Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: It's Skin Hello Friends Pore Concealer

Hello Thursday!!!

Life has been warm because I have my loving family and friends and life has been utterly exciting because I have my KWAVE world =).  This enthusiasm led me in discovering great products worth sharing. So for tonight's post will be another It's Skin must have...the Hello Friends Pore Concealer.
Product Description
"It's Skin Hello Friends Pore Concealer" is a dermatologist tested primer that perfectly covers pores, smoothly evens out fine lines, and controls sebum for a flawless  and radiant finish.

Main Ingredients and their benefits:
Hyaluronic Acid 
     -enhances skin color and feel
     -hydrates the skin
Skin Elastomer (Silicone)
     -gives a dry, powdery, smooth and silky feel
     -it absorbs sebum
Maximowiczia typica (Omija in Korean)
     -it balances the skin moisture
     -it fills up uneven skin surface
     -it controls sebum while keeping the skin radiant

Content: 12ml
Price:  PhP385.00 (sale price at Korean Cosmetics for Less aka Kkochipida) 
Availability:  can be ordered online 
This line has been endorsed by one of my top love in KPOP, the beastly yet very adorable Nichkhun of 2PM who has been known not only for his nice physique but for his princely look.
Below: The back part of the pack which is mainly in Korean.  I cannot find any English description of this line.  
From what I understand this line has been re-branded as the Hello Dr. collection which is also endorsed by Nichkhun (Though mine was manufactured 2011...please correct me if I muddled up on this matter).
Credits: GangKhun.Com 
The packaging can compete with other brands when it comes to showcasing kawaii-ness.  I love this tiny squeeze-it-type-opaque-peach-tube color, talking about cuteness and functionality.
The tube is designed with a tiny nozzle in order to dole out an adequate and controlled amount of the primer.
The primer looks thick and creamy lotion-like substance but it actually feels very light, velvety and smooth on skin.  It has a very faint peachy tint which does not affect the translucency of the product. Aside from the tint, it is also deliciously scented in a burst of sweet ripe peaches which reminds me of my favorite peach tea drink =).

I swatch-ed it on my hand so you can further see its texture and consistency.
The blended primer made my hand look radiant especially when the sunlight hit the surface that I have applied it on.  It looked softer and supple.
A closer is very sheer and moisturized which makes  the skin a smooth canvass for any liquid foundie or bb. It preps the skin excellently.  (Imagine a dry and flaky skin plus bb cream when not properly moisturized...awful thick matte-look that cakes up when you oil up).  
This primer will indeed plump the skin up in a manner that looks luminous/incandescent.  I agree that a healthy glow is better than a super flat matte make up (so passe as described by some). 
I appreciate the oil control, it helped extend my make up without making me look muddy and greasy.  

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I also have visible pores on my t-zone and  slightly obvious pores on the cheek area, that's why I also want something to conceal if not to minimize these imperfections.

I love this because...
  • it is affordable
  • it smells deliciously good
  • it does not break me out - no additional zits
  • natural plumped up coverage - healthy shine
  • it evens out the skin - keeps it ready for the foundie routine
  • it feels velvety on skin
  • it keeps the skin feeling hydrated - but not oily
  • it felt so light on skin
  • comparable to Benefit that gal =) - more affordable alternative
  • handy and cute packaging
  • oil control
  • It minimizes the visibility of pores but does not totally conceal it.
  • i find it hard to remove though - be sure to remove it totally before bedtime
  • this brand is not sold locally but you can pre-order it online (Korean Cosmetics for less)
Till here ladies!!! Good night!!! =)


  1. Hi! (^v^)~

    Thank you very much for this review, is very well done!
    I was so excited while i read it and almost idone putting n my wishlist until you said it does not conceal completely the pores T~T
    Thank you again for this so cute review, i hope you are all right!(^ω^)
    bye bye!;3

  2. Thank you sweetie... hope you are well too. =)
    it helps minimize though, a foundie will totally conceal them =)

  3. thanks for the review!!^_~I've been searching of a nice primer and this seems pretty nice. I hope there isn't any silicone on the ingredients as my skin tends to breakout on silicone.

  4. Hi Janet, I believe this has skin elastomer though.