Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review: Etude House Pearl Extract Natural Mask

Good afternoon September!!!

Finally, today is the first day when we enter the Christmas season.  You know, Ilocos is at all times humid, so BER months are highly anticipated since they mean onset of the northeast monsoon, "hanging amihan".  I just love the colder mornings and chilly nights... it's the time to showcase our semi-winter fashion taste lol.  
As the temperature drops, our skin tends to become parched as well.  Hence, it's good to keep up and dig up extra hydration skin care. 
Product Description
Etude House Pearl Extract Mask contains rich pearl extract which aims to provide a natural and effortless skin radiance in a tension fit design for an effective facial adhesion and comfort. 

Qty.: 1 sheet per pack
Vol.:  23 ml (0.8 fl. oz.)
Price: PhP58.00 (almost USD1.30)
Availability:  all Etude House branches and online sellers

BTW, this mask is one of the freebies I usually get from my online purchases.  I am glad to have met such generous and wonderful online sellers. 
Active / Key Ingredient:
Hydrolyzed Pearl - finely powdered  / well dissolved pearl for an easy and absolute skin absorption.  Pearl Extracts are known to be very beneficial...some of these are:
  • notable skin hydration and moisturizing properties
  • enhances skin color and good whitening agent
  • stimulates skin rejuvenation
  • provides remarkable skin radiance 
  • promotes  elasticity for a more youthful skin
  • helps control acne
This is the oldest and most trusted skincare ingredient among Asians and it has been one of their secrets to having an almost porcelain-like skin. 
I remember these pearl creams from my omma's dresser way back which kept her skin velvety and radiantly white =).
How to use:
  1. Cleanse face - any favorite facial cleanser, wash, soap
  2. Tone - any favorite toner
  3. Apply mask unto face
  4. Leave mask for 20-30 minutes
  5. Remove mask and pat remaining essences until fully absorbed by the skin
This mask is prescribed to be used every 2 to 3 days to feel the optimum effect.
The mask is well soaked in essences for a nice skin feast.  I love my masks to be this way since the skin will get a generous amount of nourishment.
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I work hard, I usually stay up late, I love walking under the blazing heat of the sun, and I am frequently exposed to the busy streets of Ilocos (with all the public transpo smoke emissions);  a nice skin blow out is something I always do every chance I get.  It may not clear all my skin imperfections in a zap but at least in a few minutes I get it revitalized. Masks never fail to calm my frequently troubled skin honestly, that's why if you check out our fridge, you'll find variety in there =).

Till here!!! mwah ;)


  1. where do you usually buy your korean makeup online?
    this sounds like an amazing mask
    i will add this to my wish list:)

  2. Hi irene thanks for visiting, I Usually buy my korean cosmetics from KKochi pida (facebook) and gailygirl (ebay). Also, when I visit the Metro, I directly buy them from the branch. =)

  3. na-try ko rin to one time. :) refreshing yung feeling sa skin. parang di ako super oily after nito kahit moisturized.

    1. I am currently using this one too. Yes it doesn't feel sticky/oily at all, unlike the pearl mask from Tony Moly, but it is also a good mask. Parang nag go-glow yung skin mo pagkatapos.

  4. Yun okay na feeling no? Moisturized ang skin pero in greasy :)

  5. Ittry ko na agad agad hehehe thanks sa sharing ng review! :)