Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: TheFaceShop Clean Face Line (Mild Toner, Mild Lotion & Spot Corrector)

Anneonghaseyo!!! =)

I had been battling mild acne since adolescent years...I suppose hormonal imbalances along with genetics have been a part of the cause.  Lucky for some, upon reaching a certain age they outgrow this dilemma.  Sourly,  I carried on going through the break out phase as I have matured over the years.  Hence,  I am always in the quest for something that can calm my frequently troubled skin.

So tonight, I will be sharing my experience in a line which I have stumbled on because I adore Kim Hyun Joong hehehe...TheFaceShop Clean Face Line (Mild Toner, Mild Lotion, Spot Corrector and Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet).
The FaceShop Clean Face Mild Toner, Mild Lotion and Spot Corrector.
Product Description
TheFaceShop Clean Face is a skincare line specifically formulated oil-free with tea tree and Barley extracts that focuses on treating annoying acne of all stages.

Key Ingredients / Features
  • Tea Tree extract - It is a very good anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which soothes  and helps heal the troubled skin.
  • Barley extract - It is acknowledged to soothe and moisturize skin and renew skin cells.  It is perfect to heal dry and itchy skin.
  • Oil-free skincare - It is fantastic for people whose skin is naturally oily and prone to blemishes.  They actually deliver the moisturizing benefits without the pore-clogging contents.
Ommo such a PRETTY PRETTY boy!!! Kim Hyun Joong (the old campaign)
photo from google
uber-cuteness!!! I can't keep myself from spamming this post with KHJ's pics
photo from TheFaceShop
Complete Line (some products may not be available in our country though).
  • Clean Face Oil-Free Sun ailCream SPF35 PA++
  • Clean Face Oil-Free Control Essence
  • Clean Face Oil-Free Control Cream
  • Clean Face Mild Lotion
  • Clean Face Mild Toner
  • Clean Face Spot Corrector
  • Clean Face Anti-Trouble Healing Spot
  • Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet
  • Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing
  • Clean Face Clear Away Spot
Truly, this line has so many options depending on the skin's needs, although I am not so sure what products are still available or has been faced out or if I have missed out a few, I will stand corrected.

This review will be about the 3 products that I have used simultaneously (May to mid-June 2012), the mild toner, the mild lotion and the spot corrector (Just to reiterate that I am not a dermatologist or an expert on this field,  I am just citing my experiences with this line).

TheFaceShop Mild Toner
It is a toner that refreshes the skin and promises to clear out blemishes quickly with other substances aside from the key ingredients of this line that was mentioned earlier (combination of marshmallow, lemon myrtle extract, manuka honey and malt extract). - source, TheFaceShop Mild Toner.

Net weight: 130ml
Availability: all TheFaceShop branches

Packaging: It comes in glass vintage-looking bottle.
Scent: The tea tree extract is very distinct which I am most crazy about.

How to use: After washing or cleaning the face, dispense an adequate amount on a cotton ball / pad and lightly rub unto face and neck.  I used this twice a day (mornings and before bedtime).
TheFaceShop Mild Lotion
It is an oil-free lotion specially created to moisturize drying-troubled skin and to control acne.

Net Weight: 130ml
Availability: all TheFaceShop branches
Packaging:  It also comes in a same glass bottle as the Mild Toner
Scent:  Refreshing Tea tree

How to use:  After toning, apply unto skin and gently pat until absorbed.  I used this before bedtime only because my skin tends to get so oily (sad face).
Consistency: is of course not thick and some what runny / watery. Despite the texture, this one feels somewhat dense on skin and it would take few minutes before it will be absorbed.  So, I usually massage my face until the lotion sets.  After a few minutes, I can feel my skin getting oiled up.  Well I guess, it is the moisturizing properties.
TheFaceShop Spot Corrector
This is a concentrated essence formulated to target specific spot or simply the blemish itself.

Net weight: 15ml
Price: Php375.00
Availability: all TheFaceShop branches
Packaging:  It comes in a very handy squeeze-it type tube with a very fine tip for a controlled dispensing.

How to use: Can be used after toning only or after toning and moisturizing.  Just put a small amount unto finger tips or on a cotton bud then apply directly to the zit. This will sting a bit, it is tolerable though.
The essence comes in a clear serum-type but a bit thicker.  It is absorbed by the skin pretty quick and it helps heal and dries the zits within a period of time (not in a zap of course).  This is actually my favorite among this skincare line.  
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I know many factors contribute to the condition of skin and its ability to heal.  I must say I am guilty of bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle. I eat more fatty food than the veggies, I stay up late once in a while, I smoke occasionally, I am a make up freak but I see to it to take it off before sleeping, and I am frequently exposed to pollution and stress. 

Sadly, this regimen did not work for me except for the mask and spot corrector of course.  The toner and the lotion made my skin oily and react.  I only used 50% of the toner and 15% of the lotion.  I decided to cease it and go back to my previous regimen.  

Since my hubby had the same skin-type as mine (oily and acne-prone one), I decided to let him use it and to my surprise this two products worked for him.  It healed present blemishes, prevented emerging ones and his pores are lookin' finer.  He does have a bad skin (hehehe) but it have improved with this regimen (not drastic though).

So that's it,  this line did a good job for hubby thus saving my penny for the toner and lotion.  
As for the spot corrector and the mask,  I will definitely repurchase!!!
Have you tried any of this line? How did it go? Tell me too, okay?=)


  1. galleryibu.blogspot.comJuly 9, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    nice review! interesting.. makes me wanna go check the face shop counter :)

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  2. Hi sis, try / test it first, I hope your skin will love it like hubby. Sadly, the toner and lotion made my skin break out =(

  3. catacomb-combacat.blogspot.comJuly 17, 2012 at 11:38 PM

    Good to see it worked for your hubby! Not so great that it didn't agree with your skin :( I ordered the cleanser from this line today, and I hope I'll have good luck with it ^^

  4. Hi sis, thanks for droppin by. I hope the cleanser will work well on you skin =)

  5. How much is the clean face lotion? :)

  6. Hi sis! You can try my new skin care regimen using 24k gold! Saved my skin!

  7. 24K Gold ung brand nia sis. I have reviews. Ung skin care regimen ko to be posted xa :D visit mo sis sa facebook. Dun me nagbuy, super nice ng seller :)

  8. Hi, I'm a guy and I'm just reading severa skin care since I was battling acne and then pimple scars all my life. Then last year I was damn tired of this and went to dermcare. Bought the pimple soap which I use twice a day. I bought the acne cure cleanser from dermcare which I use after morning bath. I bought the astringent as well which I use after evening bath. I bought clindamycin as well which I use after the cleanser and astringent ginagamit ko lang to pag may pimple ako dati pero ngaun di na dahil wala n ko pimple. These made my skin dry which is fine because sinusunog nia ang old skin m para mawala acne. Then after a month drastic ang change wala na tumutubo pimple but my skin is dry on the second month I bought the clean face mild toner from face shop at un ang gmit ko n moisturizer after ng cleanser at astringent. After a year wala na ko pimples, wala na blackheads at wala nang pimple scars. Consistency and dahilan pard sa akin. Mild lotion gamit ko gang ngaun as moisturizer. - EDUARD