Monday, October 8, 2012

Parenting: Battling Dengue Fever

Hi ladies!!! 

It's been a while since the last time I dropped something here.  Well, the previous four days had been very very toxic and heartbreaking.  You won't be expecting kpop or make up related post tonight, instead I will be sharing my experience on this most feared disease, Dengue fever.  Being a mom, I feel obliged to share my experience, hoping that it will help other families in battling with this disease.

Last October 4, 2012 (Thursday) at 3 in the morning, I was awakened by my agitated baby, he's 7 turning 8 this 18th actually.  He complained having a very dry painful throat and badly wanted to drink water.  So, I immediately got up to serve his request and to relieve him from the discomfort.  Since, moments like these were unusual,  I checked / felt / touched his forehead and thought that he was somewhat hotter that the usual body temperature.  Honestly, I suck at this part, frequently my sense of touch deceives me that's why I always have a thermometer within reach.  I did check and he has a slight fever, 37.5 degrees celcius to be exact.  Aside from that, I observed that he has breathing difficulties (signs of palpitations and increased breathing) which I suspected as another asthma attack.  So, I woke up hubby and asked him to go to the nearest drug store to buy some nebules.  I gave  him a dose of paracetamol and a dose of nebules (basing it from his pedia's previous prescriptions).  

On the same morning,  I instructed my mom to give him same paracetamol every 4 hours and the nebules every 6 hours while I get myself geared up for work.  By almost 12 noon, while I was preoccupied at work, I got a text from my mom that my son is having a high fever and he complained feeling chilly and that his body and eyes hurt.  I hurriedly filed an emergency leave and went home asap to check on him.  I gave him the usual cold bath to help lower his body temperature and have him drank gatorade.  We continued the paracetamol every 4 hours but it didn't help him.  His temperature rose to 39 - 40 degrees celcius and only went down to 38 when the paracetamol kicked in. I tried to bring him to his pedia's clinic but it was already closed (already 5pm I guess).  Honestly,  I failed to bring him to the nearest hospital since I'm feeling more confident with his pedia.  I spent the whole night sponge bathing him with ice water to help lower the temperature plus a suppository paracetamol to aid in lowering his body temperature.

October 5, 2012,  I asked my mom to bring him to the pedia for a check up since I and hubby went to the office again.  Before lunch time, I got a text from my mom asking me to come see them since my son is up for laboratory tests.  He had his urine and blood examined and the waiting felt like eternity.  When the result came,  I was shocked that his platelet count already dropped to 73 (normal range is 150-450).  I felt numb and guilty for not having him checked on the first day he had fever.  It was only his second day and the platelet is way way below normal.  Immediately,  hubby (who came asap after I texted him) and I signed all the necessary forms for his confinement and treatment.  It broke my heart, my mom's heart especially...having been in this situation again.  The family suffered a painful loss way back 1985 when my younger sister died on same disease.

The whole day, was quite stressful for me.  I felt every inch of his pain with the series of testings.  I have a very low tolerance for pain and thankfully he got his strength from his father.  He hardly cried during all the blood examinations.  That gave me an assurance to compose myself in front of him and be a strong mom whom he terribly needed.  

We did every necessary precautions, starting from medicines, monitoring, diet, liquid / water intake and urination (every thing was measured).  His vital signs were thoroughly supervised (every 2 hours to be exact).  I am thankful to the nurses who took all the effort and essential care my son needed and most especially to his doctors who supervised every inch of his condition.  I felt very secured.  His first day of treatment showed a positive improvement, his platelet count rose to 98.  Though physically,  he was somewhat glum-y and feeble.  He just slept most of that day which kept me worried but everybody assured me that he needed all the rest too.

The following days showed significant improvement including his mood, appetite and most especially his platelet count.  It was such a heart warming sight seeing him in his cheery self again.  I admire my boy's incredible strength to fight this off at a young age.  I remember him drinking from time to time counting every tumbler from the day he was admitted.  I admire his discipline having to ask for water every time he urinated.  Hubby taught him so well and I hope that he'd continue  this way.

As to moms like me,  now a days, a slight fever can't be "sinat sinat lang".  It is the safest to consult the physician asap even when a single symptom persisted.  I don't know what could have been our fate if I waited for weekend to come for his pedia visit...everything could have been worst.

My boy was officially cleared out today, October 8, 2012, our 8th wedding anniversary.  Hubby and I might not have had the chance to celebrate it, the fact that my baby recovered significantly is worth more than a party.  
one morning at the lying-in clinic
Thanks to the unending support of my family and my in-laws,  the prayers from friends and all who showed their love for my only boy.

Good night peeps!!!


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