Monday, September 17, 2012

Product Feature: AcneCare Lactoferrin Anti-Acne Complex

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I know countless men and women have been yearning for clearer and smoother skin and honestly, I am one of them who wishes for an unflawed one too. Sadly, I have not outgrown the dilemma of recurring break outs and occasional irritations.  Good thing, Vida Nutriscience has launched a revolutionary  way to treat acne... the AcneCare oral anti-acne supplement and they were unselfish enough to send me some.
The package was delivered at my day job's office and my heart always do the back-flips every time I open presents. My anticipation is really overwhelming. Who would not want a clear skin tell me =) ?
It contains three bottles with 30 capsules each which will last for at least six to seven weeks.
Product Description
AcneCare is the foremost oral pill for acne in the PhilippinesIt is a dietary supplement made of natural and potent skin actives, Acne3 Complex.  It is BFAD approved and can be purchased without prescription.

Supplementary facts
Serving Size - 1 capsule amount per serving
Lactoferrin - 100mg
Linumlife Extra - 25mg
Zinc Glucconate - 6.4mg 100%

Active Ingredients
Lactoferrin is naturally produced by the body as part of its immune mechanism. The highest concentration can be found in mother’s first milk or colostrum. Lactoferrin has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-allergic and even anti-cancer properties. Increasing the amount of Lactoferrin in your diet targets the causes of acne from the inside: no bacteria, no virus, no allergies. You only get smooth, baby soft skin.

LinumLife is extracted from flax, a plant rich in lignans. When ingested, LinumLife is converted into our body’s own lignans which controls the level of the male hormone testosterone. Lower levels of testosterone mean less sebum or oil on the skin surface.

Zinc, when taken orally, increases the body’s production of collagen, boosts the immune system and controls the levels of male hormones. Zinc helps repair broken skin, controls premature aging, prevents breakouts and lessens oil-production.

Suggested Dosage
Take 1 capsule every morning  and evening (2 daily) or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Price - PhP885.00 per bottle
Availability - all Mercury Drug (nationwide)

The active ingredients are clinically tested and proven to reduce blemishes, redness and oiliness. In as little as two weeks, you get 44% less blemishes, 71% less in 4 weeks and 95% less in 8 weeks. This means that with as little as two bottles of AcneCare, you are on your way to becoming acne-free! With continued use of AcneCare you get Visibly Clear, Touchably Smooth, AcneCare Skin!

It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Please consult your physician before using this product if you are currently taking prescription drugs or are under medication for any existing illness or condition. 

For more information, please visit Vida Nutriscience official website and please like AcneCare official facebook. Thank you.

Do watch out for my review on this...goodnight!


  1. Hello..interested po ako sa product nyo although my doubt parin..gusto ko subukan..pd po ba xa kahit ngttake dn po ako ng myra e?.at tsaka my asthma po allergy po b yan mggng Epekto sa ktawan ko..ang main problem ko po is ung acne scars ko..makati po xa sobra..pakisagot po mga katanungan ko..salamat..

  2. Excellent and helpful post… I am so glad to left comment on this. This has been a so interesting ..I appreciate your effort..