Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pimp Your Phone!!!

Good afternoon Sunday!!!

It's good to wake up on another damp morning with love ones!!!  I find the mood utterly wistful...a warm chocolatte with husby undeniably sets my restless heart =).  In these moments, I usually bore him with my KPOP tales, online finds and streaming experiences lol and he'd always joke around how excessively I shop sometimes hehehe.  So, i'll share a part of our chitchat, my first ever Instagram shopping experience.
Thanks to my colleague and "kumadre", Ma'am Jess, for introducing Crownedvelvet.  This Instagram shop got a range of hip and chic yet reasonably priced cellphone accessories, definitely pocket friendly!!!  
Ommo!!! This Anna Sui is definitely enticing!!!  I adore its uberly girly-ish, princess-y and kawaiiness touch.
It was an absolute make over for my Iphone 4s!!!  The phone itself is a picture of urbanity plus this beautifully detailed casing is indeed beyond perfect!!!
Pink is my most fetished color; very exquisite, very dainty, very KPOPped hehehe. 
Bookcases are furthermore imperative for they provide a vast protection to our most loved cellphone (A decent phone costs us fortune so it is but normal to fully shield it).  This Kate Spade bookcase is indeed simple but chic in its own way.  I just adore splash of colors.  I never get tired of anything fun and really gaudy.
Another PINK in the house hehehe.  The holder is a premium hard shell case, sturdily tucked to hold the phone into safety.  The side that touches the lcd is made of something velvety that protects it from the chaotic stuff inside my bag.
Lastly, I got this Cath Kidston bookcase in exchange of an item that is unavailable.  I describe it as provocative. The color red and almost kinky pink with the traditional white polka is a brave choice.  The shade that I wouldn't get normally for it is quite more than the word, loud.  It is good to try new things sometimes hehehe.
The inside is a durable lacquered hard shell with also velvety material that protects the whole phone.
It was indeed a blow out!!!  I can't wait to get more hehehe.

Till here mwah!!!

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