Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Lioele Stick Eyeshadow in White

Good evening ladies!!!

How did your day go?  Mine is hard-hitting and fairly challenging.  Anyways, before I snooze, lemme just share a recent purchase (short review). My darling for the past days, Lioele Stick Eye shadow in White (#6).

If you have noticed,  I don't customarily talk about eye make ups... specifically eye shadows (my second time if not mistaken), bit by bit I'm trying to explore this class. So here it goes...

Product description 
Lioele Stick Eyeshadow is a convenient but chic soft textured eye shadow that gives immense and long lasting color. 
Variants / colors available
Pastel Collection
  • #1 Pastel Pink
  • #2 Indy Pink
  • #3 Dark Blue
  • #4 Olive Drab
  • #5 Gold
  • #6 White 
  • #7 Espresso
  • #8 Blackstone
I got mine in #6 White
Price Php195.00
Content 1.4 grams
Availability - Lioele branches...but mine was purchased from KKOCHIPIDA

  • no stimulants or loose powder which is great to those who wear contact lenses
  • stick-type - no messy brushes, jut glide a bit then blend with the finger tips
  • long lasting - this thing can last the whole day
  • great colors for either wishy-washy or smokey look
The texture is smooth and velvety (not chalky or powdery).  It glided remarkably on the eyelids without specks falling on the eye lashes.  
It has a soft sheen when blended, which makes the restless eyes sparkle to life.  
I find the design very convenient and handy.  I like that it comes in a stick-twist-it-type for a trouble-free application (a working mom like me needs anything effortless to apply coz I'm always in a rush every morning hehehe).
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I have been favoring this one since I got it because I love the simplicity of this eye shadow.  I don't own good brushes and I am not familiar with very tricky and complicated eye make up styles at the moment ( someday I hope), so this simple way of just gliding it over the eyelid is much much desired.

  • handy and stick-type
  • affordable
  • great color
  • velvety texture
  • sparkles - very good for highlighting the waterline and the lower lid
  • long lasting
  • convenient application
Ps... don't put too much though, very thick application may crease, we don't want that, ayt?  =)

I'm planning to get another shade, the pink and the gold perhaps. How bout you? what d ya think? lemme know okay?

That's it ladies!!! nytie...


  1. I love how it is pigmented but blends out so well. I think this colour will make such a great highlight colour!! Thanks for the review.


  2. wow! so this is the one you used in your other post? where did you buy this sis? :D

  3. Ohh it looks very similar to Etude House Bling Bling Stick. Thanks for the thorough review!

  4. facebook sis? or multiply? thanks! :)

  5. here is her facebook link sis ty =)

  6. Wala akong makitang pic nito sis sa fb nila? :(

  7. baka sold out na sis...the seller is super nice naman you can ask if you can pre-order it =)