Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SM Accessories: Unveiling Soon...11/16/12 Part 2

Hey guys!!!  Guess who's this super gorgeous lad joining the stylistas' clan?  SM Accessories,  the only fashion authority in the country brings you only the finest.  Find out soon as they unveil their super fabulous creations and freshest ambassadors!!! 
Mark your calendars this November 16, 2012 okay?

Visit and like SM Accessories now and be informed on how to attain his looks plus a chance to be one of the twelve lucky guys who'll bring home premium leather collections.  Keep sharing and keep the likes coming!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Haul: Human Nature, The Beauty of Healthy Living

Hi ladies!!!

I am very much enjoying my series of rest days and vacation leaves; talking of over-sleeping, kulitan-overload with my boy and housekeeping-bonding with my omma.  I have been workin' my butt off consecutively and  a serene moment at home is all I ever desired.  Hence, before I resume to work tomorrow,  I'll just drop a quick post of my recent Human Nature haul.  I'd like to thank friends who introduced me to this brand...I'm hooked and you'll soon expect strings of rants hehehe.
Ladies, here we go!!!  Topping my list is Human Nature's most raved Miracle Care, the 100% natural Sunflower beauty Oil.  It does 20 wonders to the human body which include:
(source: HM brochure)
  1. softens and lightens underarm 
  2. lightens dark under eye circles 
  3. lightens dark spots and pimple marks
  4. under eye moisturizer
  5. prevents and diminishes the appearance of stretch marks
  6. softens feet soles, knees and elbows
  7. removes stubborn make up
  8. overall body moisturizer
  9. moisturizes dry hair ends
  10. softens the cuticles
  11. de-frizzes hair
  12. adds shine to dull hair
  13. relieves itching and inflammation caused by insect bites
  14. nourishes and conditions eye lashes
  15. lighten dark lips
  16. soothes skin after shaving
  17. relieves itchy scalp
  18. soothes skin damage by sunburn
  19. smoothens skin from shaving
  20. helps soothe rashes
Content:  100ml for PhP249.75 (approximately USD5.00)
               50ml for PhP129.75 (approximately USD3.00)
My second favorite would be the Sunflower Cleansing Oil.  I wear make up almost everyday and so I always try to get them off my face thoroughly by the end of the day.  A good and effective cleansing oil costs fortune, thus discovering this product saves a lot. Bye bye to stubborn waterproof eyeliners and bb creams hello to bare clean skin.

Content: 200ml for PhP350.00 (approximately USD8.00) - depends on existing promo though.
My third is the Balancing Face Toner with Elemi and Orange for oily or combination skin.  I am always in the quest for quality products that will somehow cease my skin worries.  This one is fairly priced and promises a lot.  I hope my skin will love it =).

Content: 100ml for PhP109.75 (approximately USD2.00)
              200ml for PhP184.75 (approximately USD4.00)
Fourth is the Balancing Facial Wash with Elemi and Orange.  Still, I am hoping it will help solve my oiliness concern and will somewhat halt the zit production  lol. 

Content: 50ml for PhP84.75 (approximately USD2.00)
             200 ml for PhP199.75 (approximately USD4.00)
Fifth would be the Hydrating Facial Wash with Moringa and Aloe Vera.  Of course, I can never forget to get something for my loving Omma.  For her aged dry skin,  I always opt for a natural and non-drying facial wash.  

Content: 50ml for PhP84.75 (approximately USD2.00)
             200ml for 199.75 (approximately USD4.00)
 Lastly, I got the 100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub which my mom and I use two to three times a week only. WE need to exfoliate once in a while so scrubs are a must at home.

Content: 50ml for PhP104.75 (approximately USD2.00)
I am so addicted I actually decided to be a local dealer.  If you're interested to sign up or avail their products, please feel free to contact this blog.

Please do watch out for my upcoming reviews and BTW if you've tried their products tell me about it okay?  Your insights will be helpful too.

