Friday, October 19, 2012

Feature: Unbox your own beauty with BDJ Box

Good morning ladies!!!

I got this email update from BDJ as a member and I am just happy to share their new gift to all Bellas out there.  

I am pretty excited...I just signed up so I can experience what's in the BDJ box!!! 

Enjoy the rest of the day ladies!!!
credits: BDJ Newsletter


  1. wow... i never knew you were also a bella until now. :) i'm also one. yey. i'm also excited for the bdj box. i've already signed up. looking forward to more reviews...

    xoxo, Riza of

  2. =) had my first planner early this year lang sis, so I grabbed the chance to be a bella too. =) Thanks for visiting.

  3. found you on bloggy moms, now following:)

  4. thanks for visiting... followed you back =)