Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Chuseok Haul: Etude House, It's Skin and Nature Republic

The items I purchased online arrived yesterday yeeeyyyy.  Thanks to Charm of Korean Cosmetics for Less aka KKochipida for another hassle-free and very convenient transaction.  I always look forward to her deals since all stocks are always on sale and also she gives reasonable quantity of freebies (btw I gave the items to my officemate so I wasn't able to post them here)!!!  
So this afternoon,  I just want to share my recent haul perfectly in time for today's festivity (hahaha feeling Koreana ulit).
 Etude House goodbye PORE EVER Pore Primer Stick Php395.00
 Nature Republic Vanilla Sky Powder PhP295.00
So that's it for today... I hope you guys will keep re-visiting this blog for my never ending tales and reviews.

Enjoy the rest of the day...mwah!!!


  1. I'm really interested in finding out if the Pore Ever product is good as well as the adorable BB cream with wings. Will you post an update? Great haul, this stuff is so adorable, I wish brands available in Canada would do more cutesy packaging. :)

  2. Hi Candice! Thanks for visiting. Yes, I will post an update once I have tried it. You can also purchase these cutesy Korean make ups online.

  3. i lvoe korean nature republic from december 2012 still not drying up~ good as new :)

  4. Hi Jenny, thanks for droppin by. That's good to hear. Ill be tryin out my very first Nature Republic bb cream soon. I hope my skin will love it too. :)

  5. whoa!!!! you got the it's skin bb cream!! i'm so curious about it, but i've never found a review for it. the packaging is so adorable, and that alone makes me really want to get it LOL. i'll be watching out for your review!

  6. btw, i just noticed, the price is only 295, i saw someone selling it for 500 on sulit. i was actually too late. when i saw it on kkochipida, it was already sold out T-T

    i'm also actually curious about it's skin's babyface bb stick. i don't think it has spf unlike this one (spf36 i think, right?).

  7. thanks for visiting =) i hope my skin will love it. =) I'll post my musing once I have tried it =) have a nice day =)

  8. awwww kkochipida deals are usually on sale, maybe that's the reason why she got the items at a lower price, you can pre-order it though. =)
    oh i haven't tried or seen the BB stick from babyface line though. i'll check on it sis. =)

  9. I am aiming for Benefit Porefessional but for now I am trying the Pore Stick. By the way you have a new follower. Mind to follow back?

  10. hi keeza thanks for following, sure.
    i also have my musing on the the porefessional. you might want to check it out.
    goodluck on your purchase =)

  11. Sabs Hernandez-Dy LiaccoOctober 7, 2012 at 3:12 PM

    I have yet to have an Etude House haul. I have been wanting to but I still haven't gotten around to it :) Thank you for posting! Gave me an insight on what products to try! Thanks!

    I followed your blog, hope I can get a follow back? :) Thank you! More power to you!

    XOXO (

  12. Hi sabs thank you so much for visiting...followed you back too. :) my passion for kwave allowed me to discover these affordable babies. Goodluck on your purchase and more power. :)