Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Love Never Dies...Lee Min Ho is Coming to Town

Hello ladies!!!

Lee Min Ho  is coming to visit the country to meet all his fans this November 16, 2012.  Block your calendars okay?  Thanks to Bench for bringing him here!!!   I am all keyed up to see him in person. In the first place he fired up my Korean madness way back Boys Over Flower days (my first love actually <just kiddin'> - as the saying goes it never dies).
Credits: MinozPILIPINAS
Here is a copy of the official announcement from Bench.
Credits: Bench/lifestyle + clothing official facebook 
At last, billboards of him are rising all over (this week I guess)... confirming the teaser t-shirt is indeed Lee Min Ho's endorsement =). Please see my previous post here on my purchase encounter prior to official release.
Credits: daymitsleeminho (UP MANILA)
Credits: City Hunter Philippines
See you all... =)


  1. Gosh!!! Dream come true!!!! I'm so kilig sagad to the bones! :">