Have a happy Monday!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

SM Accessories: Glamour and Chic Rings

The dewiness of Ilocos morning gives me the excitement of the forthcoming holidays. In mornings like these, I always contemplate on the many surprises life warmly offers and in these instances I often brainstorm on how to improve myself and gladly share them to the world.  
First, I am just an ordinary wifey who also fancy jewelries and accessories.  As much as possible I also want to look pleasing and fashionable hahaha, hey that is normal to all girls, ladies and women right?  Reality bites though that working moms like me always scrutinize  things they like to purchase with their hard earned money.  Good news then to all for SM Accessories have the most fashionable fabulous pieces at the most affordable prices!!!
This connector ring made my working hands chic right?  The sleek yet simple design adds  an instant touch of luxury to any lazy outfit.  Black is oh-so-beautiful and it can complement any color so this piece is definitely a safe accessory anytime. 
Pearls and diamonds are always feminine and timeless pieces.  Amongst all the jewels,  they are my favorites.  A simple white dress can be so grand in this very sophisticated ring.  I am already in dreamland, imagining myself in a vintage dress hahaha.
A picture of a hands-on mom's hand with visible traces of hardships and sacrifice is glamoured by such an uberly exquisite piece.  
I am no fashion expert here, but I hope my insights on how to perk up your fingers and hands are helpful.  SM Accessories is indeed the fashion authority in our country.  It offers the widest range of anything that suits your taste no matter what age.  Pieces were carefully crafted and picked to suit ones statement.

Visit and like  SM Accessories now and get informed on anything fab and latest.
Have a nice day to all!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Etude House Skin (Mal:gem) Emulsion All in One

Hello holiday!!!

It is such a great day to do something relaxing and worthwhile.  I tuned in to Star Movies this morning and Sweet Flicks, Romeo and Juliet, was shown.  I am supposed to post a review but I just can't proceed coz this movie is taking my attention.  It reminded me of my sweetest high school days when I first watched it.  I so love Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Danes, my favorites before my Korean madness.  Hehehe seeing it again and hearing the soundtrack once more is like travelling way back giving me the chills of a teen in love lol.  

Enough of my personal rants! I am going to share about my favorite moisturizer...Etude House Skin (Mal:gem) Emulsion All In One.
Product Description
Etude House Skin Mal-gem is an all-in-one (moisturizer + essence + cream) hypoallergenic emulsion which promotes clean, clear and pure complexion with superb moisturizing and pore minimizing formula.  This best complements any skin type. 

The word Mal-gem (pronounced as malgeum) is kinda interesting right?  It is actually a Korean word for cleanliness, clarity and pureness.  It may sound peculiar to foreign customers but this product is made in Korea so I guess that explains well why it was named that way =).

You may check the list of ingredients below for your reference:
Price: PhP678.00 (approximately USD15.00)
Volume: 200 ml (6.76 fl.oz.)
Availability:  all Etude House branches and counters
I have been using this since August (haul) with my holy grail Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner.  I must say I am seriously pleased at how it improved my skin texture and condition.   I have a super oily skin type and previously I have not used any moisturizer religiously.  I'd just go to bed after cleansing and toning which made my skin oilier and more prone to break outs.  I have noticed that while I try to keep my skin dry (totally wrong), the more it produced the nasty sebum.  
So, I decided to do a research and I learned that a well-hydrated or moisturized skin will tend to produce lesser sebum because its ability to retain  and balance moisture is improved.  Though I have tried a few, I still decided to look for something light and gentle.  Since I was present during the Etude House Pink Fair 2012 wherein this line was hyped,  I decided to go for this emulsion.  BTW, I maybe a teen no more but I have not outgrown the sensitivity stage.  I still break out once in a while that's why I still opt for mild skincare.
This emulsion is more weightless than a cream but thicker than a watery solution.  Though the skin takes time to totally absorb it,  it gives a light and non-greasy feeling. It also got a tender but mild lavender-ish scent which I find very calming especially at bed time.
This is how it looks after a small amount is spread all over.  It is moist and looks water-like.
I have pictures of me below, focusing on areas with visible pores hehehe.  Please excuse the icky nose part... I am not a fan of facials (I have a very low tolerance for pain and honestly I have tried it only once in my life time).
Pictures below show after a almost two months of religiously applying it after my usual routine which includes cleansing and toning.
I must say results have been gradual but still favorable.  It may not have totally solved the problem with pore visibility in a zap, but it nevertheless minimized the visibility hehehe.   A constant usage of this emulsion improved my skin's ability to retain and balance its moisture making it less oilier.  I still oil up though but not as bad as before.  Aside from that, the texture and complexion also got better.  I find it more supple, plumped up and the traces of acne have fairly faded.

