Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sparkling Summer on a Stormy Day

Good afternoon Wednesday!!!

I hope that all is well despite the dreadful weather that caused misery to many.  I personally encountered this distress as I was coincidentally trapped at the fully-packed Partas bus station.  Ommo,  after the overwhelmingly exciting night out, there I was, hopelessly waiting for a miracle for the heavy downpour to halt.  I was thankful though to constant friends who extended all the warmth,care and assistance I needed.  Thank you that I am safe home now. I will always feel blessed for having you.  
the scene outside
Ilocos Wednesday has been gloomy too but not as awful as the Metro.  I woke up from an all day nap, trying to regain my strength from the previous incident.  I honestly feel sore (physically and emotionally) all over but I try to keep myself preoccupied and not to nurse this mood.  Thankfully I got the Sparkling Summer Edition last week!!! Ommo, Kpop thing mends me all the time.
With Jay Park and Shinee on the covers, my oh-not-so-well temperament has finally came to an end lol.
The former 2pm frontman has been soaring solo, this issue has so much to tell about him. I myself love his craft and had been addicted to his creations. I particularly keep playing the Demon on my ipod.  
A lot of great deal about the SHINEE boys can be found on this ish as well. I love Etude House that is why I love them hehehe.  Oopss don't get me wrong, I love their famous Boys Over Flowers Ost, Stand by Me too. 
 Sihae!!! Yes, Siwon and Donghae trivias and secrets revealed here. =) Pretty boys  overload indeed =)
Sihae for Bench!!!
To those who are planning to visit South Korea,  Sparkling can give you the memorable K-drama locations update.  I keep all the copies and note these spots I will love to see soon...Farmer's Table Restaurant tops my list.  It was where Boys Over Flowers school cafeteria scenes were actually filmed. A children's bookstore and cafe is situated on the second floor of this resto and was used as the F4's special study hall.  Imagine feeling Jandi for a day in this place hahaha.
 Aigoo, enough with my blabbings...  Sparkling indeed keeps me clued-up with the KPOP and KDRAMA world!!! I see the beauty of South Korea and it's colorful culture through its pages. 

That's it for today!!! Stay safe!!!


  1. Nice to know you're now safe sis. Take care always.

  2. Aww thanks sis, take care always too. :)