely suit ladies whose personalities are really outgoing and aren't scared to play with colors.

So I guess that's it for tonight.  Enjoy your Saturday night!!!


  1. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaOctober 20, 2012 at 10:17 PM

    Such a great color! :) Thanks for this great review! :) Gonna try this one :)

    Btw, i'm a new follower! Hoping you'll check and follow my blog too :)

    And if you are looking for a cheaper acrylic cosmetic drawers, my blogpost might help you. :) Hope you'll read it ^_^

  2. I love how highly pigmented #33 is! :) I think it's something I would purchase soon. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for visiting!!! Hope to see you here again. Just checked your site and I just found ways to organize my make ups.
    Followed you back too. =)

  4. I love body shop! Those swatches I want to purchase! I'm using their body butter lotion and it's super effective :)

  5. Hi Patricia!!! Thanks for visiting!!! I'll try some of their body butter then. =) have a blessed Sunday =)

  6. It's always refreshing to read tips and reviews about cosmetics. You can't go wrong with The Body Shop. I love their make-up and shower gels. :)

    Found you in Bloggy Moms. Nice to know I have fellow Filipinos out there.

    Rose of "Grown-Ups For A Day!"

  7. Hi Rose, thanks! I hope to see you again here. I agree their shower gels are so lovable. Have a nice day!!!

  8. I, too prefer the #01 over the blue!! The color is just so pretty ^_~