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Review: The FaceShop Face It HD Perfect BB SPF30 PA++

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Funny how extremely opposite my hubby and I are.  He is always inclined with his scholarly writings every night, the stuff I am least interested but surely something I am most proud of (isn't it ironic?), while I always fill my time with HALLYU culture.  So on this another ordinary night while we do our own stuff hehehe,  I'd like to share another bb cream from one of my favorite brands, TheFaceShop... their Face It HD Perfect BB SPF30, PA++.  
Product Overview
This BB is part of the Face it line which is formulated for an optimum performance  to give an unflawed look.  Its HD (high definition) Skin Complex promises to certainly conceal imperfections and fills in aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles for an all day smooth and clear skin.  

Active Ingredient
It contains baby green sprout extract which soothes the troubled skin while keeping it moisturized and even always.

Available shades
  • 01 Light Beige 
  • 02 Natural Beige
Content -  Retailed in two sizes:  20ml and 40ml but the kit contains the 25ml / 0.84 Fl. Oz in their old packaging.
The Kit contains two different BB creams which are (both 25ml):
  1. Face It Aqua Tinted BB SPF20 PA++ (click the link for review)
  2. Face It Aqua HD Perfect BB SPF30 PA++
Price  - PhP500.00 (price may vary)

Availability -  Retail sizes in their new packaging are available at all the TheFaceShop branches and online sellers but I'm not really sure if the Face It BB Special Kit is still on hand though.  I actually got it from the Red Dot during the launching of their Polka Dot line. 
The consistency of the cream is creamier than the Face It Aqua Tinted BB SPF20 PA++ but it feels exactly velvety as the the other variant.  Though it is thick, blending is never troublesome.  I love how it smoothly glides unto skin leaving it  matte and moisturized without the heavy and suffocating feeling.
The tone 01 is a bit pale which is most ideal for fair skinned ladies.  I thought it would look ghastly white on me but then it blends agreeably hehehe.
My skin have been troubled and the full coverage is just what I needed.  This BB offers medium to full coverage which is favorable to ladies who got skin type as mine.  The blended swatch below shows how natural it looks on my hand...almost not there.  It gives the illusion of a light foundation almost-barely-there foundie =).
The scent is the same as the Face It Aqua Tinted BB SPF20 PA++,  fresh...after shower whiff.  
Oil control is pretty decent since my skin is innately oily.  I guess it's because of the SPF =).  I always keep a face paper with me so I guess I can deal with it hehehe, good thing it does not come off though when I wipe my face with the film. 

Frozen Blossom's thoughts:
Since I don't possess the clearest skin,  I always try to conceal my imperfections through BB creams.  I am simply glad these stuff are out at the market to help ladies who are battling skin troubles like me.

I love that...
  • it conceals my blemishes nicely (except the bumps)
  • it smell good
  • it stays all day (clean the face thoroughly before bedtime though)
  • it doesn't break me out (atleast no additional)
  • it doesn't irritate my skin or the present pimps
  • it lessens the redness of the raw pimps
  • it has whitening factor
  • it has SPF 30 with PA++ 
  • it is locally available 
Prolly' the only thing I dislike would be the oil control =( and the difficulty of removing it.  

Gotta doze off ladies. Nyt nyt.

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