Packaging wise,  it comes in a fragile-looking plastic see-through bottle with twist-it cap to prevent the emulsion from spilling.  There is nothing posh about the packaging, it is more of practicality and convenience.

As for acne control,  present zits were not irritated and no new ones emerged, except on PMS days when my raging hormones are beyond my control and so I still get one or two on my jawline.

Details of application:
I use it twice a day:
1.  mornings before I put any make up (after cleansing and toning)
2.  and before bedtime after my usual skin care routine which includes removing make up with cleansing oil, cleansing my face with favorite facial wash and toning.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I came to realize how important emulsifying is.  It is something not to be skipped no matter what type of skin you have. Always remember that a well-moisturized skin tends to oil up lesser and when oil is lesser the probability of break out is lesser too.

So that's it for today!!! Enjoy your vacation ladies!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Zalora Picks: Keep Fresh and Clean

 Hey ladies!!!

Flaunt your gorgeous skin and be noticed with these cool finds from Zalora Beauty.

V&M Naturals Mineral Foundation Fair Clair
Price: PhP425.00 (approximately USD9.00)
Content: 20g
This mineral foundation will suit ladies best with sensitive skin.  So, pat a bit of this and get that natural translucent finish without worrying yourself from getting those hasty blemishes. 
Bare Naturals Dollface Cheenee Blusher
Price: PhP200.00 (approximately USD4.00)
Content: 2.5g
Keep your lazy day lively by adding a tinge of pretty baby pink blush on your chubby cheeks.  A natural flush plus genuine smile is equal  to GOOD day!!!
Virginia Olsen Stardust 
Price: PhP150.00 (approximately USD3.00)
Content: 1g
Your eyes say it all, base your eyelids with this Stardust eye shadow to create many looks or simply swipe a bit to keep them bright and awake-looking.
Hash Polkadot 5pc Brush Set
Price: PhP249.00
 Retouch anywhere with these adorable yet affordable travel brush set and maintain that clean fresh look all the time.  

 Elite Cosmetics French Set of Three
Price: PhP440.00 (approximately USD9.00)
Content: 8ml / 28 fl oz. each
Base Coat and Top Coat, Luxe White Laquer No.30 and Luxe laquer Tender Rose  No.8

A lady is never a lady without those clean and well-groomed nails.  Keep your fingers lovely with this minimalist choice!!!
So that's Frozen Blossoms' top picks for today.  Tell me about yours okay?  Visit Zalora beauty now and enjoy reasonable prices from trust-worthy brands!!!
Don't Forget to add my discount coupon and enjoy another 5% off from your total purchases upon check out!!!
Photo Credits: Zalora Beauty

Enjoy your shopping ladies!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SM Accessories, Unveiling SOON...11/16/12

Hey ladies!!! You better mark your calendars because SM Accessories, the only Fashion Accessories  Authority in the country, is unveiling its newest collections and ambassadors this November 16, 2012.  Can you guess who is this IT girl joining the clan of stylish icons?

Learn more of her style and get a chance to win up to PhP100,000.00 by sharing this video.  For full mechanics, visit SM Accessories, hit the like button, and start sharing the good news to everyone!!!
SM Accessories

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Swatches / Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint PK002

Hello Sunday!!!

Simple presents from husby warms my heart each time.  Beyond doubt, he knows what tickles my fancy when it comes to make ups and cosmetics, talking about appeasement lol.    He got me this adorable Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002 when he went to Baguio for the Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon Regional Conference.  I like that he never felt any discomfort going to make up shops and counters to get me anything =).
Product Description
The new Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint aims to promote lusciously smooth, moist-full and glossy cherry lips.  

Available in new colors:
OR201 - Cherry Peach
PK001 - Cherry Pink
PK002 - Cherry Hot Pink

