Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Etude House Skin (Mal:gem) Emulsion All in One

Hello holiday!!!

It is such a great day to do something relaxing and worthwhile.  I tuned in to Star Movies this morning and Sweet Flicks, Romeo and Juliet, was shown.  I am supposed to post a review but I just can't proceed coz this movie is taking my attention.  It reminded me of my sweetest high school days when I first watched it.  I so love Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Danes, my favorites before my Korean madness.  Hehehe seeing it again and hearing the soundtrack once more is like travelling way back giving me the chills of a teen in love lol.  

Enough of my personal rants! I am going to share about my favorite moisturizer...Etude House Skin (Mal:gem) Emulsion All In One.
Product Description
Etude House Skin Mal-gem is an all-in-one (moisturizer + essence + cream) hypoallergenic emulsion which promotes clean, clear and pure complexion with superb moisturizing and pore minimizing formula.  This best complements any skin type. 

The word Mal-gem (pronounced as malgeum) is kinda interesting right?  It is actually a Korean word for cleanliness, clarity and pureness.  It may sound peculiar to foreign customers but this product is made in Korea so I guess that explains well why it was named that way =).

You may check the list of ingredients below for your reference:
Price: PhP678.00 (approximately USD15.00)
Volume: 200 ml (6.76 fl.oz.)
Availability:  all Etude House branches and counters
I have been using this since August (haul) with my holy grail Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner.  I must say I am seriously pleased at how it improved my skin texture and condition.   I have a super oily skin type and previously I have not used any moisturizer religiously.  I'd just go to bed after cleansing and toning which made my skin oilier and more prone to break outs.  I have noticed that while I try to keep my skin dry (totally wrong), the more it produced the nasty sebum.  
So, I decided to do a research and I learned that a well-hydrated or moisturized skin will tend to produce lesser sebum because its ability to retain  and balance moisture is improved.  Though I have tried a few, I still decided to look for something light and gentle.  Since I was present during the Etude House Pink Fair 2012 wherein this line was hyped,  I decided to go for this emulsion.  BTW, I maybe a teen no more but I have not outgrown the sensitivity stage.  I still break out once in a while that's why I still opt for mild skincare.
This emulsion is more weightless than a cream but thicker than a watery solution.  Though the skin takes time to totally absorb it,  it gives a light and non-greasy feeling. It also got a tender but mild lavender-ish scent which I find very calming especially at bed time.
This is how it looks after a small amount is spread all over.  It is moist and looks water-like.
I have pictures of me below, focusing on areas with visible pores hehehe.  Please excuse the icky nose part... I am not a fan of facials (I have a very low tolerance for pain and honestly I have tried it only once in my life time).
Pictures below show after a almost two months of religiously applying it after my usual routine which includes cleansing and toning.
I must say results have been gradual but still favorable.  It may not have totally solved the problem with pore visibility in a zap, but it nevertheless minimized the visibility hehehe.   A constant usage of this emulsion improved my skin's ability to retain and balance its moisture making it less oilier.  I still oil up though but not as bad as before.  Aside from that, the texture and complexion also got better.  I find it more supple, plumped up and the traces of acne have fairly faded.

Packaging wise,  it comes in a fragile-looking plastic see-through bottle with twist-it cap to prevent the emulsion from spilling.  There is nothing posh about the packaging, it is more of practicality and convenience.

As for acne control,  present zits were not irritated and no new ones emerged, except on PMS days when my raging hormones are beyond my control and so I still get one or two on my jawline.

Details of application:
I use it twice a day:
1.  mornings before I put any make up (after cleansing and toning)
2.  and before bedtime after my usual skin care routine which includes removing make up with cleansing oil, cleansing my face with favorite facial wash and toning.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I came to realize how important emulsifying is.  It is something not to be skipped no matter what type of skin you have. Always remember that a well-moisturized skin tends to oil up lesser and when oil is lesser the probability of break out is lesser too.

So that's it for today!!! Enjoy your vacation ladies!!!


  1. I wanna try this product! But I just got my self their Aloe Moistfull lotion first. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Hi Elle, I'm almost done with this emulsion (50%) and I'm eyeing their Aloe Moistfull lotion too. I'll wait for your review. Thanks for dropping by. =)

  3. Ooh? Hahaha

    I'll be posting it soon. :)

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  4. I mean ive seen good reviews and i wanna try it too, but it will be months pa before i could finish the 50% left. :)

  5. super agree that emulsion is really important! I don't use emulsion before but the moment I add it on my skincare it really helps keep my skin do better ^_~

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  7. hi, i bought the skin malgem emulsion, but it is not convenient when using it, i tend to pour out too much, is that any advice when using.Can u advice how to use the toner as well.

  8. Hi! I'm Rose. I'm looking for reviews about this produxt because I want to include emulsion in my new skincare routine. I have acne-prone, combination skin so I think it's important to have a good skincare routine. What will you recommend from etude? From daily cleanser, toner and moisturizer but I want to use collagen cream. Thank you