Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Finish Powder SPF15 / PA++

Good afternoon Sunday!!!

It's been a murky week anywhere here in the Philippines due to the exaggerated cloudburst and at long last, we can now catch a glimpse of the lucid skies and the dazzling sunshine. I miss the warm and high-spirited atmosphere!!!  To mommies like me, it furthermore means catching up with tons of laundry and thorough house cleaning (easily done hehehe).  Consequently, before I take my noontime forty winks, I'll just drop a nippy post about another baby, Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Finish Powder in SPF15 with PA++.
More often than not, I receive scores of queries on how to "matte-ify" my dewy BB creams or liquid foundations. I just typically set them with any darling pact I have on my stash.  But then again, since my skin has been dismaying lately, and I oil up more than the usual,  I decided to get myself something to control the oiliness of my cover ups lol.

Product Description
This Etude House baby is part of the the Precious Mineral SunBB collection specifically formulated for summer and the hot weather.  It is a finishing or veiling powder intended to promote a silky-smooth skin texture while keeping it luminous at the same time through the efficiency of infused pearl mineral powder.
Price: I got it for PhP295.00 from KKOCHIPIDA
Content: Net Wt. 5 g (0.17 oz.)
Availability:  all Etude House branches and online resellers
descriptions and ingredients in Korean and English
manufacture date
It is neatly tucked in a sturdy high grade plastic tub that can be carried anywhere anytime...very very handy indeed. =)
It comes with a washable velvety puff to effectively gather powder for an even and light application.  It truly feels soft on skin.
 The tub got tiny holes for a controlled dispensing too.
The powder is finely milled...can compete with the overly priced or impractical high end western brands loose powder.
slightly blended it, so you can see how fine the particles are
The powder feels satiny and light on skin, picture below shows how translucent it is when blended.  It won't make the make up look excessively done like you have tons of foundation goin' on your face.  
Oil control is unexpectedly and exceptionally great.  I love that I can wear my dewy BB creams on terribly hot humid days or when I am up for a casual day.  It is also great to touch up make up anytime.

This one got a tolerable scent...not so mild and not so strong... definitely not the ahjumma whiff. =)

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
My skin is innately oily and I am presently battling break outs.  As much as possible, I try to stay away from anything that can make me grease up more, that's why I love this baby.

  • very affordable
  • great oil control
  • finely milled powder
  • does not clog my pores
  • does not irritate my troubled skin more
  • sturdy decent packaging
  • very handy packaging
  • translucent finish
  • washable and soft puff
  • low SPF - only SPF 15 / PA++
  • I prefer unscented stuff lately... =)
I guess that's it for today!!!

Have a blessed Sunday ladies!!!


  1. Wow! It looks great. Is it also 250 when bought from etude stores?

  2. Oh i'll have to check on that sis, I can't find it on Etude House Philippines Website.

  3. rememberance_of_meAugust 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM

    So the oil control is great based on ur opinion. well, I have oily skin too which can be quite troublesome during hot humid day...
    Guess I want to try it once my loose powder runs out. Thank u for sharing the info :)

    Deasy at visiting u^^

  4. ooooh! Looks interesting too! I wanna try it! Thanks for the review!

  5. Yup, it sets my dewy bb's and I use it to touch up =)

  6. Hi, can this be applied on top of the bb cream?

  7. Hi moonwitch26, yes this is great to use on top of your bb or any liquid foundie :)

  8. will u also be having a review on Sun BB cream Cool Fix?

  9. Hi Jen! My skin reacts with high spf usually, im afraid i'll have to skip it.

  10. i didnt know that some skin reacts with high spf creams...that was informative.

  11. I'm using Nymph Aura Loose Powder (brilliant Pink Aura) nice sya because it creates a pinkish radiance and healthy glow. It also absorbs excess oil. Better if you you apply the nymp aura volumer, precious mineral BB cream bright fit to begin with. its like having a seemingly flawless and clean make up look...

  12. Hi Katie, I agree. I have the Nymph Aura Loose Powder and Volumer too. I use it when I'm in the mood for plumped up look. =) thanks for visiting =)

  13. I enjoy reading beauty blogs. If I only have the time I could have created one. I'm a Korean make-up junkie and I've been "hoarding" make-up for two years na (face shop, etude, nature republic, skin food... Etc) hubby is already complaining due to the space I occupy at our supposedly "shared" dresser. Hahaha!

  14. Hihihi - I feel you sis, we share the same sentiments....the hoarding gives our hubs migraines lol

  15. Great reviews sis! Ayan I also followed you via email para updated ako sa mga blogs (sa office email so I won't miss any juicy review!) have you done any reviews about peripera and baviphat? Though may mga baviphat products na so-so lang for me...

  16. Hi sis thank you so much I really appreciate it. =) I have't tried Peripera products yet but I'm curious though coz they look so kawaii. I have tried a few of baviphat's and I love their collagen primer =)

  17. I have peripera peri's tint water in cherry, but i must admit, i got it because of the packaging. too cute LOL!! i want to try baviphat stuff, but is it true that the company is already bankrupt? (or i'm wrong info lng? LOL)

    thanks for this review btw, i'm thinking of getting this. whenever i find products i want to try, i check your blog first for reviews :)

  18. How's the tint? I just ordered yesterday coz it was on sale. Regarding baviphat, really? I have only tried a few, some of their bb's didn't go well on me.

  19. hmm it tastes a bit funny LOL but i think it's ok. color-wise i think it's a nice shade of red, not as orange-y as i initially feared, though i only dab a little bit and use my pinky to spread it around, so i might be wrong. to be honest though, i think i spend more time admiring the packaging than actually using it hahaha!

  20. does it leave a white-ish effect on the face after apply ?
    because i saw ur swatches and its scared me if it leaves a white-ish look on my face

  21. Hi Tran, this powder is transelucent. It doesn't leave a white cast. The last picture will show how sheer it is. =)

  22. And can you tell us which powder do you like the best? Whether Dodo, this one or any other one?

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