Net Weight: 9 g. (0.31 oz.)
Price: PhP348.00 (around USD8.00)
Availability:  All Etude House shops and counters (Mine was purchased at Etude House SM Baguio City Branch)
This collection has been revamped with a more up-to-date dainty and very feminine packaging.  I have already shared my rants on the older Fresh Cherry Tints which I have posted here.  
Packaging wise,  I have always adored anything pink.  It's a fancy I will never grow tired off no matter how much I will age lol.  The reason maybe is that, I grew up with all the Barbie stuff and Cinderella dresses my granny and mom bestowed me. 
The opaque bottle is very lady-like and and oh-so-pretty despite that it may be mistaken as a nail polish bottle.   
Husby chose the shade Cherry Hot Pink (PK002) for me.  This shade is the less pink-ier I think which goes well if your fair-skinned, so I am pretty impressed and satisfied with his taste. Good job babe!!!
The applicator is soft and picks up the tint well.  It is just the right size and the wand has the right length to make application effortless and effective.
It is made of a high-quality and very soft material which can be washed or cleansed for hygienic purposes.
I always save the best for last...so let's get started with the tint itself.  The package's color may look striking and loud pink but the tint itself is in baby-ish pink.  The color is strongly loved for I am a fan of natural-almost-not-there-look. It is just the right shade of pink that can be worn anytime on casual days.  Be mindful though that color may vary once applied depending on your innate lip tone.

The texture is really creamy and smooth.  It glides well unto lips filling in the lines making it look less chappy. Since this is  a milk tint, it moisturizes the lips more compared to those watery tints plus if you dislike wearing lipsticks, this can be a great alternative. Tint-type lippy doesn't give you the thick, sticky or balmy feeling.  When it dries down,  it gives the lips a feeling that nothing has been applied on them.  Nevertheless, you get the splash of color you want though it may not be as vivid as that of lipsticks.
Since this is not waterproof, you need to re-apply after sometime especially after snacks or meals but that doesn't bother me =).
For a more moisturized lips, you may opt to base your lips with any lip balm before application.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I love the simplicity of this product.  In a lazy day where you want a subtle color on your face, just stain your lips with this Fresh Cherry Tint and you are all set.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swatches / Review: The Body Shop Eye Colour #33 and Eye Colour Matte #01

Good evening ladies!!!

Thinking of going out tonight?  Well, a good music and a chilled cocktail is a well-deserved blow out after a long tiring week, isn't it?  But before all the partying, lemme first share some good find from The Body Shop that will keep your eyes noticed.  

I have been blunt about not being an eye shadow girl, even my friends perceived that.  I can work well with art pastels but I lack that blending skills when it comes to the eyes lol; the eyes are very delicate canvass that needs intricate techniques.  Maybe someday, when schedule permits and budget allows, I can as well join workshops.  So for the mean time,  I might as well share my musings, swatches and nippy review on these cool eye shadows.
BTW, I snicked these babies from my sister's purse (lol) along with other The Body Shop items which I'll be posting too soon.  But first let us talk about these two...Eye Colour #33 (light blue) and Eye Colour Matte #01 (light green).

The packaging is quite handy and sleek in a lift-top tiny round tub.  These two definitely have all the space inside a vanity kit.  They are adorably tiny with a content of 1.4g (0.04 oz).
First, The Body Shop Eye Colour in # 33.  (I took the photo outside to get a better lighting but again I'm sorry for the lack of photography skills, I just captured unecessary backgrounds lol).
The back part with the necessary basic information: codes, color and it's made in UK...  something unusual from my made in Korea stuff. =)
As for the color, with or without eye primers,  the light blue (#33) can be very vivid in just a single stroke.  You have to apply it lightly to avoid putting too much color on your eyelids and blend it well to get the pretty shimmery color.
The texture of this variant is velvety and smooth-y which makes it easy to play with using fingers, applicators or brushes.  
The swatches below, show the un-blended eye shadows.
two coats - so you can see the colors well
Swatches of blended eye shadows.  The blue one has pretty shimmers. =)
single coat - blended well
Second, The Body Shop Eye Colour Matte #01.  
Same important dets can be found at the back of the cute lift-top-round tub.
The eye colour #01 is somewhat light moldy green, super great for the hazy to smokey look.
The texture and feel is somewhat chalky or powdery which is expected of matte eye shadows. Nevertheless, particles don't fall off on your lashes when being applied.  It blends well with skin which I strongly love.
The color of #01 is not as vivid or as pigmented as the #33 but staying power is as great as the other color.  Both eye shadows do not cake or crease on my oily lids and I don't have to retouch the colors as well.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I occasionally wore eye shadows that's why I love the light and restrained colors.  I may be the type of woman who is loud around friends but my taste for colors have been very laid back.  I love both eye shadows but I'm favoring the #01 more over the blue one.  Well,  the #33 will definitely suit ladies whose personalities are really outgoing and aren't scared to play with colors.

So I guess that's it for tonight.  Enjoy your Saturday night!!!