Sunday, October 28, 2012

SM Accessories: Glamour and Chic Rings

The dewiness of Ilocos morning gives me the excitement of the forthcoming holidays. In mornings like these, I always contemplate on the many surprises life warmly offers and in these instances I often brainstorm on how to improve myself and gladly share them to the world.  
First, I am just an ordinary wifey who also fancy jewelries and accessories.  As much as possible I also want to look pleasing and fashionable hahaha, hey that is normal to all girls, ladies and women right?  Reality bites though that working moms like me always scrutinize  things they like to purchase with their hard earned money.  Good news then to all for SM Accessories have the most fashionable fabulous pieces at the most affordable prices!!!
This connector ring made my working hands chic right?  The sleek yet simple design adds  an instant touch of luxury to any lazy outfit.  Black is oh-so-beautiful and it can complement any color so this piece is definitely a safe accessory anytime. 
Pearls and diamonds are always feminine and timeless pieces.  Amongst all the jewels,  they are my favorites.  A simple white dress can be so grand in this very sophisticated ring.  I am already in dreamland, imagining myself in a vintage dress hahaha.
A picture of a hands-on mom's hand with visible traces of hardships and sacrifice is glamoured by such an uberly exquisite piece.  
I am no fashion expert here, but I hope my insights on how to perk up your fingers and hands are helpful.  SM Accessories is indeed the fashion authority in our country.  It offers the widest range of anything that suits your taste no matter what age.  Pieces were carefully crafted and picked to suit ones statement.

Visit and like  SM Accessories now and get informed on anything fab and latest.
Have a nice day to all!!!


  1. oooh, they look so glamorous and pretty ^_~

  2. Wow.... Pretty rings. :))

    xoxo, Riza of

  3. Hello there! Nice ring. I especially love the pearl one! And yeah, you're right, it goes perfectly well with a nice, simple dress with some lace details in it. :) Very classy and timeless, right? :)

    Oh well. I'm Rhia BTW and only yesterday, I decided to make my very own book blog. So yeah, I'm a first time blogger. If you have the time, I hope you can visit my blog. Here's my url:

    Thanks in Advance!

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  4. Hi rhia thanks for visiting... :) i have read your first book review. Keep it up and enjoy blogging. :)