Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder

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How's your Friday?  I hope you're fighting fit!!!  Mine is really grueling (sigh).  The thought of this coming weekend keeps me going though!  Soju anyone lol?
For tonight's review, another product from a Korean cosmetics company, It's Skin...their Babyface Pore Powder.
It's Skin is another trusted Korean cosmetics brand which aims to unravel the skin concerns of consumers.  The products were formulated by dermatologists from Seoul University.  It was established as an affiliate company of Hanbul Cosmetics in 2006 (you may refer to the English website for more information).

Product Description
This is part of the Babyface collection of It's Skin endorsed by the very urbane Nichkhun of 2PM (He is in fact one of my favorite Kpop artists at present after I've seen him in We Got Married Season 2).  
previous ad for the Babyface line, photo from 2PM facebook  fan account
It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder is a luminous loose powder formulated to play down the appearance of pores and to control oil to give a long-lasting silky coverage.  

Content: 5g
Price: PhP295.00 (sale price)
Availability: can be ordered online, Korean Cosmetics for less (Kkochipida)

Packaging is indeed paralleled with the line's concept.  It was sturdily tucked in a pretty tub with pearly baby-ish light pink cover designed with the Babyface idea.  Honestly, the design itself made me grab the item in an instant.  Again, presentation plays a big role, it draws your attention right? 
Like any other loose powder, it also comes with an adorable fluffy washable puff. 
 I love how soft it felt on skin like something really luxurious (mind you this powder is within anybody's budget).
The powder is tightly sealed with hygienic sticker to keep the powder from tipping out.  This one sticks really well, it took me a while to remove it but it didn't leave any paper or "sticky" residue on the sifter cap though =). 
The sifter cap is tightly placed on the worries of spilling the powder.  It got tiny holes too for controlled dispensing.

The bottom part of the tub (which is mainly in Korean) has some important details such as the date of manufacture which determines the expiration date.
 The manufacture date is also stamped on the clear envelope that holds the tub.  
The powder is pearly white (sorry for the poor pic). I have troubles with lighting especially at night time.  It is finely milled...really really pure comparable to the other posh brands. 

 Swatch-ed on my hand,  as you can see, it filled the the tiniest skin lines.
The powder is very very translucent while filling in the pores for a smooth silky finish.  My hand looks radiant after it was blended well while keeping the lines almost no longer visible.
It also feels satiny and extra weightless like nothing is on top of the bb or liquid foundie plus it is unscented.
 A look on how supple it is up close.  The veins are somewhat concealed too right?
Oil control is very much impressive.  To those who have been visiting this site, you know how greasy my skin can get and I am satisfied at how the product lessened the oiliness.  I had to blot my face for a couple of times (normally like every 2 hours but with this I do it every 3-4 hours).

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
This has been the very first product I have tried from It's Skin.  And as most say, first experience is always vital.  I will definitely try other variant from It's Skin.

To sum it up...i love this because
  • it is well milled
  • it feels velvety on skin
  • it minimizes the visibility of pores 
  • it feels light
  • it is translucent
  • it is very affordable
  • it is unscented - very ideal for sensitive skin
  • it has good oil control - nice for troubled skin too
  • soft washable puff 
  • sturdy packaging
  • handy 
  • sifter is tightly placed
  • it didn't cake my bb
  • it didn't break me out (no additional hehehe)
  • it is not sold locally but you can pre-order it online though
That's it for tonight...hubby will be gone for a couple of days for his Social Summit.  I'll be missing him.

Nighty ladies...mwah!!!


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    1. Thanks for visiting :) it will be worth the try :) have a nice day:) sure i'll visit too. :)

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  3. Does it leave a white cast on the face? Followed you. Hope you follow back. :)

  4. his is so freaking cute ^0^ i really must have it !!
    i need this i have noticeable pores .

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  6. Wow sis! I will definitely try this one! Thanks for sharing :D

  7. I'm contacting the seller of this sis but no reply from her :(

  8. I'll try to text her, d u have her number sis? Ill send it to your email

  9. it's so nice ! but the amount not very much just 5gr. so how long do you use up ? have a nice day

    1. i only use this to set my bb cream =) so you won't use much =)

  10. which do you like this or etude mineral sun bb powder?

    1. for silkier coverage go for this one sis =)