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Review: TheFaceShop Face It Extreme Mascara EX Dual Perfect

Hello Sunday!!!

Most Asians are innately born with short and thin eye lashes, in fact I am one of those ladies who share the same concern.  So, before I get a few 'z's,  I'll share my must have from TheFaceShop...the Face It Extreme Mascara EX Dual Perfect. 
This travel size mascara is a part of the Power Perfection Make Up Kit which I purchased during the Red Dot event here in Ilocos.  
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To give you an overview, the kit includes travel sizes from the line which are: 
Face It Extreme Mascara EX Dual Perfect - 4.5 g
Face It White Lip and Eye Make Up Remover Waterproof - 20 ml
Face It All About Lipstick PK103 - 1.5g

Price:  PhP500.00 (the kit's price may vary)
The retail size of this mascara is 5g * 5.5g.  It actually contains a two step formula...the Perfecting Primer and the Perfecting Volumer but I will just be musing on the volumer alone since the travel size does not include the primer. =)

The formula is sort of wet and thick.  I like my mascara this way since I can fully coat my extremely almost none eye lashes lol.  On one hand, I find difficulty with mascaras in dry formula coz I find no significant improvement with my lashes no matter how many coats I apply.  On the second hand, with wet formulas a lot of extra precaution is needed as you wait it dry to avoid smudging and messing up the upper and lower lids when you accidentally bat your dries pretty quick though. You'll just have to stand it for like few seconds =).

The staying power is much much adored.  I don't get trouble retouching / re-applying within the day.  It doesn't smudge (once dried) either, just don't rub the eyes of course.

Finally,  it does not irritate my eyes.  Some mascaras make them really itchy and teary.  
The wand is regularly shaped like any other spooler which is super easy to work with.  I have those mascaras with enormous applicator and honestly I get a lot of trouble working with it because it keeps on touching my eye lids.  This tiny applicator can reach the corners and  the lower lashes without getting in contact with my skin. =)
Below is a picture of my bare eye.  As you can see, I have a super thin and really short eye lashes hehehe (please don't mind the eye brow that's another dilemma aigoo).
The picture below shows how the Extreme Mascara improved the length and the volume in just one coat.  The lower lashes were not made as I do not really apply my mascara there (makes my eye really big that's why I usually skip it).
wait for it to dry a bit - to avoid messin  (like the corners, my hands are really shaky aigoo)
The last picture shows the eye lashes in double coating.  I think two much of this mascara will make it clumpy though.  If you want more volume, you can just brush to untangle them.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
It has always been difficult to apply falsies.  I have attempted but failed many times hahaha.  I don't have the luxury of going to salons for eyelash extensions for reasons of time and costs, so I always rely on mascaras alone.

I love this because:
  • it is easy to apply
  • it improves the length and volume of my eyelashes
  • it dries up pretty quick 
  • staying power is much appreciated - the color does not fall on my lower lids within the whole day
  • it does not irritate my eyes 
  • it is sold locally
The thing I dislike would be:
  • don't flutter the lashes while it is still wet or you'll end up smudging your eye make up
  • it can get clumpy when too much is applied
So I guess that's it for today. have a happy weekend =).

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  1. Wow I want to try this too! I think I'll love TFS products :D