Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: The FaceShop Face It Aqua Tinted BB SPF20 PA++

Good evening ladies!!!

Today is heaven-graced because it is in fact my dear husby's birthday!!!  I know... you must be wonderin' WTH am I doin' hehehe.  Well, we were already done with the family dinner  and some catchin' up with the in-laws.  Finally, a time for the guys to socially lubricate their thoughts's now their time to quaff till dawn. =)  The eccentric "ME" decided to consume my night with a new review.  Actually, this BB I'm goin' to share is something that's been makin' a fuss for years's the The FaceShop Face It Aqua Tinted BB.   
Product Description
The FaceShop Face It Aqua Tinted BB aims to provide a comfortable and light coverage which is composed of 70% deep ocean water that keeps the skin greatly moisturized,  radiant and clean.  It also contains purslane extract that makes the skin calm and trouble-free.
a previous promotional material for this set
the newlook of Face It line
Available variants:
01 Light beige
02 Natural beige

Content: available in 20ml and 40ml - I got mine in 25ml which is part of the Face It BB Special Kit 
Availability:  This is still available at any The FaceShop branches in its new and re-branded packaging.
Price:  Face It BB Special Kit for PhP500.00 
Since I got this as part of a special kit, packaging is quite pretty and cute in a squeeze-it-upside-down-type tube, very handy right? =)
This BB is very much suitable for oily / combination types of skin, as the name implies, it is water-based BB cream.  And since it also contains purslane extract  (With Mr. Google's help this extract has exceptional anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-skin allergies benefits.), I suppose this is also excellent for troubled or acne prone types of skin. 
The cream is agreeably textured...almost velvety.  It is not that creamy or watery.  I love that I can easily blend this evenly unto my face without hassles.  It is surprisingly matte for a water-based cream. It easily sets off once blended while giving the skin a notable glow. I know, these statements are quite contradicting but it actually feels matte( not greasy at all) but the finish is really luminous. It looks like I used a volumer under. =)  I tame it though by setting it off with my loose powder. 
This cream feels airy and light on skin.  It is good to keep the pores unsuffocated.
As for the coverage, you can build it from light to medium.  It perfectly evens out the discolorations on my mouth and nose surroundings and hides minor acne traces on my jaw line and chin area.  To those who are battling severe cases of acne or blemishes, a separate concealer is needed.
Oil control is reasonably good,  I oil up lesser with this BB on,I do touch up on lunch breaks and blot my face with tissue once in a while. As for the claims, that it can help heal acne, I guess I'll have to update that.  I have been battling this problem fairly and I must say that the present zits so far are healing with the aid of skincare of course. To this point, some have already subsided and some are still raw, good thing the cooling effect soothes them though. =)

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I was not blessed with an unflawed clear and healthy skin.  Mine has always been super sensitive, oily and acne prone, a dilemma I share with some ladies of any age.  I am grateful though for this kind of cosmetics that can at least make us self-assured and poised despite the nuisance.

I like this because...
  • it has SPF20 with PA++
  • it smells great
  • it is not greasy
  • it feels light and comfortable on skin
  • it feels cool and calming
  • it sets easily
  • it is good for troubled/ oily / combination skin
  • it is sold locally
  • healing promise (will update)
  • light to medium coverage
So that's it!!! Night night!!!


  1. Thankfully I don't suffer too much from acne, I'm just more concerned with covering up my (medium to large) pores and some dark spots. How does it fare with hiding your pores?

  2. HI Ari, thanks for droppin by, good for you. Acne is really frustrating :( This bb covers the areas with no bumps (just dark traces of acne) and medium pores pretty well.

  3. Hello there..
    Can you help me?
    I'm 22 y.o now and I want to use make up beside that simple powder I used everyday..
    I consider this bb cream..
    Bcause of my sensitive skin I consider this face shop products..
    Do you think its good enough??
    Or can you recommend another bb cream that good for sensitive skin?
    Thank u beforeeee..

  4. Hi Yura!!! Thanks for visiting. This one is really promising. I find it light on my troubled & sensitive skin. But take note it is scented =)

  5. I have this one too sis but I kind of broke out :( Maybe I'll give this a chance once my skin clears up again. Sayang it feels light pa naman and has a pretty good coverage.

  6. Hi Lora!!! :)
    Awww too bad it did... :( let your skin rest first and just discontinue sis if it irritates your skin.
    Thanks for visiting again. :)

  7. Will do sis thanks a lot! ^^,