Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Accessories: KDRAMA Memories


It is, yet again, a stormy evening and I hope that "all and sundry" are safe and sound. I have constantly adored Korean Dramas from the time I first saw one.  To those who had been visiting my site knew that my madness dawned when I first saw Boys Over Flowers. From then on, I was completely drawn to the addicting HALLYU wave.  It was an absolute turn around for me.  I started paying attention to KPOP, Korean fashion, collectibles and accessories which were highlighted on much loved K-dramas.

For this reason, I would want to share my most recent finds.
Who could ever fail to remember the notable Jun Pyo and Jandi's "Kissing Star" necklace?  The scene when Jun Pyo surrendered his feelings through this bling is definitely one of my unsurpassed Kdrama moments!!! I have always wished to own one.
I happen to read Andy's post, a blogger I look up to, on K-accessories and there I discovered Khristine's Everything Korean Fashion Finds selling countless Korean stuff...really affordable ones.  
Without second thoughts, I grabbed some which included of course a replica of the Boys Over Flowers Kissing Star necklace.  I got it for PhP190.00 per piece only.  It is silver plated though... I am hoping to get myself the sterling clone once I am no longer on a tensed budget hehehe. 
Subsequently, I also grabbed the Star necklace from He is Beautiful drama.  Invincible Taekyung and fragile Go Minam's love story evolved on blinding stars. 
Not surprisingly, I need to have mine too hahaha. (fact: I am a star-shaped-stuff buff).

My very own Star necklace for PhP190.00... it is silver plated too just like the BOF necklace.  It is a quite obvious replica though =) but I don't mind; a sterling one will cost fortune which I can't afford yet at the moment . =)
And then, there was my first love--hearts!!! I grabbed this not only because I fancy heart jewelries but because I fell head-over-heels with the Kdrama, Full House. 
Certainly, this memorabilia won't pass me. For only PhP180.00, I own a silver plated clone of Han Ji-eun's necklace (Song Hye-kyo).
Last of all, I need to grab the funky bullet necklace of the City Hunter, Lee Yun-Sung (Lee Min Ho).
The bullet and leather make one very rugged and tough looking.  It is something that tones down the girly-me a bit and sport something boyish for a change.
I got it for PhP230.00 (wholesale price).  The retail necklace doesn't have the projectile though since it is prohibited by law, so the casing or the shell is used instead. =)  I cannot contain my excitement and wore it first among other collectibles.
I wish to preserve the memoirs entrenched in every movie or series I see.  You see, I'm quite a very sentimental and partly delusional individual hahaha...certified fangirl!!!

That's it ladies...anneong!!!


  1. Wow! Kinikilig na naman ako. Ung He is beautiful talaga kahit everday ko panuorin keri lang! :)) Hay grabe kakilig talaga sis :D

  2. oo sobrang kinilig ako... doon ko unang nagustuhan si JGS!!! Ommo pretty boy no? =)

  3. I want jandi' s necklace! love reading through your blog.i recently started mine:


  4. The BULLET necklaceee!! <3 So jelly right now * _ *
    I just got done with 'City Hunter' Actually. Check out the blog-post:
    City Hunter:

    And this is just random goodies :)
    Enjoyed your blog :D