Monday, September 3, 2012

Hallyu Prince: Kim Hyun Joong's Top Five Hairstyles

Hello Monday!!!

How was it? Stressed and troubled?  I thought so...=(  What's new with Mondays anyway.  Well, I'll just drop an oh-so-yummy post that will keep you frenzied lol.  I have been an ardent fan of Kim Hyun Joong and I have always thought of him as the unsurpassed icon with a perfect almost godly guise.  

He has been widely recognized for setting different chic hairstyles pulled off really well.  What can I say...anything is seemly with such a pretty face.  I have cited tonight my top five favorites.  Enjoy!!! (FYI: pictures randomnly sorted from Google)

1.  My first look would be his grassy sleek hairstyle during his Breakdown activities.  The clean hair cut showed off his perfectly chiseled face. 
2.  My second would be his blond semi-permed-messy do.  Not all can succeed with this look but then again, KHJ is simply mesmerizing!!!  The color simply radiates and making him glow more. =)
3. Third, oh-my Baek Sungjo look. =)  This neat-do makes him look so young and fresh... definitely the  picture of a perfect campus heart throb!!!
4.  My fourth would be his bad boy rockstar look!!!  This messy ponytail makes him uberly manly...sizzliiiiinggggg HOT. =)
5.  Last but not the least... the long locks in blond.  It reminds me of the most adored Jihoo Sunbae, so gentle and compassionate. Waaaaa such a Flower boy!!!
Daydreaming... lol  

Well, that's it for tonight... lemme know if you agree with me okay?

Good night!


  1. i love Kim hyun joong tooo, aaaawwww...he is so cute in Playfull kiss <3

  2. Hihihi i feel you dear :) such a handsome boy :)

  3. nice blog =)