Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swatches / Review: Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow

Good evening ladies!!!

It's been a while since the last time I posted my musings on make ups right?  My nights have been relatively occupied by We Got Married Season 2 marathon, specifically my favorite couple, Nichkhun of 2PM and Victoria of FX who were widely known as the KHUNTORIA couple.  So tonight, before I slumber, I just want to share my swatches and a brief review of my favorite Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow.
This has been sitting on my stash for quite some time along with a set given by my in-laws from California (Thank you Tita Cora).  Honestly, apart from my enthusiasm for Korean cosmetics, I have quite handful of good western brands hiding in my dresser (hehehe mostly gifts from overseas coz I can't really afford them).
Lancome's signature packaging comes in sleek sophisticated black compact with gold details.  I find it very hign end-ish =).  
My apologies for the worn out compact, this one got stocked in my chaotic make up bag (ommo so embarrassing).
Although this blog is dedicated to my KPOP / HALLYU addiction,  I post anything beauty related in between.  Lancome has been a favorite brand of mine even before discovering the more affordable Asian cosmetics.  Though, price might be a little impractical here in the Philippines, I think it is a good investment too since the brand offers excellent quality products.  

This eye shadow is a part of Lancome Color Design collection. It is a mini palette that contains seven shades in earth-y neutral tones ranging from shimmery to matte variants.  I am a fan of not too daring eye shadows.  I find my eyes kinda enormous, that's why I always opt to keep it laid back and very casual.  This palette contains subtle choices ideal for both day and night time.

The eye shadow feels satiny on eye lids.  It doesn't cake on me despite how oily my lids can get.  Though it is the powder type,  it blends well on skin.  I am no make up pro and my eye make up skill is 3 (university standard grading threshold) but I find it proper on my huge eyes hahaha... satisfied enough to perk it up.
Below are my labeled swatches for your appreciation.  This palette contains 7 shades as previously stated above which are:
  1. Honeymoon (sheen)
  2. Drape (sheen)
  3. Gaze (shimmer)
  4. Pose (metallic)
  5. Mochaccino (matte)
  6. Lezard (matte)
  7. Statusque (intense)
The Pose shade is the most pigmented among the seven shades.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
This eye shadow palette will be adored by ladies who like warm and subtle shades.  You can play a lot with it ranging from barely there eye make up style to smoky eye types.  The sheen shades (honeymoon and drape) and shimmer (daze) can be used as highlighters while matte colors can be used to soften eye liners or tint the eyebrows...indeed very versatile.
The only thing I'd prolly' dislike is the fact that it is really expensive in my country and it is not usually sold individually.

So that's it...good night!!!

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  1. I'm so glad I found this! I've been using my palette off and on for years and I am almost out of the soft brown (my favorite!!!) and it's so old it no longer has the sticker beneath the compact with the names of the colors... in a mad dash to find out if it is sold individually or find the closest dupe if not I really needed to know the name of the color. And I found it! On your blog! Thank you so much :)