Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Etude House Missing U, Bee Happy Hand Cream #2

Hello Sunday!!! I hope we get to enjoy more flowers on every family day.  I am droppin' another nippy post before my two boys rise from bed =).  Behold an A+ product from Etude House... Missing U, Bee happy hand Cream.  Happy reading =).
Picture from Etude House Press Kit
"Missing U, Be Happy line" is launched by Etude House to boost consciousness, to raise proceeds for bee related issues and to rally round UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) on its campaign to protect the bees, one percent (1%) of the total sales will be conferred to UNEP.

Product Description
Etude House Missing U Hand Cream is a...
  • hypoallergenic hand care that is free of Paraben, Ethanol, Sulfate or Color dyes
  • cream organically formulated with 6 certified ingredients
  • formula enriched with Honey and Shea Butter keep our working hands nourished and moisturized.  

Variants Available - Missing U hand Cream is designed in four characters to identify the scents.
  1. Queen Bee - (pink) Rose scent
  2. Honey Bee - (yellow) Acacia scent
  3. Lady Bug - (red) Chestnut Blossom scent
  4. Baby Bee - (pale green) Citrus Baby Powder scent
Content: Vol. 30 ml (1.01 fl. oz. )
Price: PhP278.00 (around USD6.00)
Availability: all Etude House branches
from left to righ: Queen Bee, Honey Bee, Lady Bug and Baby Bee
Picture from Press Kit
I got mine in #2, the Honey Bee variant.  This was actually part of the Etude House Play House 2012 press kit which was given  to the supporters of the brand and the event. Thanks Etude House!!!
Aside from the fact that proceeds will help fund Bee-related issues through UNEP's campaign,  the packaging is crafted 100% recycled paper, the doodles were printed with SOY INK, and the honey bee shaped container is reusable.  Undeniably, this product is uberly ECO-friendly.  Consider yourself helping our mother nature when you reward yourself with one of the Missing U hand creams. =)
the cartoon and the character =)
This hand cream is jam-packed with cuteness.  Once emptied, the container can be used in countless ways.  You can refill it with any lotion or cream since it is super handy, you can use it as paper clip holder, paper weight, or you can add it to your decors.  I have this cabinet at home filled with souvenirs I got from friend's parties, collectibles and empty perfume bottles... my honey bee will definitely join this family. =)
Honestly, I was uncertain of the imprinted scent, Acacia Fragrance, as I scan the packaging at first.  I grew up here in Ilocos province where freakin' old Acacia trees rise along the lazy streets but I can't recall it blossoming hahaha (ooopppss excuse my ignorance on fragrances).  Surprisingly, the scent surpassed my expectations,  I never imagined Acacia scent can be  very appealing.  I like it!!! It is mild and almost baby-ish.
The box has also Korean and English list of the the contents.  I'll just rant a bit of the key ingredients included on the press kit for your appreciation of what's in store.
  • Organic Herbs - moisture and anti-inflammatory care
  • Organic Olive Oil - great skin conditioner
  • Organic Shea Butter - great for its deep moisturizing, skin regeneration and healing properties
  • Organic Honey - great in retaining moisture and keeping the skin elastic
The cream sits perfectly on the tub.  It won't run or spill itself even if you turn the tub (open) facing down.  I find the texture somewhat balmy and matte (almost like the stick-type deos hehehe).
Since texture is not runny, this will quite last compared to the lotion-type hand creams and you will get to enjoy comparable nourishment and save some penny for it. =)
Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I work in a company where I get to touch clients' cellphones and also a lot of cash handling, so I frequently sanitize my hands with alcohol-based solutions and from time to time I go wash my hands with anti-bacterial based liquid soaps (oh my, now that I counted, I honestly do that 10 times max everyday, call me freak hehehe). Along with this sanitation going on, I can never skip applying lotion to my hands hahaha, such an OC girl.  It is only now that I realize how obsessed I am.

It is lovable because...
  • you can bring it anywhere
  • it will keep the hands moisturized and hydrated
  • you will contribute to the fund for saving the helpless bees from extinction
  • it is environment friendly
  • the cute container is reusable in many ways
  • the cream is hypoallergenic
  • the cream is made of organic ingredients
  • it is very affordable
  • it is Etude House
Happy Sunday morning everyone!!!

For updates and more product information, check out Etude House Philippines official website and follow Etude House Philippines official Facebook fan page.


  1. Etude house talaga, da best sa packaging no? super cute!

  2. Kay BaninibeautyJuly 23, 2012 at 5:26 AM

    I love these handcreams! The packaging is so cute. I actually bought some to use but gave them to my sister. The missing you harp seal story is really nice as well.

  3. oh i'll try that when i finish my honey bee sis. =)
    indeed etude's packaging is full of cuteness. =)

  4. so cute <3 i just love EH packaging so much hehe

  5. These are the most adorable creams ever!! I love cute things like this and I just ordered (but haven't gotten yet) the Panda one from the other series. I don't know if it's the same product but it's the Missing U line and it's hand creams... Just too adorable, makes me want to collect them all. If I had 80$ or so to spend on hand cream, I'd buy these 4 and the other 4. And I'd have to add another 80$ or so to get the lip balms lol

  6. Hi Candicethanks for droppin by... :) oh i love the panda ones too. I hope i cAn buy one too. :)